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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > Star's Dream

Star's Dream

by cuttie_pie1991

Untitled Document The lights dimmed and everyone grew quiet. Serena_Star319, better known as Star, squirmed in her seat.

     Star was at the movies with her sisters and owner. This was her first time to be at the movies. Her oldest sister, Pearly_Garnet (a Kacheek), had been to the movies four times already. Her other older sister, Angela14516 (a blue Aisha), had been to the movies two times already. And for sailor_moon81, their owner, it was her ninth time to be at the movies.

     Star hoped that Pearly_Garnet remembered her promise: for her to wake Star up for the feature presentation. Star sighed, and closed her eyes.


Suddenly, Star opened her eyes when she heard a blast of noise. She looked around and was amazed-why, she was in the middle of Faerieland!

     Lots of people were walking with their Neopets to get somewhere. Some headed for the Faerieland Book Shop and some entered the city. Lots of people also went to the Healing Springs and just a few headed toward Jhudora the Dark Faerie's cloud. Star noticed that some people just wandered around aimlessly, and would start quarrelling with someone they'd bump into. She wondered if they had been drinking too much or if they just had a bad day.

     Puzzled, she wandered around for a while. When she found 1,500 NP on the floor in a brown paper bag, she decided to go to the Faerieland Book Shop.

     Star looked around. There were shelves and shelves of books. As she came across Breathe, an Uber-Air Faerie flew to her.

     "Sorry," the Uber-Air Faerie said, "but we are closed at the moment."

     "Who are you?" Star asked. "I'm Star; my real name is Serena_Star319."

     "Most people-if they ever know me at all-like to call me Ariel," the Uber-Air Faerie introduced herself. "My real name is Arielle."

     "Oh," Star said. "How come most people don't know you?"

     "I like to keep things to myself," Arielle answered. "I'm usually invisible, and I like to spend time alone in my NeoHome."

     "Oh," Star said. She turned toward the door and started to leave. "I guess I better get going. Goodbye, Arielle!"

     "Goodbye," Arielle said. "Be careful," she added. "I feel something's going to happen to you, and I don't like the feel of it."


Star felt very dizzy (it was a few days later). She walked to a nearby tree in a vast meadow, and rested under it. For a while, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, the Wocky thought she saw Arielle. When she blinked again, however, the Uber-Air Faerie was gone.

     "Hello, Star," came a voice. When she turned around, she came face-to-face with a Faerie Kougra with a black tail ring around her tail. The Kougra looked kind of irritated and didn't look like a fun Neopet to be around with.

     "Hi!" Star said cheerfully. "What's your name?"

     "That's not important. Just call me Gina. Come."

     "But w-" the yellow Wocky asked. Gina quickly put her hand over Star's mouth.

     "Jhudora is waiting for you," Gina hissed. "We shouldn't keep her waiting."


"Ha ha ha," the dark Faerie cackled when Gina arrived with Star. They were in Jhudora's NeoHome (one that she had stolen) at her backyard. "Thank you, Gina. You may go now." Then, she looked at Star, who was not a bit frightened; in fact, she was excited.

     "Follow," Jhudora commanded, and walked into her NeoHome, with Star trailing behind. Finally, after a long walk through the emptiest hall in all of Neopia, they stopped at a steel door. Instead of a doorknob, there was a steel steering wheel. Jhudora turned the steering wheel, and the door opened. Inside was a lot of purple fog.

     "Come in," Jhudora said, and walked in. She started pushing numerous buttons at a control panel. Instantly, the purple fog disappeared. Star slowly walked in.

     "Star," Jhudora said, "do you know what I'm going to do with you?" When Star shook her head, Faerie continued. "I will put this black tail ring around your yellow tail. The black tail ring will enable me to control you, just like Gina the Faerie Kougra, Elizabeth the red Usul, Andrea the baby Aisha, and Brian the red Scorchio. Then, I can put more tail rings around all the Neopets that you bring to me. That way I can take over all of Neopia. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!"

     After laughing, the dark Faerie reached her hands out to grab the yellow Wocky. Of course, Star knew better than to stand still. Since the door was locked, Star ran around the room. Jhudora, outraged, flew off to chase Star.

     They went on like this for seven minutes. After a while, Star slowed down to catch her breath. Jhudora, laughing evilly, swooped down and caught Star.

     Uh oh, Star thought. This is it! Will I remember what happened to me before I turned into one of Jhudora's servants?

     "Say bye to your old life, Star," Jhudora said, putting her in two robotic hands. Then she searched in one of her drawers in her wooden desk for a Wocky-sized black tail ring. "Once under my control," the Dark Faerie added, "you'll forget everything that happened to you before this."

     Star gulped and closed her eyes. Jhudora was just about to put the black tail ring around the Wocky's tail when...


...Star felt someone nudging her. Star blinked and rubbed her eyes.

     "Wake up," sailor_moon81 said. "It's time to go."

     "Huh?" the Wocky said, looking around. She was surprised to find herself in the theater instead of Jhudora's NeoHome.

     "You slept through the movie," Angel (Angela14516) explained.

     "Mom told that it was best to leave you sleeping throughout the feature presentation," Pearly_Garnet added. "Do you want to hear what the movie was about?"

     "No thanks," Star said. "I didn't really want to see the movie. I just wanted to see how theaters look like."

     Everyone laughed. Star felt glad to be with her family again.

The End

Author's Note: Thank you for reading my story. This is my first one, so I'll be glad to listen to your comments, questions, suggestions, ect., by Neomail!

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