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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Short Stories > A Visit to Cockroach Towers

A Visit to Cockroach Towers

by milkmoocow

Times were tough. If everyone had enough food for each meal, we were doing good. On the outside we were your average Neopian family living in a posh area of Neopia. We had a big house, beautiful gardens but the stock market crashed and we had lost everything. With only 200 NP in the bank and not much more in our pocket we had no choice.

     "Ewwww! Cockroach Towers!! That's gross!" Shyla the Cybunny whined.

     "I know, but Shy, we don't have much of a choice," I said trying not to lose my temper as I picked up my baby Gelert, Bryan, off the table and got him our last can of baby food.

     "I'm really sick of jelly and omelettes!" lhind yelled from the Beauty Room painting her nails.

     "We can't afford anything else!" I called back desperately trying to get Bryan into is high chair and to eat something. Then someone pulled at my jeans. I looked down and saw Marigold's huge, huge eyes staring at me. "What is it honey?" I asked finally getting Bryan down.

     "Are we poor?" she asked her voice quivering.

     "No, of course not! We are just having a hard time and you will all have to stay at Cockroach Towers until I can get some money."

     "Even Bryan?" she asked her eyes widening so large they covered half her face. I picked her up and put her in my lap.

     "Yes, but not for long, a week at the most. I'm going to Faerieland to the employment agency to get some money for us so things can go back to normal. Okay?"

     "No! It's not okay!" Shyla screamed.

     "I'm not deaf Shyla, I'm right next to you," I said calmly.

     "I don't care! I'm not going!" she declared.

     "Then you'll starve! I don't have a choice!" I screamed, finally cracking.


The next day everyone had packed for the dreaded week ahead. When we got to the Neolodge there were doors pointing to all the different hotels. The one baring Cockroach Towers was covered in Spiders and had cobwebs in the upper corner of the door. I looked to the other side and AstroVilla had transparashield and lights all around it glowing beautifully. I saw lhind glance at it too more than once.

     "Which hotel?" the Uni at the counter asked.

     I looked at my pets. Bryan in my arms, Shyla holding my hand, lhind pouting beside me and Shyla standing in front of the AstroVilla door in awe and throwing mean looks towards me.

     "Cockroach Towers, I said at last. "All of them, for a week." Marigold was on the verge of crying. I bent down to comfort her but the Uni was getting impatient.

     "Okay, 4 pets at Cockroach Towers for 7 days. Any extras?" she asked.

     "Yes, a swimming pool. That is all, I said. "OKAY, even your baby Gelert will be staying?" she asked curiously glancing at Bryan.

     "Yes. Is there a nursery?" I asked.

     "Not at Cockroach Towers, she answered.

     "Well, lhind will help look after him. It's fine," I said glancing at lhind.

     "Okay, that comes to 160 NP," she announced.

     I pulled 160 NP out of my purse. Now I only had 40 NP left. I handed it to her and called all my pets over.

     "okay, lhind promise you'll be good. No, I didn't get you a grooming parlor but I did get you guys pool. Look after Bryan and Marigold. Shyla stay out of trouble and I'll see you all in a week. Have fun. I love you," I said kissing each of them and leaving.

     "This way please," another Uni in a uniform said as they proceeded through the door.

     lhind had Bryan in her arms and Shyla and Marigold were close behind. After they got through the door a big dark Haunted Woods Tower gleamed before them and was missing several windows, paint was peeling and the front door looked like it had blood streaked across it. We went in and the carpet looked like it might have been a green color but was now a dark red stained mess with dirt and mouse holes everywhere. They climbed the stairs with half the steps missing and the wood so rotting you almost fell though. Climbing up 6 flights until they finally found their room, number 635. They went to their room and were greeted by a most disgusting stench and 2 beds with the springs sticking out and a pillow all ripped and torn on one of the beds. The beds weren't made and the blankets were stained and smelled like sewage. lhind turned around but the Uni was gone. How can you blame him? After looking around their room as long they could because of the smell, they decided to check out the pool.

     "This place stinks!" Shyla cried. "I can't stand a week here!"

     "We have to try…" Marigold said quietly.

     "I know! Why don't we check out the pool!" lhind exclaimed.

     They walked down to the pool and stopped dead in their tracks. The "Pool" was a small rectangle and was a brownish color with algae, insects of all shapes and sizes floating on top. Looking around it you could see some dead rats in all the corners. The lifeguard chair was covered in cobwebs and it looked like a mouse nest and the mouse's family had inhabited it. No lifeguard had sat in that chair for a long time. The slide was black and was full of splinters and had many holes in it.

     "We are not swimming here!" lhind screamed picking up Bryan and grabbing Shyla and Marigold's hands and pulling them back to the room. Slamming the door behind them they all got back to the room.

     "Okay, we have to make it though. Luckily mom got us some food. We are not eating anything from here!!" lhind screaming laughing.

     How they survived the week? I do not know but I do know that what happened when I got back was enough to say that they won't be staying anywhere but at home for a very, very long time. Cockroach Towers is the nastiest place in Neopia and if you are smart you will KEEP YOUR PET AWAY FROM IT!!!!

The End

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