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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Continuing Series > The Mystical Eyrie Caves: Part Two

The Mystical Eyrie Caves: Part Two

by emma___watson

Untitled Document

It was Reyukashin alright; I noticed her strong red tail, which made her different from other Peophin. She had a blue body, with a red tail. I soon realized why Emma was crying. Reyukashin had a bite mark across her neck. We had lost her.

     Then a voice said, "You can bring her back, but unless you gather the scrolls, her soul will be one of those nice crystal sculptures up there." So I stopped stalling. I had to get these scrolls, for Kairi, for Kinaki, for Reyukashin, for me, and for our owners. The picture erased itself and a new image appeared. This was an image of hope, it was Reyukashin.

     "Save me, Star, save me! No time passes with these messages. You have time to watch." Then Kairi and her little sister came on. "Keep going strong Star_dusk11!!!" and the whole image flickered and the screen disappeared. In its place was a crystal stand, with the scroll on top. This seems almost too easy... I thought. But I went for it anyway. A rope with melons tied to the ends wrapped around me. It was amazingly strong, and I couldn't get free. I was in a big pickle, and the minutes slowly ticked away. I finally got it off by biting and clawing it, and I grabbed the scroll.

     The stand shook and was sucked back into the ground. In its place stood a trap door. I crawled through, almost reluctantly. "14 hours left..." said a whisper. Since both of my previous encounters had costed me only five hours, I should be able to get the last scroll. I dropped, for what seemed like forever, into a pit. In the center of the pit was a stand and a scroll... which would be easy enough to retrieve if it wasn't for the fact that the scroll was about six feet under water! That may not seem like a lot, but to an Eyrie (or partial Eyrie) like me, that was a lot. You see, Eyries hate water. But this was for my friends, so I had to do it. I jumped in and grabbed the scroll, and when I did, the water began to drain. At the bottom of the drain, was an open trapdoor. I was sucked in.

     I was back into the room with the crystal sculptures. The cave door was still open. I could have left. But then I would fail my friends. "You have 9 hours left," said that creepy voice. So I walked up to Kairi's soul sculpture, and I fell through the hole. I was back in the room with all the Eyries, and there was the imitation Kairi. Now all I had to do was read the scrolls. Nothing hard about that. But when I opened the scroll, tears began to form. It was written in ancient Eyrie, I couldn't have deciphered it.

     I read over the code over and over. And more and more tears began to form. I had almost lost my voice, been tied up by melons, and gotten my feathers wet so I couldn't fly. And it was all for nothing. The scrolls, I couldn't read them, and I had to understand them. Slowly, but surely, the tears began to fall. All over the scroll I was holding, so I surely couldn't read it. I picked up the other two and tears fell on them. I threw them to the ground in a haste and went to the sky blue Eyrie.

     "I have failed my quest. I can't understand that writing," she smiled.

     "Before you say you give up, you should take a second look. It might turn out that you have not failed after all. You have just one hour left, I suggest you hurry."

     I realized she was talking about the scrolls. I looked at them all. They were now written in a plain and simple Neopian fashion. I could read them. I read aloud from the first scroll: YOU SHALL NOW BE FREE, I read from the second scroll: FROM THE GREAT TRUTH, and I read from the third scroll: THAT BOTH BINDS YOU AND FREES YOU!!!! It was done. I had read the scrolls, and understood them. My friends should be turning back to normal.

     A screen appeared in front of me. It showed Emma still crying over Reyukashin. Then a ghost Peophin appeared behind her.

     "Emma!" it cried. "It's me, Reyukashin!!!" Emma was overjoyed. That's one feat done. I turned to the Eyries. Kairi was just waking up.

     "Starry? Where are you? Kinaki? Where are you two?" Kinaki was there, but Kairi couldn't find me.

     "Kairi it's me! Star_dusk!" I realized something. She couldn't recognized me, I was now an Eyrie.

     I was in tears, and I turned to the sky-blue Eyrie. "Oh.. um... what was your name?"


     "Right..., okay then, oh Renunda, Am I going to be stuck as this Eyrie? My friends don't recognize me, and my owner will turn me away!"

     Renunda smiled, "Of course not."

     Her shape began to change, until she was a bright blue Faerie, with blue hair and wings.

     "I'm the time Faerie, Renunda. And all I do is cast a spell to rewind you to the way you were before and you are back. So here goes nothing,: I bind the spirit that binds you, and now your age I rewind you! Twenty-four hours ago, your looks then are your looks now."

     I ran to my friend, and gave her a hug, one of massive proportions and we went home.

     "Umm, Renunda? How do we get out?"

     "Simple. Go to the next room, then the purple room, and the water room. Then you will be in the crystal room, and that's where you'll find the exit. Oh, and by the way, if you ever need me, or any other Faerie, rub this," she handed me a crystal snowglobe, "and call the Faerie's name," and she gave me a list of Faerie names and what type of Faerie they were.

     We followed her directions and were soon at our houses. As it turns out, nothing at all had changed. I walked in and greeted Emma. "So how did the hike with you and Kairi go?" She explained about Reyukashin, and said that it was as if someone painted her with a ghost paintbrush and bit the neck of the body. It was the strangest thing. We still live happily.

The End

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