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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Continuing Series > Sloth's Assistant, The Water Faerie: Part Three

Sloth's Assistant, The Water Faerie: Part Three

by wonderful_aishas

Untitled Document Dr. Sloth and I walked up flights of stairs to the top of the Hidden Tower.

     "Man! I see how you Faeries keep in such good shape!" Sloth panted.

     "Yeah, whatever," I said automatically. "Now, the Faeries should be switching shifts about now. If I'm right, it's the Fire Faeries turn to watch the items." I told him. Just as I thought, the Air Faerie got up and left and the Fire Faerie took her place. "The Fire Faerie isn't the most alert Faerie in Faerieland. She usually zooms out within about 5 minutes," I told Dr. Sloth.

     When the Fire Faerie was absorbed in watching the clouds float by outside, we snuck past her and grabbed a sword of the Air Faerie and some skull marbles.

     "Sloth!" I hissed at him. "Over by the Sprout Cannon!" Sloth did as he was told. "Ready, aim," I whispered across the room. "Fire!" I yelled. The Fire Faerie's mind came back to the present and she screamed. Suddenly, sprouts were flying everywhere. The Fire Faerie grabbed the nearest artifact (which just happened to be a Wand of Flamebolt) and fired it. I threw the marbles and the Fire Faerie disappeared in a cloud of multicolored dust. When it cleared I ran towards her with the Sword in my hand. WHAM! The Fire Faerie lay unconscious on the floor.

     "Whoah!" Sloth gasped in amazement. "You killed her!"

     "No you moron, she's just knocked out for the time being." I told him. "Grab that rod of dark nova, we're going to fight fire with fire. Or should I say, dark with dark."

     After we raided the Faerie Queen's hidden storage of Dark Faerie erasers we ran into the Faerie Hall where all the Faeries had gathered for dinner.

     "Ahhh… Water Faerie, nice of you to join us. And who's this?" The Faerie Queen asked. Sloth pulled off his disguise. "Guess who!" he yelled.

     What happened next was pure panic and terror. There where Faeries running and screaming everywhere. It was complete chaos. 'Sweet.' I thought to myself.

     "Hey Jhudora! If you think you're the evilest of them all, think again!" Sloth yelled over the screaming Faeries. Everyone stopped dead as Sloth held something over his head.

     "Yes!" he boomed. "I have the only Wand of the Dark Faerie in the whole of Neopia! And as Jhudora can tell you, one blast of this baby is enough to send this whole accursed cloud crashing into the ocean where it will meet the same fate as Maraqua! Ahahahahahahaha!"

     'What is he doing?' I thought. 'This isn't part of our plan!' I ran up to him. "What are you doing, Frank?!" I exclaimed.

     "Stay back!" he yelled and pointed the wand at me. I fell to the ground. From where I was laying I saw the Earth Faerie in the hallway leading up to the Hall. Sloth fired at her and as if in slow motion, I saw the beam shoot out of the gun and straight for her. I jumped up and landed in front of her just as the beam was about to hit her. I was down.

     The next thing I remember was sobbing. I opened my eyes and saw Jhudora… crying? Was this some kind of twisted dream? I had no time to dwell on this though, because at that moment the Faerie Queen walked in.

     "Jhudora, only a weapon as evil as that could kill a Faerie." Jhudora sobbed even louder then before. "The weapon has been destroyed." The Faerie Queen was extremely calm as she said this. She walked over to me. I opened my eyes wider. "Water Faerie?" she said, not quite surprised.

     "Yes?" I managed to say.

     The other Faeries jumped for joy.

     "She's alive! She's alive!" Jhudora jumped up and down waving her arms madly. All the Faeries gathered around my bed except for the Faerie Queen. She stood at the back of the room smiling casually, her eyes shining.


Well, in the end I found out Sloth was only using me to get into the Hidden Tower. I guess you can never completely trust a person if the have a bad history. When I asked the Faerie Queen how the got rid of Sloth, she simply replied, "The was too much peaceful magic here for his own good." And I was very curious about why she wasn't rejoicing when she found out I wasn't dead. When I asked her this she told me, "I knew you weren't dead. I have my ways." Well, I suppose I'll understand her in time.

     The Earth Faerie told the Faerie Queen that she was the one stealing after I saved her life. Turns out the Faerie Queen knew it was her all along, so she punished the Earth Faerie after everyone found out I was alive. Poor Earth Faerie, she got in double trouble! For lying, she has to clean the Faerie Kitchen for a week. For the stealing part, she had to walk around Neopia with a sign on her back that said 'I'm a Pant Devil at heart' on it.

     I think I'll go help her with the dishes now.

The End

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