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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > New Series > Illusen's Globe

Illusen's Globe

by gurlie267

Untitled Document

Bleep! Bleep! "uuuggghhhh... 7:30 already?!" Gabby Cartson whined. Gabby pulled on her pink robe and fuzzy Meerca slippers and trudged down to the first floor of her breezy beach side Neopian home.

     She heard the same Bleep! Bleep! and a little voice saying "Yay! Summer!"

     Gabby smiled and pulled out a box of her and her two Meerca's favourite thing to eat on the first day of summer: warm asparagus... mmm.

     I_Miss_hershey1999 hopped down, her Christmas hat bouncing up and down (she is a Christmas Meerca) followed by spybabyboo. As soon as the warm smell of asparagus hit their two slits for noses, they burst into a song they copied off of from Hershey's favourite show, Hamtaro.

     "Nothing like asparagus to warm a Meerca belly" the cuddly Neopets sang in unison.

     "Well, come and get it!" Gabby said half cheery, half sleepy.


After a tasty meal of asparagus with some cereal, Gabby let her two furry friends out to play Gormball.

     "Some day, I'm gonna play with the big people." Hershey commented with a smile.

     "I will never be good, no matter how hard I try!!" spybabyboo cried.

     "Aww, sis, it's okay. I'll train ya."

     Gabby smiled. Hershey was such a wonderful sister to babyboo. She walked over to the end of the sandy beach where the Neopian times lay. She picked it up and set out to read it in her home. As she sat down, she noticed it was a bit lumpy today, and reached out a hand for it, but before she could lay a hand on it, she heard a clunk and a loud "What the- YEWOOW," which Gabby recognize was baby.

     The ordeal was as simple as Hershey tried to pass the ball too quickly and baby got hit in the head- bad. With Gabby at her side, she spent the rest of the day watching NeoTV, squirming in her canopy bed, and listening to about a thousand "I'm soo sorry, baby sister!" from hershey.

     Very soon the next day, Baby was up and playing again. Today was Saturday, so no Neopian times was delivered, as it was only every week.

     The same thing happened: trying to get some quiet time with the paper, the mail came, and she got caught up in a long article about how Neopians are always looking for the money tree-even when they have 20k and say they are "poor" and never got to read the paper. She knew she had wanted to investigate that lump...

     That same night at about 10:00 p.m.Gabby was in her robe again and turned on the news on the black TV that hung over her pink canopy bed.

     The blue Lupe reporter shuffled around some papers and as soon as she said something about Maraqua remains found still after the whirlpool died down and anything, even little scraps could help determine little things, a breaking news strip came across the screen and the Lupe was handed a new paper.

     "This just in from our breaking news team. The forces of Darigan have taken over the city of Meridell, leaving nothing but destruction in his path. When can you resume counting those potatoes or getting a quest for Illusen? More about that at eleven."

     Gabby groaned. She hated when the news people always wanted you to stick to the TV to watch the only important thing on the show as the last segment.

     "In other news, Illusen has disappeared from her Meridell home. Neopets are wondering if she shall set up a quest station somewhere in Faerieland, away from all the evil destruction. We spoke with Just_Princess, who told us a little about her day with Illusen and her sister, Jhudora."

     "I'd always be on a boat heading towards Meridell to help Illusen, such a nice Faerie. I give her stuff she gives my pretty good stuff back. I'm on a plane to Faerieland to collect my winnings for a Poogle race, and there's Jhudora, who sucks me in to her smelly, purple cloud-"

     At that point, Gabby felt Mr. Sandman tugging at her eyelid, so she turned off the TV and fell soundlessly asleep.


Gabby once again never got a chance to read the paper, because she had to help Hershey, who decided she'd better get done her summer homework. Then, she dropped her kids off at a friend's house while she had her shift at the bank. All day, people came in and out, in and out.

     As her shift ended, she picked her two Meercas up and took them to HappyJoyJoyFunWorld, their favorite place.

     Gabby came home from HappyJoyJoyFunWorld and set her purse and keys down to check the bright red flashing message on the DumbBum.

     DumbBum is what she called her phone answering machine. She hated it when she accidentally forgot to push the little red button that turns it on. This time, thankfully she had remembered, because there was a new message, so she pressed "Play".

     DumbBum answered her with "One new message. Message one:" And then came on her friend, Urock16's voice,

     "Hi! Its Jennie here, and I just wanted to tell ya that we have some extra tickets to the HappyJoyJoyFunWorld HappyJoy Sleepover. Whew! That's a tongue tier

     "Anyway, If you want to bring Hershey and Spy along that would be great. Lily58756 is the only one coming. The other three are going to a sleepover at the Neolodge because their sick and that's how I got the extra three tickets. So call me back when your ready!"

     Gabby turned off the DumbBum and went to go call Urock.

     "Okay... 513-2567" Gabby thought as she dialled the glowing green numbers on her phone. Brring! Brring! The phone called off in her ear, and soon she heard Jennie's voice.

     "No, you can bring that, Lil! Hello?"

     "Hey, it's Gabby."

     "Hey Gab! Can you come?"

     "I sure can! Anything I need to bring?"

     "Well, I booked the hotel suite before anyone, so no. But, if you want to rough it, you could bring tent in a box..."

     "No! I'd rather not. I remember the last time me and nature met. Not good combination!"

     The two laughed.

     "Okay. Today's... Sunday? Yeah, its Tuesday," said Jennie.

     "Good! That will give us some time to pack. Thanks"

     "Nah, I'd rather give em to you that let em go to waist any day, no thanks needed."

     Then the two said in unison, "Save our trees!" and laughed.

     "Yeah, bye!" said Gabby. "Bye!"



Gabby put the phone down and went upstairs on their polished-wood staircase to notify the girls.

     Gabby's first stop was Hershey's room. It's filled with Pink, except the room is bamboo, with some nice carpet. It contained a marvellous vanity, pink, of course. Across the room was her well-kept pink canopy bed with a pink-framed picture of her favourite Gormball player, the Fire Faerie. There was Hershey on the other side, a bit close to the vanity playing with her Usuki, dressing her up as the prom queen.

     "Hershey, I have a surprise for you!"

     Hershey spun around and exclaimed,"What?! What?! Tell me!"

     "We're going to HappyJoyJoyFunWorld For it's sleepover!"

     "YAAAAY! Haaappppyyyyy joy joy fuuunn worldd... the Neopian place to have, some, Fun!" Hershey danced and sang around the room.

     "It's on Tuesday, so get packing!"


     Gabby walked across the blue hall and opened baby's room. It was messy and unkept. Since she was still a baby, all she had was a small canopy bed and some dolls, but she was spoiled young, so she has as much stuff as her older sister. A poster of the world tour of the Blue Kacheek Group hung on a navy blue wall, spreading down to the green floor and up to the ceiling, which were stars, giving her room that space like effect. Also hung on the walls was a drawing of the space Faerie. by Baby herself. Baby was sitting by the picture, drawing another picture of her and her sister.

     "Hey there, Baby! What'cha dawing there?" Gabby walked over and pointed to the drawing.

     "It's me and my sissy!" she replied cheerfully.

     "Guess what we're doing on Tuesday!"


     "Going to HappyJoyJoyFunWorld again! For a sleepover!"

     "YAAAY!!! I'm gonna pack my Gormball and my 'suki and... lots of stuff!"

     "Okay! remember to always-" Before Gabby could finish her sentence, the door was pounded on and the doorbell slapped a few times.

     "Alright! I'm coming! Sheesh!"

     Gabby opened the door, and outside, there was Illusen, in torn, fading green rags and scratches all over her worn-out face. It looked as if she was about to say something, but she just collapsed on the rocky porch.

     "ILLUSEN!" Gabby cried. Gabby swiftly fell to the ground and caught her before she landed on her pointy lawn gnome

     Gabby laid her on their soft water couch and put a cool cloth over her head. She measured some Elixer and made Illusen swallow it. Illusen's beautiful green eyes fluttered open.

     Illusen sat up quickly, but Gabby pulled her down.

     "Illusen, why are you here... not Faerieland or back at your home?"

     "I escaped before Darigan's powers could reach me," she said hoarsely. "He threw my stuff into a huge tornado. He-got my globe- and-I flew up there to grab it-got sucked in... when it died down-I used my magic to transport it to a good soul and- and it chose-you."

To be continued...

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