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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Articles > What Does It Take To Be a Defender of Neopia?

What Does It Take To Be a Defender of Neopia?

by moonmyst1

Untitled Document DEFENDERS OF NEOPIA HEADQUARTERS-As all of you are probably wondering, how did the Defenders of Neopia come to be? Well, here is a answer from the heroic defenders of Neopia themselves. We went to the headquarters to find out more about this group of heroic fighters.

As we tiptoed into the building, we came up to the secretary and asked the polite lady(which was a Uni) if she knew where we could find a defender that we could talk to. She was quite helpful in fact. She gave us a map of the building and let us explore the building ourselves. Quite courteous I must say.

As we took the flight of stairs to the second floor, we came upon a door that said-"Training Hall" We opened the door and there came a young Quiggle with boxer gloves on trying to knock us out!

"Not a nice form sir. Please don't kill me, beg my pardon sir," I replied.

"No offense taken. I'm just training up, ya know. I really want to be a defender of Neopia. Just like the great adventurers before me," said the Quiggle(whose name is Koki).

"Could you please take a short interview with me? I would greatly appreciate it."

"Sure," said the Koki.

Me: Can you tell me what made you decided to join defenders of Neopia?

Koki: Well, my grandsire was a defender before me, so I decided to take up the family tradition. We have not had a fighter in our family for a very long time.

Me: That's great! Well, here is another question. How long to you plan to do this, and how far are you from your goal of being a beginner defender?

Koki: Well, let's see. I plan to do this for about another 2 years before I can get to be a beginner defender. I have been doing this for about 6 years. It takes a long time to get to be accepted into this academy.

Me: Well, thanks for your time. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

"You're welcome sir," said the Koki. "Well, I think that went well, we should probably precede to the third and last floor, to see the professionals. Maybe I can get a interview with a defender of Neopia hero!"

As we proceed up the stairs for the last time, we come upon a door that says "Defenders of Neopia" As I stride in, the sight that my eyes beholds is magical. There are about seven defenders in the room. All conversing in a serious matter. I was feeling awkward when a burly young fellow came up to me and said "Welcome to the defenders of Neopia headquarters.

May I ask, what is your state of business?" asked the young Moehog.

"Well, if it is not too much trouble, could I maybe obtain a small interview with one of you guys?" I asked meekly.

"Sure, come right over here. I will get Sampson to take your interview," said the Moehog.

"Thanks," I said.

"Hello. My name is Sampson, I am a Eyrie. I am a defender of Neopia. I heard that you would like to ask me a few questions. I will accept the offer. Thanks. I never really get this type of chance."

"Thanks Sampson. This will be a experience I will never forget! Okay, here we go."

Me: What made you want to become a defender of Neopia in the first place?

Sampson: Well, I saw a advertisement at the training school at mystery island where I went to watch other Neopets train. I decided then that I wanted to be like them, only to defend the weak of Neopia. This job fitted perfectly. It took some persuasion to convince my owner to let me do this though.

Me: Hm, very interesting. Well, if I may, here is another question. Did you join this to defend the weak of Neopia, or for the trophy you can get for beating the evil?

Sampson: Out of all honesty, I did this to protect everyone weaker then me. I like getting the trophies, but the real reward is having people look up to me. It's pure heaven to know that people feel safe at night in their NeoHomes because of the job you do.

Me: True, so very true. I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to do this interview. I feel that I have learned a lot about the defenders of Neopia. Thank you.

Sampson: No problem, if you would excuse me, I have business to attend to.

Me: Bye Sampson!

Well, I think that went really well. I have learned a lot about the defenders of Neopia, and I hope you have too. I really hope this makes up your mind about joining this valiant group of Neopians. They are very trustworthy individuals. If you are thinking about doing this, you may need a little bit of advice from me. Go to the Mystery Island training school, you can buy codestones and train your pet their. If you rather would like to pay in Dubloons, you can go to Krawk Island and go to the Swashbuckling Academy. I hope you enjoyed this article on the Defenders of Neopia. They are very valiant beings. I really hope this article has persuaded you to join the Defenders of Neopia. After all, what can be better then knowing that you keep people at ease by defending evil. You also get a rather cool trophy for beating them.....

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