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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > New Series > The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams

The Zafara Assassin 3: Eternal Dreams

by meratocat

Untitled Document There are many times in ones lifetime that they will come to spots that seem impossible to escape from. Places that seem doomed to failure, and destined to fail. But there is one thing that you can always find in those situations. You can find hope, and no matter how hard the enemy tries to hide it, it is always there; shining brightly, lighting the way for all who wish to follow…

Book 3: The Island of Dreams

I spread out my wings, catching the breeze to lift me ever higher into the air, I closed my eyes, and took in a large breath of fresh air as I continued on my Northward flight towards the island that was sure to come about. Some reason, instead of feeling tense about our current situation, I felt oddly… relaxed, as if something was finally returning to me.

     "Dorono! Look over there! I think I see the island!" Zana Taru yelled, grabbing tighter onto my mane.

     I opened my eyes up as Heshrou gave a loud laugh. "Ha-ha! I think that the young Zafara is right. Thiowa, look over there at that dark line on the ocean, it is unmistakable, it must be the island that the darkness Faerie said would be there."

     "Yeah!" Thiowa shouted over the rush of the wind.

     "No offence Dorono, but I am really not fond of flight," Heshrou said looking desperately at the island.

     "None taken," I said with an unseen smile to the Krawk warrior.

     "Besides, I am starting to get a cramp, and I think that my tail fell asleep an hour ago," he mumbled. I laughed, some creatures were just not meant to fly, but me, I don't know what I would do without wings. Flying was my life aside from being Zarrel's partner.

     I looked ahead at the black line along the horizon which marked the obvious place of the island which held the Flower of Trinifucus, which I needed in order to save Zarrel and Kowl from the sickness which they had caught, and for all I knew, they may only have a few days left before they became too far gone to be saved with the healing powers of the flower. I would save her; I knew in my heart that I must.

     It took a couple more hours of flight before the island was close enough to make out trees and shrubs growing off the beach. I flapped my wings a few more times, and then let gliding do the rest of the work for me as I headed the last of the way to the island. "We're almost there. After that, it will only be a matter of finding the flower." Zana just nodded in agreement as I flew into the island.

     As I neared the sandy grounds, I flapped my wings, sending up a cloud of sand as I landed, and then once Zana, Heshrou, Thiowa and the young Elecwator jumped off, I rolled over in the nice warm sand. The feeling of it up against my fur was refreshing after my long flight. I lay down so that my head was facing the ocean, and my tail was throbbing up and down against the sand, then I closed my eyes.

     I heard a soft sound behind me, and as I opened my eyes, I saw something peeking up at me through the waters. I rolled over, still laying against the ground, to try and get a better look at whatever it was. Small fin-like protrusions came out from underneath two green ears, which were flattened back in curiosity. An elongated horse-like snout, with two large sea green curious eyes was pointed right at me, and the creature was coming closer.

     It raised it's head farther out of the water, and as I saw an orange mane waving in the ocean behind it, I realized that what I was looking at was a Peophin Though it had a look about it of something not used to seeing others, a look of wildness. I turned behind me to see if the others were seeing the same thing, and I saw that all of them were some distance off down the beach's coastline, and so I returned my gaze back to the Peophin who had neared the coast, and had now stopped about ten feet from the shore. I walked to the edge of the water, and looked at the green Peophin, actually, its fur was more of the color of an emerald, and its eyes were even more beautiful.

     Come with me…

     A voice suddenly sung within my head. It was the most beautiful voice that I had ever heard, and it was beckoning that I come.

     Into the water Dorono… Swim with me…

     It was the Peophin who was talking to me, with a sweet feminine voice, and a smile in her eyes. She wanted me to go with her. Slowly I lifted a paw, and then set it into the water, calmly lapsing against my fur. Then I took another steep.

     Yes… come with me, and we can swim for all eternity…

     I took another steep, but before I could take another, I felt sharp points dig into my back leg. There was Elecwator, digging his claws into the flesh of my leg, "Dorono, back away!" He frantically said. "Don't go into the water!"

     Yes Dorono… Come with me… come…

     "She is beckoning, I must go…" I said in a deep trance, taking yet another steep into the water, and then several more, until my legs were submerged.

     Yes… Come to me…

     "No!" Elecwator yelled, now upon my back, but still digging his claws into me. "You will lose yourself, don't go any farther.

     The voice then got angry. Don't let him sway you away… The Sea is calling…

     "I cannot let you stop me," I said, my eyes glazed from my trance, and I reached up my paw from the water, and threw Elecwator who skidded across the beach until he hit a rock, and fell unconscious.

     Come to me…

     "I come now," I said, and jumped into the water, and swam towards the beautiful Peophin who smiled, and jumped under the water.

     Come with me now… give up your quest and swim with me forever… Be one with the Peophin…

     I swam closer to the Peophin, who flapped her tail in the air.

     Yes… and her face grinned evilly, You will do nicely for a new body… Just come with me and forget your past…

     "Don't go with her Dorono! Come back to me!" a voice called. A voice not unlike Zarrel Charmain's.

     No… Don't go to her… Come with me, you are almost far enough…

     "No Dorono! Don't listen! Come back to the shore!" It was Zarrel's voice again.

     No… Don't go to her, your partner is of no use now… come…

     The voice was then almost frantic, but upon hearing the voice of Zarrel Charmain, I couldn't go on. My eyes unclouded, and I broke from the trance. "No." I said looking into her sea-green eyes. "I must save my partner." And I started to swim back.

     I cannot let you go… You will come take my place…

     The Peophin growled in a deep voice, I looked behind me, and with a shout frantically made my way to shore. The Peophin's fur had turned almost transparent, and the eyes red in color, and she was swimming right at me.

     You will not make it to shore Eyrie…

     I looked ahead, and found her to be right, the shore suddenly seemed to move a mile away, and behind me, the Peophin loomed ever larger, until with her mouth open wide, she fell at me, and all went black.


Zana was looking around when she suddenly heard the yell of Elecwator, and Dorono's name being called out. She looked around and saw to her horror as Dorono flung Elecwator through the air, and then as the Meowclops lay still in the sand after hitting a rock.

     She ran down the beach, trying to not slip in the sand, and as she ran for Dorono and Elecwator, Heshrou and Thiowa followed after her. "Elecwator!" Zana cried as she picked up the limp form of the Meowclops, but before she could fret any more, she heard a sound which sounded as if it had come out of the deepest pit of evil, and slithered over to her ears. It was then that she saw the Peophin, and me too, in that trance that I had fallen into. Though she didn't see the Peophin as I had, rather she saw the Peophin as something evil, out to get me.

     "Don't go with her Dorono! Come back to me!" She called at the top of her lungs, and even though I was only about ten feet out to sea, I still showed only the slightest signs of hearing what she had yelled.

     No… Don't go to her… Come with me, you are almost far enough…

     Zana cringed at the evil in the voice, and then she realized that I was making my way ever closer into the grasp of the creature. "No Dorono! Don't listen! Come back to the shore!" Tears threatened to sting at her eyes, as she watched Dorono go closer. She could no longer hear what was said by the Peophin

     It was about then that I broke from the trance, and tried to make it to shore. Zana looked in fear as I started to swim fast, but then I just kept moving in place, and slowly the Peophin was coming up behind me.

     You will make me whole…

     The Peophin said as she dropped down to engulf me, but at that moment, Zana jumped out holding her sword out, and swung it between myself and the Peophin, while Heshrou ran into the water behind her, and lifted my unconscious body from the water. The Peophin attempted an attack as Heshrou backed up towards the shore, but as the Peophin did so, Zana thrust my sword out at her.

     The Peophin hissed, looking at the blade, and backed away You have IT… She emphasized the word 'it' and then jumped back into the water, and disappeared from sight.

"Dorono!" Zana Taru yelled, and she rushed over to where Heshrou and Thiowa were leaning over me. "Dorono…"

To be continued...

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