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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Continuing Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Two

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part Two

by too_kule

Untitled Document Yoigo opened the door of the NeoHome to see who had knocked. Millyum, Deracko and Yoigo didn't see anyone. Yoigo shut the door.

     "That was weird," said Yoigo as the three returned to the kitchen. Chakeebo was standing there.

     "Who cares, probably just one of those black Hopsos playing a prank. Anyway, you were going to fill us in about that prophecy?" reminded Chakeebo.

     "Okay, it goes like this: Dark demons from the heavens will make the sky black. Plants of pure darkness will engulf the land. Black frogs and rabbits from the castle and the forest will invade Neopia. The air will turn dark purple and deadly to breathe. The water will turn dark green and deadly to drink. Once all of these things happen, all eight Rings of Time will come in the Mage's possession. Neopia will be dominated by evil," recited Yoigo. A shiver went down his spine.

     "So now what?" asked Chakeebo. When they thought about it, there wasn't much they could do. Whenever they had been in trouble, their Rings of Time would always help. This just wasn't one of those situations.

     "Maybe if I speed up time, we can get this over with faster," suggested Deracko. He had a point. The problem was, they weren't exactly sure they wanted to be in some other dimension while Neopia had to deal with the prophetical plagues. Then suddenly the doorbell rang.

     I hope it's not another prank," said Deracko as they all headed to the front door again. They opened it and were surprised who they saw standing there. One of them was Methalius the Lenny. Methalius was a Shadow Lenny with amazing intelligence and an army of Neopet minions. He had once kidnapped Chakeebo and asked for a ransom of the other Rings of Time. The other was Junior G. Junior G was a baby Grarrl who knew Chakeebo. Junior G had a rich owner who bought weapons to steal one of the magical rings. The last was Kyohara. She was a Kyrii who tricked the Time Twisters into thinking she was a housekeeper. The Time Twisters dealt with tons of petty thieves, but these three were the only ones who knew about the Rings of Time the Time Twisters possessed.

     "What do you want?" asked Chakeebo staring at Junior G. Methalius was glaring at Deracko and Kyohara and Millyum were seizing each other up. Yoigo just looked confused.

     "Hey guys, we're not in the mood for your whole give-me-your-rings thing, so could you come back another time?" asked Yoigo.

     "We're actually not here for your rings. It turned out that we all had the same idea to take your rings, but with the insane Petpets and the purple gas cloud chasing us, we had to take shelter here. Could we come in?" asked Kyohara. She pointed behind her. A couple of black Zumagorn were swooping down and some black Hopsos and black Mortogs were approaching too. In the distance a large cloud of purple gas was approaching.

     "The fourth part of the prophecy!" cried Deracko.

     "Pardon me?" asked Methalius.

     "Come in, we'll explain."


Despite the fact that Methalius, Junior G and Kyohara were some of the Time Twisters mortal enemies, they decided to fill them in on the prophecy.

     "So basically, if you don't help us, there'll be no Neopia for you to take over," finished Yoigo. Methalius, Junior G and Kyohara were given the same problem. The Time Twisters were their mortal enemies. But sometimes when it gets bad, mortal enemies have to work together.

     "Okay, we'll help. We don't have much of a choice," admitted Kyohara.

     "Yeah... so what should we do?" questioned Junior G.

     "We must get to the bottom of this. I think I have a book that mentions something about this," said Yoigo thoughtfully. "We could check it out."

     "You know," said Methalius slyly. "You four have those rings while we're defenceless. How about you lend them to us?"

     "Nice try Methalius, but we're not giving you our rings. With your immense brain-power, Junior G's loads of NP and Kyohara's... Kyohara's..." Deracko broke off into thought at what he could say about Kyohara.

     "Your tenacity," finished Millyum before Kyohara decided this truce idea wasn't so good. Chakeebo stuck out his tongue.

     "I didn't come here to get made fun off," said Junior G to Chakeebo. "So how about we check out that book?" Chakeebo glared at Junior G as Junior G stuck his tongue out at Chakeebo.

     "Good idea," said Yoigo. He led them down the hall to his room. Clothes, plates, books and games were strewn across the room. Yoigo rummaged through the junk as the others tried to stifle their laughter. Eventually he came across a very old book. It was called 'Ye Olde Book of Death'.

     "Well, isn't that an immensely cheerful title for a book?" said Kyohara. Yoigo ignored her and flopped the book (which was very thick by the way) onto his bed. He flipped to the index and looked through. He came to something that said 'Rings of Time Legend'. He flipped to page 876 and began reading.

     "Many years ago, an evil being known as the Mage created seven rings from different minerals. The gold ring was the first he created. It had the power to reverse the process of time. The second was the silver ring. It could make time freeze. The third ring had the power to make time speed up. It was bronze. The wearer of the fourth ring could make certain things in time become as if they never happened. It was made of solid jade. The fifth ring had the power to make the wearer see certain events in time through a magical window. It was made of solid emerald. The sixth ring was made of solid ruby. It could make the wearer disappear from the fabric of time completely. The seventh ring was the Master Ring. Forged of total diamond, it could do anything and everything the first six rings could do." At that point Yoigo stopped reading for any comments.

     "I never knew about the window thingy ring and the 'disappearing from the fabric of time' ring...whatever that means," said Chakeebo.

     "I believe it means it could make the wearer invisible," said Methalius.

     "Does that even count as a power of time?" asked Junior G.

     "Who cares if it makes sense! Yoigo keep reading," said Millyum.

     "It is said that if all seven rings could be gathered, the one who gathered them would be able to create the staff of all power. This staff could do anything the user commanded. Such an artifact will never be known, because the rings have been scattered throughout Neopia. If one could gather all these rings, they would have to go to the hidden castle in the south to harness the power and create the artifact. For an unknown reason, one can tell when this will soon happen once the prophecy is completed," finished Yoigo.

     "Does that mean our rings will get stolen and then we have to leave?" asked Deracko.

     "I guess so. What happens if you can keep the rings from the dude who's trying to collect them?" asked Junior G.

     "Um... let me see. Here it is: The plague will not retreat and Neopia will be doomed."

     "I guess that means you'll have to allow the rings to be stolen," said Kyohara. She was right. The Time Twisters along with Methalius, Junior G and Kyohara waited out the day in the NeoHome That night they each set their rings on the nightstand next to their beds and tried not to think about how they'd get stolen. Methalius, Junior G and Kyohara slept on the floor. They dreamed about what they'd have to do tomorrow.

To be continued...

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