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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > Jelly World?!

Jelly World?!

by gotenks_daughter

Untitled Document

Sunny, my cloud Kacheek, and Jewl, my desert Shoyru, were sitting on the kitchen floor doing a 100 piece puzzle. The picture on the picture on the cover was some cool action scene from last years Battledome tournament which had the most famous Neopets fighting each other.

     I was sitting on the couch watching TV, when we herd a big slam from upstairs. Jaws, my fire Jetsam, had just come out of the gravity room. He had been training in there at about 50x gravity for the last 5 hours. He was determined to become one of the most famous fighters in Neopia.

     "What's that smell!?" Sunny asked holding her nose. I glanced behind the couch and saw him dripping it sweat. "Ewwwwwww!!! Go take a shower before you come down here!" I yelled.

     "But I'm hungry!" he protested.

     "You can have something to eat after you take a shower!" I demanded.

     "Humph! Fine," he sighed, "I'll go take a shower. Could you make me a meat sandwich, please?"

     "Okay. I'll do that right now and it'll be waiting for you when you come out," I said.

     I heard the bathroom door close then the water started. I walked into the kitchen to make his sandwich. It was one that I had made up one day and the pets all seemed to love it.

     "I'm hungry too, GT!" whined Jewl.

     "Do you want a meat sandwich too?" I asked.

     "Hmmmm…" Jewl though, "I want a sandwich… a grilled cheese sandwich!"

     "Me too!" jumped up Sunny.

     As soon as I was done making their grilled cheese sandwiches the front door flew open. There stood Blizzard, my electric Gelert, panting madly with a Neopian Times issue on the ground in front of her. She had just come back from exploring all around Tyrannia with her friends and was very muddy.

     "You should probably take a shower too, when Jaws comes out. Are you hungry?" I said glancing at her while setting Jewl's and Sunny's food on the table. The jumped into their chairs and began to scarf down the food.

     "Yeah…" she said seeing Jaws's sandwich on the table, "I'll have a meat sandwich."

     The bathroom door opened and Jaws was now in the door way of the kitchen. Blizzard walked into the bathroom and started her shower. I fixed her sandwich and she was out almost right after I was done.

     Sunny and Jewl had gone back to their puzzle and Jaws was finishing his sandwich. I sat down in an empty chair and started to read the paper. There was a huge article on the first page titled "New World!" I scanned the article then began to read it out loud.

     "A new world is in the process of being made and is guaranteed to be attractive. Every thing is made of pure Jelly!!! Though it's not on the map yet and difficult to get to, people are all ready visiting. There's not much yet, but there will be and people are all ready demanding tickets to go there! So far there are a few buildings, jelly foods, and the giant jelly were you can get free jelly every day!"

     Every one was listening now to the interesting story.

     "Let's go there now!" Yelled Jewl in excitement.

     "Yeah! If we go now it won't be super crowded!" agreed Blizzard.

     "I want to go to the giant jelly!!!" yelled Sunny, standing up on a chair.

     "Sweet! Pure jelly! We have to go!" begged Jaws.

     I looked at them and saw that they really wanted to go. I decided why not!?

     "Okay …" is all I managed to say before they cut me off with a huge "YEAH!!!!!" "…Under one condition!" I had to yell over them.

     They all stopped and looked at me as if I had just said we had two seconds to live.

     "The tickets will probably cost a bit more so you each have to pay for your own."

     "Oh," said Jaws relieved.

     "You should probably bring about 4,000 NP each since tickets normally cost 1,000 NP each."

     The all ran for the stairs to get their NP from their rooms which they had gotten when I took them to the game arcade and from favors they did for the neighbors. I waited until they were all up the stairs to go up to avoid being trampled. When I got to my room I grabbed my wallet and stuck in my deep pocket. When everyone had their NP, we walked the 5 miles from our house to the port. It's a good thing we lived so close to the edge of Tyrannia or we would have had to take a cab.

     When we got there SS smiled at us. She knew us well because we were always going on adventures to other worlds.

     "Where will it be today?" she asked sweetly.

     "Do you know how to get to Jelly World?" I asked.

     She continued to smile. "Yeah, but it'll cost ya! 1,500 NP per ticket," she said.

     We all handed her our NP and got on the boat. I was surprised that no one else was on and going to Jelly World.

     It was a 3 hour boat rid from Tyrannia to Jelly world. Most of the time I was napping. While I was awake I saw Jaws showing off how strong he was by lifting heavy things that were on the boat, Jewl challenged to a race. Jewl lost. Sunny was reading the whole time. I guess she was really into that book I just bought her. And Blizzard was talking about random things. Mostly what's been happening recently.

     When we finally reached Jelly World we saw a long path made of jelly leading into a town.

     "Wow!" Blizzard gasped.

     We walked down the path for a few minutes then was greeted by what looked like a jelly Chia. He told us all about everything there was to know and when he was done, we decided to go try out this new food and the restaurant.

     We walked in and saw all of the booths, tables, everything was made of jelly! We sat down and were instantly greeted by a jelly Krawk. He handed us our menus and asked what we wanted.

     "What do you guys want?" I asked.

     After a minute of debating we decided on Jelly Pizza.

     "One large Jelly Pizza and 5 jelly juices?" the Krawk repeated back our order.

     "Yes." I answered.

     "OK. That'll be 300 jelly bills please."

     "Jelly bills?" I asked.

     "That's right! 300 jelly bills! You need it to buy jelly foods!"

     "I uhh… we don't have any uhhh… where do you get them?" I stuttered.

     "You trade in NP or doubloons for them at the jelly bank," answered the Krawk getting annoyed.

     "OK. I'll be right back. I'm gonna go to the jelly bank real quick," I said getting up from my seat.

     "The jelly bank isn't open yet!" yelled the Krawk.

     I stopped in my tracks. "What!?!?" I thought, "Great! We paid 1,500 NP each to come here and hear everything there is to know about this place except that you need jelly bills which you only get by trading in your NP at a bank that's not open yet!!!"

     "Why is this place even open if no one can pay!?!?" I yelled at the Krawk.

     The Krawk shrugged and walked away.

     "What!?!? Uhh… I… but… why… how…!!!" I yelled.

     "You guys are making too much noise!!! Get out!!!" A jelly Lupe was yelling at us.


     We walked out and headed for the port. The whole time I was staring at the ground.

     "Why would anyone do something like that!?" Jaws finally asked, "Open a restaurant that no one can eat at because we can't the bills to pay?"

     I didn't answer right away. I thought about it real hard though. "Because they just want to make people mad." I finally said, "Now let's go home."

The End

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