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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > From the Case Files of Dark Night: Dark and Silver

From the Case Files of Dark Night: Dark and Silver

by 2hot4u181

Untitled Document

It was a day like any other. It was snowing in the city, and it took me an hour to get into the office. I stumbled into the office at 12 opened up some brandy butter and sipped it quickly. Blue hopped over to the heating vent and laid atop it.

     "That wool must be strictly ornamental," I muttered to myself.

     Blue meeped in reply. I slowly sat down in my cold office chair and spun around in it before placing my feet atop my desk.

     "Ah, I'd love not to have a case today. Maybe just go down get a nice cup of coffee and hang out. Or maybe go to that Jazzmosis concert tonight, eh Blue?" I nodded to myself. The sheep looked at my grinning as a knock sounded on the door.

     "Another wrench thrown into my plans," I sighed bitterly sinking my head into my paws. "Come in."

     A fire Shoyru ran in out of breath. She looked panicked.

     "What happened?" I sighed.

     "Sir, it involves the NSS, I used to work there," she breathed heavily.

     "What do you mean by used?" I questioned.

     "Exactly that. I went there, and BANG! It was gone! Everything!"

     "Was anyone in there at the time?"

     "Only Jim Silver," she sighed.

     "He hired me once. Any revelations in terms of suspects? Or how this could even be done? I mean a building disappearing into thin air? It's not logical!" I said firmly, standing up.

     "Look at Chet Flash! He isn't logical by any stretch of the imagination!" the fire Shoyru snapped.

     "Look here lady. I want DETAILS!" I yelled.

     "All we know is it's got something to do with teleportation."

     "Teleporting a whole building? At least that makes some sense," I muttered, pacing the room. Blue looked at my intently.

     "We don't know what could have happened. All we ask is that you look into this case. All our information was taken with the building. I'm Lia by the way," she nodded grimly.

     "Well then, I'll need to see where the building was," I sighed, reluctantly taking the case.

     "Come with me, we'll fly there. And take your Babaa," Lia smiled as I pried Blue off the heating vent and launched out the window after Lia. Blue insisted on sitting on my head, but I didn't mind for once. It was cold outside.

     "See! Right here!" Lia said diving into an open field, which was surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

     "My snowflakes. You don't kid," I nodded to myself as I began to look around for any thing and everything I could find. Blue nibbled on some grass.

     "I'll leave you to your work," Lia said finally, taking off. Slowly I walked to where the building once stood. Suddenly, an odd feeling came over me, and I felt myself dematerializing like when the cable goes out and you get all the snow on your screen.

     "GAH!" I said, rematerizling in an open hall. I was in the center of a high ceiling room, which was in the shape of a circle. I looked at the floor below me, which read "NSS" in big black letters on the granite floor.

     "Okay, I found it," I said outloud as my voice echoed off the walls. I walked quickly over to a window and looked out. I was thousands of feet above Neopia!

     "Something doesn't make sense here," I trailed off as a voice cut into my thoughts.

     "I'll say something doesn't make sense," a familiar voice cut into my thoughts. "Like what's a gum shoe doing up here?"

     I whipped around. "Jim Silver? Did you...?"

     "Did I purposely teleport my own creation into the sky? Yes. You see, this is only a cover. I'm not one of the good guys like I say I am."

     "I KNEW IT!" I exclaimed. "You only hired me to find Mr. Billion so you two could plot and scheme together! HA!"

     "Yes, you are correct Night. Now, you have heard too much," the silver Shoyru smirked. "And now, you are officially confined to a prison, or worse yet, frozen, for this."

     "Not without a fight," I growled grabbing my Cobrall dagger.

     "Very well then. If a fight you want, you will receive it," Jim Silver grinned smugly as I quickly used a few Bruce Nimmo moves from the TV on him. (Which worked surprisingly well!)

     "AUGH!" The silver Shoyru groaned as he slowly got up and also took out a Cobrall dagger.

     We continued to fight for about 15 minutes, until I had taken my socks and shoes off and forced them near Silver's nose.

     "AIE! I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER!" Silver screamed.

     Good," I laughed placing some handcuffs on him, as the building suddenly fell quickly to the ground, and landed with a thud.

     "Temporary teleportation," I nodded. "Silver I'm ashamed. I would think a smart guy like you would think of something more than only temporary teleportation."

     "Shut it," he grumbled.

     Slowly I walked out of the building with Jim Silver. Lia starred for a moment and grinned. "Thank you, Dark."

     "What'd I do?"

     "We thought that our founder was up to something. We bugged the place before it's disappearance. We heard everything. And that's all we needed to know," Lia grinned firmly. She now wore black jeans and a black tank top.

     "No problem," I said tipping my fedora in her direction. Blue hopped over happily. "What should I do with him?"

     "Silver? Oh, I've already called the police," Lia grinned as the Chia Police ran over and hauled Jim Silver off into the big house.

     "With all that said," Lia nodded slowly. "Would you be interested in going to the that Jazzmosis concert with me? I have front row tickets."

     "Would I ever! I have to bring the sheep to," I grinned.

     "No problem there. Come along, or we'll be late," Lia laughed lightly as she took to the air, and I followed right behind her.

     Simply put we had a great evening, and I really did enjoy myself. Hopefully I'll be able to take a vacation next week, have no cases, and a load of fun.

     Yeah, right.

The End

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