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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 77 > Continuing Series > Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part Three

Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part Three

by twayblade807

Untitled Document

"Sorry, Sharon," said Skeithena gloomily, putting a palm fan and a BBQ sauce omelette on the table. "I only got a barbecue sauce omelette from the Giant Omelette, and a palm fan from the Tombola. I lost at the Fruit Machine, and got nothing from Coltzan's Shrine."

     Sharon sighed. "Our usual rotten luck, eh? Well, getting a palm fan and an omelette is nothing compared to what I got! I spent all of our remaining one thousand Neopoints on Snow Wars, and won nothing."

     "So. We have no NP left. That means you'll have to go to the Games Room again tomorrow," she said, trying to sound disappointed, so she could hide her great excitement. If Sharon went to the Games Room next day, that would mean that she could visit Luperusse at the Giant Omelette!

     "Yes. And that also means that you'll have to go to the freebies again tomorrow. Good luck. Let's see if you can do any better at the Fruit Machine (or the Tombola, for that matter) than I can at Snow Wars!"


The next day, at the Giant Omelette...

"We have to get you out of here, Luperusse!" hissed Skeithena. "I heard Grarrg and Sabre-X talking yesterday - they're going to starve you - "

     "I can tell," snapped Luperusse. Well, he was hungry, and it didn't help that he had a huge appetite. Grarrg, of course, was not giving him a single can of baked beans. This, however, made Luperusse in his natural state: grumpy. "And how exactly are you going to get me out of here, you old bookbuzz?"

     Skeithena ignored him. "I think I have an idea."

     There was a white Lupe nearby who seemed to be alone. "Excuse me, sir," Skeithena said to the Lupe, who instantly turned his head in the direction of Skeithena and Luperusse, "Is your owner with you?"

     The white Lupe growled softly, "No, he is currently in the Market Place. Oh, and my name is DellaNeve."

     The Skeith nodded. "Nice name you have there, DellaNeve. Anyway, could you kindly do us a favour? Pretty please with an organic cherry on top?" she added, trying to sound convincing.

     "I suppose so," said DellaNeve. "Tell me what I have to do, before I make any promises."

     "It is very simple, sir. I will paint you" (she took out a Learn-to-paint Set from her Quiggle backpack) "with non-magical paint brushes, DellaNeve, so that you will look like my brother here, and I shall paint my brother into a different colour, too. Then Luperusse and I shall get out of here, and when we are out of sight, you may use this bottle of water to remove the paint before you meet with your owner again." She produced a bottle of water. "Oh yes, and I brought some painted paper Luperusse wings just in case."

     Luperusse raised his eyebrows, apparently quite impressed. "How'd you know we'd been doing this? You've brought everything we need in your backpack!"

     The Skeith smiled, and shrugged. "I didn't know we'd be doing this, I just thought that we'd need a disguise, so we'd have to bring the Learn-to-paint Set and the paper wings! I figured that you'd want a drink, so I brought a bottle of water!"

     "Uh-huh," said Luperusse. "I see,"

     Skeithena began painting the two Lupes. Soon after, DellaNeve looked exactly like Luperusse and Luperusse looked exactly like DellaNeve.

     "Farewell!" DellaNeve called out to Luperusse and Skeithena, who were just leaving the Giant Omelette.

     "Goodbye," Skeithena replied. "DellaNeve, I know that we will meet again!"

     "We shall," agreed DellaNeve. "Good luck!"


Just outside Sharon's House, 546834, Rainbow Lane, Neopia Central...

     "Here, a bottle of water to wash the paint off," whispered Skeithena, handing the bottle to Luperusse.

     Luperusse carefully poured water over himself and rubbed at his fur with a paw. A while later, most of the paint came off, and they typed Sharon's username and password into the code box on the door, and entered.

     Sharon stood in front of them, with her hands on her hips.

     "I say," said Sharon, "you have been very naughty NeoPets! Luperusse, why are you here when you should be in Tyrannia?"

     Luperusse was about to retort, but Skeithena hastily cut him off, "We, er, Kyruggi, um, said that... she said that Luperusse could come back, because - b-because Luperusse had learnt his l-l-lesson already...yeah, Kyruggi said that Luperusse could come back early because he'd learnt his lesson!" she declared triumphantly.

     Their owner did not seem convinced. "I see. Well, look at this letter I received from Kyruggi."

     Subject: Re: Your NeoPet is in Tyrannia

     Dear Miss Sharon,

     That is good. At least I know that you won't be worried about Luperusse. Luperusse is a very strong Lupe, but has a very bad temper -

     "Me, have a bad temper?!" exclaimed Luperusse.

     "Sh," said Skeithena. "I'd like to read on, Luperusse, if you don't mind..."

     - and he does need to learn a lesson, after all. Anyway, I have put him under the care of battlemaster Grarrg, as I have all sorts of other things to attend to.

     As soon as we send Luperusse back home I shall Neomail you. Of course, when you send a Neomail it goes to your recipient instantly, so you'll know as soon as Luperusse is sent back.

     Yours sincerely,

     Grand Elder of Tyrannia

     "I hope you see you're in deep trouble, Skeithena and Luperusse," Sharon told them sternly, her hands still on her hips. "You tell me that Kyruggi said that you have been sent home, while Kyruggi tells me that she will inform me as soon as you are sent home. I have no reason to believe you, naughty NeoPets!"

     This time Skeithena did not make anything up. She said very quietly and very solemnly, "Oh, but Sharon, they were starving Luperusse! They didn't give him any food, and I overheard Grarrg saying that he'd starve Luperusse."

     "Yeah right," said Sharon. "I so believe you," she added sarcastically.

     Luperusse mimicked Sharon, "Yeah right, I so believe you." (Actually, it was a very good imitation) "Well! Look at my Quick Ref card if you don't believe me!"

     The Quick Ref card said:

- Luperusse -

     Species: Lupe

Colour: Jhudora slave (purple and green)
Age: 97 days
Level: 50
Health: 50/150
Mood: unhappy
Hunger: dying
Strength: EXCELLENT (50)
Defence: EXCELLENT (50)
Move: EXCELLENT (50)
Intelligence: brilliant

     "See?" said Luperusse in an I-told-you-so voice. "It says Hunger: dying on my Quick Ref card. So there!" He stuck his tongue out at Sharon as though he was a baby Lupe who'd had his Chia treats taken away from him.

     "Fine, fine, fine," muttered Sharon. "I'll let you off this time. But Skeithena," she said sadly, "why didn't you tell me the truth?"

     Skeithena looked down at the floor. "I thought you wouldn't let me go if I did."

     "Does that mean that you're going to be a liar or something from now on?"

     The Skeith smiled. "No. I hope not, anyway."

     Sharon nodded, and turned to Luperusse. "I can see that you're suffering from lack of sleep. There are little faint black rings around your eyes. How come? Supervising an omelette (even if it's gigantic) can't be a hard job..."

     Luperusse grinned. "It's not half as easy as you think."

The End

What do you think about Part Three? What do you think about the whole Series in general? How can it be improved? Please go ahead and send me a mail about it! Feel free to send me comments, complaints, angry hate mails, questions, and any other type of feedback via Neomail! Thanks loads and have a nice day!

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