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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 78 > Short Stories > We’ve Been to The Lost Desert

We’ve Been to The Lost Desert

by poy222

Untitled Document

The sun didn't beat down too much on the Lost Desert sand. There was a nice breeze around where we set up our picnic.

     "Yay! Finally some grub!" Eatmore, my starry Skeith, exclaimed.

     "Calm down Eatmore. Everyone will get their share of food." I said. I placed food in plates on the ground. Eatmore grabbed a plate of chicken and was about to wolf it down before I grabbed it from him. "I said calm down! You'll have to share- you already stole and gobbled down two peach ice creams on the way here!"

     "Me? Never!" answered Eatmore, trying to look as innocent as possible.

     "Yeah right, we all saw you," Vicious, my Lupe, said.

     "All right guys! Bon appetite!"

     The food disappeared in a matter of seconds. Well, not exactly disappeared- it was in our stomachs of course. Furball, my Jubjub, and Shadey, my Christmas Zafara started laughing.

     "What are you laughing at?" I asked

     "Heh, we were just talking about when the Pant Devil came and tried to steal Jingles away from us. What's funny was when Eatmore was yapping about his peanuts."

     "Hmmm... speaking of eating more, I'm going to go over to the Food Stall; I'm still hungry." Eatmore said and got up to go to the Food Stall.

     "What the... you just finished eating two minutes ago!" I said. It was normal for my Skeith to eat that much. He always did. But even so, I still never knew how he could still be hungry after eating twenty cheeseburgers and two chocolate chias.

     "Yeah but... umm..." Eatmore ran off without explaining himself.

     "I'm going to go to Coltzan's Shrine to see if I could get some blessings." Vicious said and ran off.

     "I'm going with him!" Furball said and ran after Vicious.

     "And I'm... err..." Shadey paused and groaned because he knew he was too late.

     "Coming with me!" I continued for him. I grinned and took him by the paw. "Come on!" I said, "Let's go to the Fruit Machine!"


Eatmore wandered throughout the Food Stall. The shelves were stocked full of Lost Desert food. "May I interest you in some sutek beans, sir?" asked the Grarrl shopkeeper.

     "Don't those make you pass gas?" inquired Eatmore.

     The Grarrl laughed nervously.

     "No, seriously- don't sutek beans cause you to pass nasty sutek gas?"

     "No, sir, not usually."


"So, Vicious, you really think Coltzan's gonna bless you?" Furball asked.

     "Sure he will! Right Coltzan?"

     Loud, maniacal laughter was heard in the distance.

     "HEY!" said Vicious.

     Furball snickered and said, "Oooh! How coincidencial and spooky!

     "What? Spooky you say? I'm spooky? " The voice came from behind them. They both turned around to see the ghost of Coltzan. Vicious gulped. "Who stands brave enough to call me spooky!? Why, when I'm done with you, you'll know a new meaning to the word spooky!"

     "Why'd you have to say spooky?" Vicious whimpered to Furball.

     "How was I supposed to know that King Coltzan was so self-conscious?"

     "Self-conscious, am I? Well, by the time I'm done with you, you'll also know..."


"Alrighty then!" I said as I rubbed my hands together. "Let's see if I'm good with the slots!" I pulled the old, wooden lever covered in leather.

     Three Neopets: a desert Pteri, Elephante, and a desert Aisha barged into the tent and started dancing around like ballerinas. They were all holding one piece of carboard each. A jingly tune came on from a Lost Desert speaker as the pets danced.

     "Oooh! A musical!" exclaimed Shadey.

     The Pteri stopped first and her cardboard portayed a picture of an ummagine. Then the Aisha stopped- another ummagine! I was waiting impatiently for the Elephante to stop spinning. He seemed to be getting dizzy and he tripped on the Aisha's foot and fell on top of him. His cardboard went flying. On it, was a cheops plant.

     "Watch where you're spinning, you big goof!" the Aisha yelled at the Elephante.

     "Why don't you watch where you're sticking out your foot!" the Elephante shot back.

     "I know where I'll be sticking my foot next!" And before we knew it, the two of them started battling.

     "Break it up you two!" the Pteri shouted.

     To the side of the tent was a pile of cardboards sheets, with the fruit machine images on them.

     "Quick! Shadey, go get another ummagine picture and replace it with the Elephante's cheops plant one! Quickly, go ahead while they're fighting!"

     Shadey sneaked over to the pile and snatched a piece of cardboard. He scurried back and replaced it with the one with the cheops plant on it which he threw back onto the pile.

     After two minutes, the Pteri finally managed to separate them and said, "On with the show!" They all raised their cardboards: an ummagine, an ummagine and a ptoleymelon.

     I tried to look surprised. "Oh wow!" I said, "I won! Yay!"

     "Uh... no you didn't... you didn't get three of a kind!" the Pteri said.

     "What do you mean...?" I looked and it was true. I was filled with rage. "Shadey! We could be rich now, but you had to change the cheops plant with the ptolymelon!"

     Shadey swallowed hard. "You mean... that's not an ummagine?"

     "It's a ptolymelon!"

     "Well it's not my fault! All these desert fruits are confusing!"

     "Sorry for interupting, but does that mean you tried to cheat us?" asked the Elephante.

     "Erm... Shadey! Run!" Shadey and I burst out of the tent, and those three desert pets were hot on our trail.

     I was running out of breath after thirty seconds when I saw Vicious and Furball running towards us with... it couldn't be... the spirit of Coltzan catching up to them. He looked very angry. Soon, Vicious and Furball caught up to us and Coltzan and the fruit machine pets were now chasing us.

     We managed to lose them in the Sakhmet palace while we caught our breath. "That... was ... a close... one. What... happened to... you guys." I managed to speak between gasps of air.

     "Long story," Furball and Vicious said together.

     "Wait a minute... Where's Eatmore?" I asked.

     "I guess he's still at the food stall."

     "Well let's go get him so we could get out of here!" And so we started running over to the Food Stall and went inside to get Eatmore. The Grarrl shop keeper was yelling at the top of his lungs at Eatmore.

     "How dare you make fun of my sand fruits! They have been in my family for years! And they are not rip-offs as you say!"

     "What's happening here?" I asked.

     "This guy's trying to sell me an apple made out of sand!" Eatmore said to me.

     "But it is fruit," the shop keeper said.

     "It looks like fruit, until you bite into it and get all that sand in your mouth. I can get that outside for free!" Eatmore said as he held the fruit up to my face.

     Then we heard Coltzan's roaring voice, "I think I saw them go into the Food Stall!"

     "Eatmore, let's go!" Eatmore understood and galloped, with us by his side, right out the tent, knocking the Fruit Machine pets over with his bulky build.

     "Come back here!" Coltzan shouted.

     The Food Stall shop keeper also came out yelling, "Come back here with my fruit! Come back with sand apple! You no pay!"

     I realized Eatmore still had the sand apple in his hand and so I threw back a couple of NP for the shop keeper. We did manage to escape and get back to our Neohome safely.

     "You know," Eatmore said as we all sat down in the living room later, "This sand apple isn't half bad." And with that, he munched on the rest of his sand apple.

The End

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