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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > The Anti-Battler in the Battledome

The Anti-Battler in the Battledome

by carolina543

Untitled Document "Gihaela! Wait! I dropped my pencil case!"

     Gihaela the red Ixi groaned inwardly and turned around expectantly as she watched her accident-prone younger brother scramble to grab the pens and pencils that had fallen out of his pencil case.

     "Got them!" Damian the red Kougra exclaimed, grinning as he shoved his now full case back into his backpack. Gihaela just rolled her eyes. The fifteen minute walk to home from school was always lengthened by Damian's fits of clumsiness. "Gihaela, who are they?" her brother queried, looking behind her shoulder suddenly and frowning. Gihaela turned around curiously.

     What she saw made her stomach flip over several times. It was Melanie's crew from school. Melanie was a Disco Kyrii who had amassed a group of Skeiths who followed her every command. Gihaela knew from experience that they weren't the nicest bunch and also that they didn't like her. The way they were blocking the path wasn't very comforting either.

     "Excuse me," Gihaela said, hoping beyond hope they'd just let them get home. Arusa and Emaee, her older sisters, were home sick and without them Gihaela felt very unprotected.

     "Excuse you? For what-not being painted?" Melanie asked. Gihaela took a step back, rolling her eyes.

     "You really need to get a new insult, Melanie," she said. "That one is getting way old."

     Melanie smiled a bit savagely. "I'm working on it, don't worry. I'm getting disappointed not seeing you cry like a pathetic baby whenever I say your name. Your resistance must be holding up beautifully."

     "Melanie, it would be really great if you could let us pass," Gihaela began, knowing it was a lost cause.

     "Or what?" Melanie taunted.

     Gihaela gritted her teeth. "Or you'll regret it. Now move."

     The Kyrii laughed. "Oh, I'm so scared! Are you going to FIGHT me?" Gihaela didn't respond. "Oh, but I forgot. Your family DOESN'T fight. Just like a bunch of sissies, aren't you?"

     That hurt. It wasn't as if Gihaela had invented the no-fighting rule in their household, after all. But before she could respond a red and striped blur shot by her and suddenly Damian was wrestling with Melanie.

     "Get it off of me!" Melanie shouted to one of her Skeith friends. One picked Damian up by the scruff of his neck and deposited him in a ungainly heap in front of Melanie. "So, Gihaela. Your pathetic baby brother will fight for you?" She glared at Gihaela and then her glare turned into a sneer. "I'll meet that little runt at the Battle Dome at 2:30 tomorrow. Be there, or I'll be sure to tell everyone in school about what a pack of cowards your family is." With that, she and her group split and passed by them on the path, laughing.

     "You shouldn't have done that, Damian," Gihaela said, rushing over to the lump of his body. He got up, stretched, and winced at a small bruise on his right side.

     "Of course I should have! She was making fun of you!" he said ardently. Gihaela knew that her brother was fiercely protective of her, but seeing that protection made her love him all the more. He really was her best friend. Thus, there was NO WAY she was about to let him go into the Battle Dome with no training and no weapons.

     "You aren't going into the Battledome, you know," she said, helping him up and starting to walk towards home again. "Its not safe. You're completely unprepared, your stats are horrendous, and Melanie's never lost a single battle."

     "I don't care," Damian said. "I'm not about to let her get out of that. Even if I lose, it'll be worth it to have shown her that a Williams family member WILL fight." He frowned. "I hate being a pacifist family," he muttered darkly.

     "I don't, that much," Gihaela said thoughtfully. "I can spend time reading and exploring and playing games. I don't have to get hurt or be in pain. I don't have to go through the rigorous training process. And it also means that more money is saved up for our paintbrush funds."

     Damian didn't reply, just kept trudging towards the house. They were just in front of it when he replied, "But without fighting, I'm a nobody. I'm not smart enough to get an award. Gourmet foods are too expensive, and it's hard getting a trophy for that. I'll never win in the beauty competition." He opened the door to the house and flung his bag across the floor angrily. "I HATE being a nobody."


"You're going to WHAT?" Carolina cried, looking at Damian in shock.

     "I'm going to battle Melanie the Kyrii," he said calmly for the third time. Gihaela leaned back in the beanbag chair and tried to pay more attention to her book. She did NOT want to get involved in this.

     "You're going to battle Melanie the Kyrii," Carolina said slowly. "Let's hop over and look at her stats, shall we?"

     Gihaela groaned inwardly. She didn't need to know Melanie's stats to know that Damian was finished; with Melanie's constant bragging Gihaela had practically memorized them, whether she had wanted to or not.

     "Her strength is 57. Her defence is 43. And her movement is 51. Damian, do you have any idea what you're going up against?"

     "What are my stats?" Damian asked stubbornly.

     Carolina sighed. "Damian…"

     "Tell me!" he urged. Carolina sighed again.

     "Your strength…" she looked up regretfully, "is 9. Your movement is 9 and your Daphnes…" she paused again, then urged herself to continue. "Your Daphnes is only 5."

     There was a thick silence in the room. Then…"I'll need weapons," Damian said.

     "Damian, it's so dangerous. You've never trained because there's been no need. You're young. There's no way you can win, you realize that, right?" Carolina tried to say. Damian didn't say anything for a moment.

     "If I'm going to go down, then I want her to go down with me," he finally said, and left the room.


The next day at 2:20, Gihaela stood nervously at the sidelines of the arena. Damian was stretching and carefully going through his newly equipped items. "He'll be okay…he'll be fine…don't worry about him…" Gihaela kept saying to herself. She turned and saw both of her sisters, bundled up to try and prevent them getting sicker than they already were. Arusa the Christmas Zafara looked like she was fighting exhaustion. Her head kept lolling slightly to the side but then she'd jerk up, blink several times, and then the procedure would repeat itself. Emaee the blue Aisha was shivering but looked just as nervous as Gihaela felt.

     The doors to the arena opened and Gihaela looked up as Melanie waltzed in. She smirked from across the room at Gihaela and Gihaela could feel her stomach twist and turn in all directions. This was lunacy. No, this was beyond lunacy. This was suicide.

     Melanie stretched and did a couple of kicks as one of her Skeith friends gave her a bottle of water, which Melanie chugged down. Then she opened the small gate and stepped into the arena, tapping her foot and looking expectantly at Damian. "Damian!" Gihaela hissed at the exact same time as Carolina at her left. "Don't do it, Damian!" Gihaela whispered as loudly as she could. "Don't do it!"

     Damian didn't even look back at her but just stepped into the arena. Melanie's owner and the group of Skeiths settled down on bleachers on the other side of the arena. Any minute now, the fight would begin…

     And it did. With a roar Melanie launched forward. Gihaela winced and threw her eyes over her face, leaving only little slits. With a similar roar, Damian protected himself with his shield. He threw back a scorch and Melanie put up her own shield.

     Gihaela found her eyes going back and forth, back and forth as the two Neopets fought. She was absolutely shocked Damian was doing so well. Each move Melanie made, Damian was ready for and struck back with a vengeance. Melanie was starting to look panicked, especially at the prospect of losing to such an inexperienced battler.

     "What are you in, the ballet?" she taunted Damian. He didn't say anything. He hadn't for the entire battle and it seemed to creep Melanie out with his constant silence and unwavering determination. "Aren't we feminine today?" she taunted desperately. She seemed to want him to be angry and lose his focus, but he didn't say a word. Gihaela's heart swelled with pride for her brother.

     Suddenly, Melanie staggered and fell to the floor. Damian stopped, concerned. "I give up," Melanie said, breathing heavily. "I've lost! Okay?"

     Damian let out an apparent sigh of relief and reached out a paw to help her up. Grinning evilly, Melanie hit him full blast with a Kyrii Power Puncher. Damian, not ready for such a blow, staggered and fell on the floor as Gihaela, Arusa, Emaee, and Carolina rose as one indignant group.

     "Unfair! Cheater! You lost, and then you tricked him! That's against the rules!" They all cried in unison. A Scorchio supervisor blew his whistle and flew down, talking and gesturing angrily to the exhausted yet smug Kyrii.

     "Whoops, forgot the rules," Melanie said. Her owner had gone into the arena and didn't say a word to scold her pet. She simply threw a white towel over Melanie's shoulders and led her out of the arena.

     Carolina, Gihaela, and her sisters all rushed down to the arena and knelt next to Damian's exhausted and bruised form. "Drink some of this, sweetie," Carolina said, shoving some healing potion down his throat. "That'll help you for now till we can go to the Healing Springs." Damian drank and struggled to sit up. A huge purple circle surrounded his right eye but he was smiling.

     "I won," he said simply.

     "How'd you do it?" Gihaela asked, still shocked at the events that had transpired. Her brother smiled faintly at her.

     "I wasn't about to lose when I was defending you, sis," he said. "So I gathered together all my paintbrush funds and got codestones, and trained for hours and hours last night with the Techo Master while you were all asleep. Then I had about twenty coffees so I wouldn't be tired." He grinned at them. "Damian!" Gihaela said, and hugged him tightly. "I can't believe you'd DO that for me. How can I ever make it up to you?"

     "There's one thing you can do," he said slowly.

     "What? Tell me and I'll do it. Do you want more money for your paintbrush?" Gihaela asked.

     "Nope," he said. He paused and then gave a lopsided smile. "Just promise to stop me if I ever get the idea to battle again."

     "Promise granted," Gihaela said, hugging him once more, knowing she had the best little brother in the whole world.

The End

Author's Note: I have absolutely no grudges against any of the following: the Battledome, Skeiths, or Kyrii's. Also, if you happen to have a Kyrii named Melanie, it is a total coincidence. She's a made-up character and I don't base my bully characters on real Neopets ;).

Second note: I'm not a battler, in case that wasn't clear. That DOESN'T mean I have anything against the people who do battle. I just choose not to, and that's my own decision. If you want to comment on something OTHER than the above statements, please Neomail me at Carolina543. I'd love to hear your response to my first Neopian Times story!

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