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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Articles > Zany Guide to Zurroball

Zany Guide to Zurroball

by fireandice92

Untitled Document

GAMES ROOM - All you have to do is bounce a ball up and down, right? Wrong. How to get those 1000 NP games and where to go from there.

Everyone knows that the latest and greatest game from the Space Station is Zurroball. It's simple as hitting a ball up and down and over the red line, but how the heck do you keep that blasted ball in the air?! Yes, I was there and I'm sure most people were too. Yeah, well I'm here to help.

To put this in a logical order (which is tricky since I'm so illogical) let's start by trying to achieve a game worth 1000 NP. This means you have to hit at least a 334 point game since your score will tripled at the end. Everyone knows a player needs good equipment to do well, so what ball do you pick?

Zurroball: A traditional brown moon rock, thingie. In my opinion, I rate it as the 2nd best overall ball. Even though it is the famous-in-the-title-of-the-game ball, I would more so recommend it for people with experience in the game. It handles a lot like a beach ball. Fairly decent for doing tricks but hard to slow down and keep in control of once it's up to speed. My highest score with a Zurroball was 102.

Snot Ball: Hmmm, the name speaks for itself. Why you'd want to play with green spherical nose secretions is beyond me but whatever floats yer boat. I personally hate it. I don't think it's very good for doing tricks, but as far as keeping it in the air, it's probably 2nd best. It's more like a fun toy than a good point-maker. My highest score here was 86.

Metal Ball: Well if you can use the Metal Ball give yourself a nice big pat on the back. By far this is the worst ball you could ever use. It's nearly impossible to keep up and just as bad for doing tricks. It can be a fun challenge but as far as making good points with it, it's pretty worthless. Maximum score with this was 39.

Energy Ball: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. This in my opinion tops the charts for the best ball. It's extremely easy to keep up. Unlike the other balls it tends to eventually fall down straight instead of falling at an arch. I think this makes it easier to catch plus it doesn't take a lot of clicks to get it up. As far as tricks are concerned, it's okay. It's better for some than others. My highest score was 1395.

Eyeball: Creepy is a good way to describe it. Bouncing around something that's watching your every move doesn't seem very appealing but if you can master this ball you'll be all set with points. It is the best for doing tricks, but it moves quickly and is fairly hard to keep up. Best score was 31.

So now that you have your ball, we're into the game. All you have to do is keep the ball in the air and get it over the red line to claim your points. It's harder than it sounds. We're aiming for a score of 334 here to get that coveted 1000 NP so the simplest way to keep on track with this is to try and get 111 points for each ball. To earn points, you bash the ball around the screen and try to do different tricks to earn you high scores. Here is the list of ones I know of:

Freestyle: This is the simplest move. It's just clicking the ball without it touching the wall, ground, etc. Sometimes it's just fun to bounce the ball up and down in this way and I think they earn 1 point per click. The metal and energy balls are best at doing this.

Right/Left Zurro: This is also a simple trick, involving only hitting the ball off of either the left or right wall. Eyeball and energy balls are best for it. Try not to do too many of the same Zurro in a row, however, or it won't really earn you points.

Boomerang: A bit more difficult, but still fairly simple. This involves hitting a left zurro followed by hitting a right zurro (or right, left). All of the balls work pretty well except for the metal one. The energy ball is little more difficult but not horribly.

Around-the-World: Now we get a harder move. This one takes hitting the ball off of one wall and getting it to bounce off the other without touching it in-between. You know you've done it if you here a nice convenient "ding" sound. Quick moving balls like the eyeball are best for this. The energy ball is harder to do it with but possible. I've never pulled one off with the metal ball. It's worth a nice sum of points so doing it is definitely to your advantage.

Grounder: My favorite but the most difficult trick in the book. This is letting the ball touch the ground for a split second and then getting it back in the air. Worth 10 points each I believe, it's a dandy thing if you can do it. I wouldn't recommend doing this much since there's an insanely high risk of dropping the ball.

If there are other tricks that I haven't mentioned, please let me know. And now that you know all these peachy tricks, it's time to rack up those points. My favorite thing to do is a whole bunch of grounders at the beginning. This way if I lose the ball, I just restart and it can earn me about 50 points or higher if I do it well. Then another good combination is doing Freestyle x2 followed by either zurro. Each time you do this it will earn you 5 points, which can add up quickly. Sometimes I'll do that for a while and see how many times I can do it. It gets boring quickly, however, so I don't recommend doing it for too long. The purpose of a game is too have fun so go all out and just bash that ball around like there's no tomorrow. Whatever you do, points will add up, so enjoy.

So you've reached a score of 334 or more. What do you do now? Here are a few Zurroball activities that can be fun and interesting.

Like to show off? For anyone who looks at high scores in peoples' user look-ups, this is for you. Go for the Grand Master title!!! I'm not sure exactly how many points you need, since I passed it, but I'll assume it's somewhere around 1000+. Even though most people don't see it, it's just fun to know you've mastered the game.

Here's a cool way to add up points quickly if you're looking for a challenge. See how many grounders you can do in a row without losing your ball. The most I got was 6, which earned me quite a few points.

Try to learn how to keep that darned metal ball in the air! If you figure out the secret tell me. I'm a curious person, you know.

Never hit the ball over the red line. Hit the ball around for a very long while and see if you can fill up the whole text box.

Well I hope some of these things will be of interest to you because I'm out of tips and suggestions. If this gets published, I just hope it helps some people out. Talk to ya later!

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