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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 77 > New Series > The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part One

The Ultimate Time Twisters Adventure: Part One

by too_kule

Untitled Document Note: You should really read volume one and volume two of my Time Twisters series, or making sense of this would be as easy as eating a bathtub. And I know from experience that isn't easy. Happy reading!

What do you get when you combine four rings that control the magic of time and four Neopets? You get the Time Twisters; a group of Neopets dedicated to stopping crime in Neopia using the powers of the rings. Millyum the Faerie Zafara, Deracko the strawberry Tuskaninny, Chakeebo the baby Chia and Yoigo the cloud Gelert. They each own a different ring with a different time-controlling power. Hopefully you've read the first two volumes of the Time Twister's adventures. Here is their biggest adventure ever. Pull up a chair, get some cheesy neos ready, and I hope you enjoy the story...

     The group had just walked into their NeoHome after a particularly exhausting adventure involving some crazy Kacheek and an army of Flouds. They all flopped onto different pieces of furniture inside of their NeoHome Their TV was in the repair shop, so they had nothing to do but talk.

     "That was one freaky adventure. I'm going to be having nightmares about that one for ages," said Chakeebo as a shiver went down his spine.

     "Yeah... I'm glad Yoigo's on our team now, or else crime fighting would be even harder," said Deracko. The rest of the room nodded in agreement.

"Well don't expect it to get any easier, all of the Time Twisters have been found. There are no more," said Millyum. Yoigo didn't agree.

     "I wouldn't say that. Haven't you heard of the old legend? Some evil being only known as the Mage created seven Rings of Time for evil purposes. Six rings fell into the hands of good, but one ring was lost forever. The one that was lost was said to be the master ring, and had all the power of our rings. With it's disappearance, the Mage disappeared too. Sort of scary isn't it, to be able to freeze time, make time go forward faster, make time go backwards, make things in time never happen and do what the two other rings can do. It's said when all rings are gathered, the one who gathered them could create a magical artifact that can do anything. There's a whole prophecy that tells about strange things that happen when all the rings are about to be gathered."

     "Yoigo, you're going to give Chakeebo even more nightmares! As long as we keep our rings safe, there's no reason to fear anything. It's getting late, I think it'd be best if we all went to bed early," said Millyum. The gang nodded and headed off to bed. Even though they knew it was crazy, Yoigo's words remained in their head.


They all awoke the next day. Yoigo's words were completely forgotten. Deracko switched on the radio to hear if any news had happened during the evening. Like usual, there had.

     "Good morning, my name is Maria Blumaroo. I'm hear to tell you some astonishing news. For some unknown reason, hundreds of black Zumagorn are blocking the sky.

     Any attempts to capture these Zumagorn resulted in the Zumagorn emitting an energy blast strong enough to take down the strongest of all Neopets. We will keep you updated. Next, how to have a designer wardrobe without going bankrupt--"

     Deracko switched off the radio. Chakeebo was looking at Deracko with a confused look on his face. Millyum and Yoigo were standing in the doorway. Millyum had a quizzical look on her face while Yoigo's mouth was hanging open. He was pale, it looked like he had just seen a ghost!

     "That's weird but it doesn't sound like there's anything we can do," said Millyum. Yoigo shook his head.

     "The prophecy...this was in the prophecy! The prophecy I was telling you about last night! Dark demons from the heavens will make the sky black. That's what it said!" he exclaimed. Yogio normally kept a cool head so none of the other Time Twisters had ever seen him this stressed out. Deracko and Chakeebo exchanged nervous glances. Millyum laughed.

     "Oh come on, it's just a little over-population! No biggie! I don't know why of you should be freaked out. This whole prophecy thing is crazy," she said as she left the room.


Millyum had expected everything to get better. It didn't. During breakfast the next day Yoigo switched on the radio.

     "Good morning, this is Maria Blumaroo here to tell you some amazing news. It seems the plague of black Zumagorn is just getting worse. The sky is barely visible (at this Deracko looked out of the window to seen hundreds of the winged beasts) and nobody knows how to get rid of them. As if this wasn't bad enough, hundreds of Black Roses are covering Neopia, no matter the climate. Whether it's the rocky terrain of the Tyrannian Plateau, the frigid side of Terror Mountain, the sweltering sands of the Lost Desert of even the cloud-covered ground of Faerieland, the black roses are everywhere. We will keep you updated. Next, part one of a two part series of how to look rich even though you are literally eating out of garbage cans--"

     Yoigo switched off the radio and looked at the others with an I-told-you-so look on his face.

     "Guys, this is bad! Plants of pure darkness will engulf the land. That's what the prophecy said, and that's what's happening!" cried Yoigo. Deracko and Chakeebo looked worried but Millyum just scoffed.

     "I can't believe you Yoigo! You of all Neopets believing in this nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself. The Black Roses are just a coincidence," argued Millyum.

     "No they aren't. Black Roses only grow once in 100 years only on top of Kiko Mountain! The last time a batch of them were grown was about 70 years ago!" Yoigo said.

     "They're just early--"

     "By thirty years?"

     "You're wrong. I don't have to explain myself, I just know you're wrong." Millyum stormed out of the room.


The next day Yoigo walked in during breakfast to turn the radio on. Millyum was about to get up and leave but Deracko blocked her way with his arm. He nodded to Yoigo.

     "Good morning... this is Maria Blumaroo (some screaming could be heard in the background). The Zumagorn have blocked out the sky completely and now you can't even take a step without squashing a few black roses! (Some banging on the studio door could be heard as if someone was trying to get in) The Zumagorn were scary but they never bothered us, but now some others are. (The door was knocked down) Black Hopsos and black Mortogs are invading Neopia, attacking any civilian nearby...and their in the studio now! AHHHH! GET OUT OF MY HAIR YOU CREEP!" The broadcast was cut off with sounds of Maria hitting one of the petpets with her purse. Millyum's eyes went wide.

     "Black frogs and rabbits from the castle and the forest will invade Neopia. That's what it said! Millyum, you must agree this is bad! Three of the five parts of the prophecy have been fulfilled!" cried Yoigo. Milluym nodded.

     "Tell us the other two parts," she said. Her voice was quiet. She was scared.

     "OK, the next--"

     BAM! BAM! BAM!

     Loud sounds were heard coming from the door. Millyum, Yoigo and Deracko went to check it out while Chakeebo stayed in the kitchen to say one more thing.

     "What's a rabbit and a frog?"

To be continued...

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