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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > New Series > Doomsday Rider VIII

Doomsday Rider VIII

by yugo149

Five hundred years ago, there was a demon with insurmountable power. Armed with the energies of the six elements, fire, water, air, earth, light, and darkness, the demon destroyed much of Neopia. The demon's name was Ieru, and none who attempted to defeat him lived to tell the tale... until six warriors, armed with mystical uniforms of the six elements, arose to battle Ieru. Ieru and the team were evenly matched. Realising that they could not defeat Ieru, the team decided to seal Ieru away inside a liquid egg. They did so, and hid the element uniforms away for centuries. Now, Ieru is being reborn to again cause chaos and havoc throughout Neopia.

12:09 AM NST: Our NeoHome
I was asleep in my bed when the dream came again. It had been several months since Ienou died, and I kept having the same dream over and over again.

     Two fiery red eyes appeared in an almost eternal darkness. Six warriors battled those fiery eyes. I was on top of a hill looking down on them. There was a human girl nearby, around Yugo's age.

     "How could Ieru have become this powerful without the Elemental Gems?" the girl asked herself. She ran forward and began to assist the other six warriors. That is when the dream would go black. I heard the sirens on the Chia Police cars. I sprang up in bed, wondering why they were driving by. The sirens sounded like an entire squad of them. I got up, grabbed my million degree sword, and ran out the back door, following the sirens.

12:26 AM NST: Downtown Neopia Central
The cars screeched to a stop near a tall building. The owner of the building had reported seeing a strange liquid orb outside the front doors. It was still there, as white as Sabre's skin. The orb floated in the air, hardly moving, aside from small ripples every now and then. The Chia Police all loaded their guns and fired at the liquid orb. There were several ripples going out in all directions. The bullet shells simply fell to the ground, having not caused any damage whatsoever.

     "Ooh, this might be fun," I said, jumping over the small blockade keeping the liquid orb imprisoned in front of the building. "Alright, let the fight begin," I said to myself. The orb, acting as though it had heard me, bounced quickly forward in an attempt to hit me. I side-stepped it, and swished my million degree sword, leaving a fiery streak in the air for a few moments. The liquid orb bounced quickly toward me, hitting the fiery streak. It stopped for a few seconds, and a sort of shriek could be heard, coming from the center of the orb. While the orb was still, I lashed out at it with a quick punch and kick. The orb screeched again, and I began to charge up one last attack: the Kanena. I fired it, and the orb shrieked again, but this time it began to shrink. The orb became about as big as my fist, and then simply disappeared.

     Some of the Chia Police began to clap, impressed by how easily I had defeated this mysterious orb. I stared at the concrete where the orb once hovered, wondering what it was doing here. I looked to the right of where the orb was, seeing a wavering shadow out of the corner of my eye. There was nothing now. No motion, no sound, just... nothing I turned, leapt into the air, and flew home to get back to sleep.

In the morning...
I woke up later than usual in the morning. I slowly went down the stairs, still a little groggy from last night. I had missed breakfast. Jungalizard, SuperContra, and Final_Boss had all already left to run aimlessly around the city for a while. I made a sandwich in the kitchen, walked out to the living room and ate it. I sat down on the floor in front of the couch. Yugo had gone into one of his training sessions in his room. I stood up and walked out the front door, deciding to just walk around the city. I was about halfway between home and the building where I had encountered that creepy orb when I saw five spiralling pillars of fire.. they were Boomdogg's.

     "Ugh, what the--?" I asked, darting in the direction of the fiery pillars. When I arrived, Boomdogg was fighting the same liquid orb I had fought last night. Boomdogg was using the Phoenix Rising over and over and over, but none of them were hitting their target. The orb was just too fast. It had not moved that quickly when I had fought it. Boomdogg finally gave up trying to burn the orb and rushed forward and kicked it. The orb screeched, then shrank and disappeared. Boomdogg returned to where he stood.

     "Now what was that thing?" Boomdogg asked himself.

     "I don't know, but I fought it last night," I told him. Boomdogg spun around, surprised by my voice.

     "Oh, it's only you, Rider," he said, sighing in relief. "Do you know anything about that weird orb?"

     "No, but it wasn't that quick when I fought it," I said, explaining to him what had happened last night.

     "You think there might be some connection?" Boomdogg asked.

     "What makes you think that?" I asked him.

     "I don't know, but after what we've been through since you discovered the Jadestone, nothing would surprise me anymore." Boomdogg said, chuckling a little.

     "Yeah. Well, there might be a connection, but I don't know," I said shrugging.

* * *

Majin Shadow sat at the top of the tallest peak in the city, humming a song to himself as his right leg dangled over the edge. The liquid orb silently began to form behind him. The orb screeched, and Shadow whirled around to face it.

     "What the--?" Majin Shadow began as the orb lunged at him. He rolled underneath the orb and went into his hyper form. Shadow fired a Dark Kanena at the orb and it shot into the sky, screeching. In mid-air, the liquid orb became as hard as rock. It plummeted back down and landed with a tremendous thud a few feet in front of Hyper Shadow. He simply stared at the orb as it began to crack. A bright light emitted from the core of the orb, and its shell split apart, revealing what had been trapped within it. The being had the red markings of Majin Shadow, the tail of Boomdogg, my wings, piercing, fiery red eyes, a spike five times as long as Shadow's with a razor-sharp tip, and the rest of the being's body was completely black, as black as the night sky.

     "Who are you?!" Hyper Shadow shouted. The being simply stared at him with his red eyes, sending a chill down Shadow's spine.

     "I am known to mortals as Ieru," the being answered in a voice that was even more bone-chilling than his eyes.

     "Yeah, yeah," Shadow answered. "Changing your form from an egg to a hatchling won't scare me at all, do you understand?"

     "Well, this might," Ieru said, beginning to hover high over Shadow's head. Ieru pulled his arm back as electricity began to surge around his fist. "Thunder Punch!" Ieru shouted as he rushed toward Shadow, his fist in front of him, waiting to connect. Shadow rolled away, and Ieru slammed into the ground, sending out a golden shockwave in all directions. "Hrarr!" Ieru shouted, as he tried to roundhouse kick Shadow. Ieru's leg ignited in mid-attack because of the relentless speed. Shadow leapt backwards, and Ieru's Inferno Kick missed, barely missing Shadow's face. Once Shadow had recovered from Ieru's attack, he retaliated with a Dark Kanena, throwing the attack into Ieru's face. Ieru shot back, and fell off the side of the building, then he hovered back to safety in front of Hyper Shadow.

     "Did you think you'd be able to stop me as easily as that?" Ieru asked. Ieru held his hand above his head, his arm fully extended, as if he were about to catch a falling object. A golden ball of energy appeared in Ieru's hand. He pointed his palm at Hyper Shadow, and let loose a Dark Kanena. Hyper Shadow leapt back to avoid the attack, and fell off the side of the building. He turned around so that he was falling face-first toward the ground, and positioned himself in a nose-dive straight down. Ieru chased after Shadow, except instead of flying down, Ieru ran down the side of the building and easily caught up with Shadow.

     "You won't get away from me!" Ieru shouted, snatching Shadow's tail and leaping off the side of the building. He positioned Shadow so his head would be the first thing to collide with the ground. They both hit the ground, but Shadow took the most damage. Several bones in his neck cracked from the force of the blow. Ieru leapt off of Shadow and landed on one knee. He glared back at the nearly dead Majin Shadow before leaving the scene. After Ieru left, several people and Neopets began to gather near Shadow. One person took him to the hospital.

One week later...
Ieru had been running around Neopia, wiping out all life in his path, which was virtually everything. So far, he had eliminated about one tenth of the life on the planet. "This planet is filled with nothing but weaklings." Ieru said. "Five hundred years ago, these fools would actually have been a challenge to me." He placed his hands on his waist and sighed in despair. "Why must people get weaker in times of peace?" Ieru shook his head, not wanting to think about destroying the planet without at least one good fight. "Hey, what about this Kelnak that the planet has been talking about?" he asked himself. "I'd bet he's a challenge. He defeated a warrior with stats beyond two hundred thousand," Ieru smirked, liking the idea. "Yes, I eradicate life on the planet until I flush out Kelnak," he said, flying toward Neopia Central.

* * *

Ieru stood at the top of a building, blasting away parts of Neopia Central with Dark Kanenas. I saw him from a window at our NeoHome. I burst out the front door, and tried to sneak up on him. I threw a Kanena at him and he wheeled around to face me and swatted the attack away, sending it flying into a building. His eyes glinted a fiery red, the kind of color you would only see in a demon's eyes.

     "Take this," he said calmly, firing a Kanena at me. I dodged it and went into hyper form stage 2. I didn't want to go to stage 3, because that would take far too long. I rushed forward and began to attack Ieru. He blocked a lot of the punches, but he couldn't block the kicks for some reason. After a while, he leapt back and stared at me with his red eyes.

     "Impressive... I thought only Kelnak would be a challenge for me," Ieru said, smirking.

     "Well, you were wrong then, weren't you?" I asked.

     "I guess I was," Ieru said, firing another Kanena at me. I countered by firing a Kanena at his, and the two blasts began to struggle, trying to force each other back. I looked around before pumping the attack up. A girl, the one in my dream was watching from not too far off, but beyond the attack's range. I fed more energy to the Kanena, and it began to easily push Ieru's back at him. A look of sheer terror spread across Ieru's face as he gave his attack everything he had, and it was still losing. Ieru began to scream as both of the Kanenas engulfed him in a white light. After the light faded, what was left of Ieru's body, which was less than half, plummeted to where he once stood. The girl came running up to me.

     "You have defeated Ieru, though I'm afraid his influence will remain in this world for eternity." She said, looking toward Ieru's destroyed body. "Oh! Forgive me, I'm so rude! My name is Nefina, what's yours?" she asked, tilting her head slightly.

     "Uh... my name's Doomsday_Rider," I told her. Nefina smiles a little.

     "I like that name," she said.

     "Uh... thanks,." I said.

     "There are serious troubles from the time period of which I exist, you must come with me," Nefina said, her happy smile turning to a plead for help.

     "Uhm... lead the way," I told her.

     "Very well. I shall take you and the five others of this time to the sacred Element Temple," Nefina said, waving her hand. The entire place began to quiver and ripple. I lost sight for a few seconds, during which, we were transported to Nefina's time. I looked around. I was back in my normal form. I looked behind me, and there were Anubis, Majin Shadow, Lot, Boomdogg, and Kentan. Nefina went around and told us which of the six doors ahead to go through. I'm not sure which ones everyone else got, but I was told to go through the Light Door. Beyond the door was a tunnel. It wasn't very long, and at its end was a statue of a Shoyru, holding a sword in its right hand. On the statue was a mystical-looking uniform that consisted of a headband, a vest, two gauntlets and a white amulet. I put the uniform on, and the uniform began to change. The vest became a loose-fitting shirt, with the Light Faerie's emblem on it. The hands on the gauntlets disappeared, leaving only from the wrist up. The amulet and headband remained the same.

     I walked back out the door and saw Nefina. I walked up to her. "What is this thing?" I asked, looking over the uniform.

     "That, Doomsday_Rider, is the Uniform of Light. Because your base element is light, the uniform reacted to your body and its powers were enhanced," Nefina explained. I nodded my head once, and sat down to wait for the others.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider VIII, the Elemental Uniforms are put to the test as yet another demon arises, and what's this? Ieru is still alive?! It can't be! There's no way! Sabre appears to battle Ieru, and what are these "problems" that Nefina spoke of? Find out next time.

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