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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Short Stories > The Beginning Of The Flames

The Beginning Of The Flames

by teghan62

Okay, let's get something straight here before I begin. My name is sunlit_jade, normally called Jade. I'm an aisha… a very special aisha. I'm a dark blue in colour, with silver and darker blue flame patterns on all of my paws and my tail. I have rock hard green ears, and very, VERY long ear stalks. I also have brown eyes and white patterns over the lighter dark blue part of my body that are always changing.

     One of my sisters is a gelert called Mira390, always called Mira. She used to be yellow, then faerie, and now she's a great fire colour. Except, instead of red and yellow flames, she has blue flames at the tip of her ears and tail, and her paws, then green, and then purple. She also has blue eyes with black chibi wings.

     My brother is Kyle63562, otherwise known as Kyle. He's a rainbow chomby with black rings around his legs, tail, and neck. He has green eyes, and his rainbow scales are the actual colours of the rainbow, in order.

     My sister is rinakiki, but called Rina, or sometimes Rin. She's the lab pet of the family, but started off as a red gelert. She's the only adopted one of the family, with no special markings, and eyes of a cold, steel gray. She'll remain a red gelert for all stories. With all of that settled, other than teghan62 is our owner, let's start!

* * *

"Say Jade, how would ya like to go round up the others?"

     "Hmm?" I grumbled. It wasn't that often we went on family outings. I guess you might be wondering about the "round up the others" part. No, they weren't at the mall. You see, our family lives in a very different way than all other families. We live in the land our petpets came from. That means Mira and Kyle, with their airax and uggatrip, live in Tyrannia. The caves they live in are cool, too! Rina lives in the Ice Caves, because of her snowbunny. As for me, I live in the Lost Desert, with my anubis and owner, since we're so much alike.

     "C'mon," Teghan insisted, "we haven't been to Mystery Island in a long time!" That was true, but why did I have to get them? They lived so far away!

     I silently got up from my book, and with a glare, I rushed to Neopia Central to catch the ferry to Terror Mountain. Once I got there, I went to the Ice Caves. Looking around, I quickly found a patch of ice on the wall cleaner than the rest. I smiled to myself, Rina always kept her place clean.

     "BOOYA!" I screamed as I slammed the door open. "Teghan said that we were all going to… Mystery... Island?" Nothing but silence met my ears. "Rina? Hello? Where are you?" She never left her door unlocked without still being in the ice caves. Confused, I opened up a cupboard and got out a carrot for Snowflake, her snowbunny.

     Oh well, I thought, might as well go do something as long as I'm here. Why not check if the Snowager is sleeping? As I silently walked into his cave, I heard some arguing.

     "You so cheated!"

     "Look who's talking," replied a calm voice.

     "Don't 'Look who's talking' me. You can't have 3 aces! Let me see your 3 aces, then."

     "Whatever. Maybe you should just go home."

     "Why should I? You already owe me!"

     As I continued walking, the Snowager and Rina came into view. Apparently they were arguing over a game of cheat. "Excuse me," said the Snowager, "I've gotta blast someone else."

     As he got ready, I jumped into a full view. "WAIT!" shouted Rina, "That's my sister! What do you want, anyway?" By the way, our family is full of fighters. Everyone is always mad at someone. Rina and I had problems with each other, as did Mira and Kyle.

     "Well… er…" I shifted uncontrollably. "Teghan said that we were going to Mystery Island, so…" I always hated situations like these. They were always the same. "So… you're coming!" I grabbed her arm and dashed for the exit.

     "Hey! W-wait! He owes me! And I was just winning!" Her complaints didn't penetrate my rock-hard ears. I couldn't care any less of the business between her and the Snowager. I just wanted to get to Tyrannia so I could be with someone I could cooperate with.

     "C'mon!" I shouted at her, almost pulling her arm off. "We're going, now! Teghan said we're going to Mystery Island!" As she opened her mouth to protest, as I was dragging her towards the crack that would allow us to get to Tyrannia, I quickly slapped my free paw over her mouth. "No! Or else Teghan will probably say that you have to live with us… not good for Snowflake at all."

     When we reached the crack, I felt something bite my paw. Turning, I saw Rina biting my paw. Good, I thought, she's distracted. Looking at the crack, I saw how deep it was. Oi, that's deep. Ah well… better get it over with. 3, 2, 1… GERONIMO! With that, I jumped right off of the ledge.

     "Wha- YAAAAAA!" screamed Rina. Apparently she didn't like jumping off the ledge. Actually, when I thought about it, neither did I. Oh, how I wished Mira was there. Well, at least we were going to land soon… hopefully in one piece. "Oof! Whoot! I didn't get hurt this time." Rina had always hurt herself during the fall. "Well, what about you, Jade?" she said disgustedly. "Jade… Jade? Where are you?"

     "YAAAAAAAAA!" I screamed as I fell. "Gack… OW!" I screamed as I landed on a thorn bush. "Urg… let's go." We walked until we got to the top of the plateau. Then we moved over to the lair of the beast and entered. "Okay, Rina, you go get Kyle and I'll get Mira."

     I walked to the right while Rina walked to the left. You see, in order to get to their caves, we had to go up to where the rope is in the lair of the beast. There are some other pathways there, but most people don't see them. Anyway, I walked down the path, ducking under flying korbats.

     "Mira, Teghan said to go to Mystery Island! We're having another family outing, c'mon!"

     "Okay, wait a sec. Andy, CLAM DOWN! I'm going… stay here and GUARD. Actually guard this time!" she yelled at her airax. "Coming Jade!" She emerged from a side, apparently irritated. As we walked back, we caught up to Rina and Kyle.

     After taking the boat down to the island, we met up with Teghan, who had already gone to the Tombola. "Okay, let's go get some grub!" As Teghan walked toward the Tropical Foods shop, with Rina and Kyle following, she turned around, only to see Mira and me walking towards the Island Market. "Hey, where are you going?"

     "Just to do some shopping," I replied. "We can go, right?" As she nodded, we dashed off to the market. "So, Mira… anything interesting happened to at all?"

     "Nope. You?"

     "No, everything is so boring. There's absolutely nothing to do, ever since the war finished."

     "Ya, I know. I wish we could fight bad-guys and such. That would be cool."

     "Hey… why not? All we really need is a name, how hard could it be?"

     "Sure, but… we don't have a name. How about… something?"

     "Well… I can fly!" Mira said, a big grin on her face.

     "So? The only thing similar about us is our flame patterns."

     "That's it, the Flames!"

     "Great!" I replied. So, there we were, the Flames… desperately bored because no evil villain was attacking us.

The End

Author's Note: Yes, Mira, Kyle, Jade and Rina are my pets. And I really don't want anyone stealing my idea about how we live, think up your own idea. And look forward to Flame stories!

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