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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 77 > New Series > The Mystical Eyrie Caves: Part One

The Mystical Eyrie Caves: Part One

by emma___watson

Untitled Document

All was quiet in my NeoHome. Everyone was asleep, except me. I'm Star_dusk11. I have two sisters, a brother, and a great owner. I'm a fire Lupe, and my friend Kairi, an electric Eyrie, flies me everywhere during the night. We have cute little toy walkie talkies.

     I whispered into mine, "Kairi? Are you there?" I got a long snore back. "KAIRI!!!!!" She woke up. "I feel the need to explore. Can you fly me somewhere exciting?"

     "Sorry, I can't my owner's still up. I'll have to get her to sleep first."

     "Use leer!!!!" She did. It worked. So off we flew through mountains and vallies, but it was getting light, fast. So I had her fly me home.

     I had to go to school that day; my mom enrolled me in Madame Howly's School for Young Females, open to all girls. It was the first day of school, one I didn't want to miss. We were taking our annual nature hike, as we do every first day of school, this time to the Crystal Caves. But our bus got a flat tire.

     "Sorry ladies, but looks like we're going to have to cancel." Madame H. said. But I wasn't going to let that happen.

     "I'll pull the bus!" So I tugged, and tugged, and gained a few muscles, but I couldn't get the bus moving even an inch.

     "I'll help!" said Kairi, pitying my helplessness. We pulled, and pulled some more, but we couldn't get that bus moving.

     "Every strong Lupe, Eyrie, and Grarrl come help these two determined girls!"' said Madamn H. So they did.

     We FINALLY arrived at the crystal caves ,which took a pretty short time Madame H. gave the report, you know the usual, 'nobody knows what awaits in there, blah, blah, blah', Kairi and I headed into the caves, the curious pets we are, when all of a sudden, Kairi turned kind of, well, strange. Her eyes turned bright yellow; her electric stripes surged and faded. She used leer on me, and the next thing I knew, I was back on the bus, going home.

     They had fixed the tires on our bus, and I looked over my shoulder. Kairi was sitting there, looking as happy and playful as ever, but there was still a slight gleam of yellow in her eyes.

     "Kairi?" I asked. No reply. I put my snout right up to her ear and said in a little more than a normal voice,' Kairi?' She shook her head and looked at me. For a second, I saw her stripes flicker, or maybe it was just the light.

     "What?" Nothing strange about that. We got off, and Kairi was looking tired.

     "I'll come by in an hour, okay?"


     When I went over to Kairi's house I met her owner, Kendra. "Hi Kendra!" I screamed at her, as I always did.

     "Not so loud Star_dusk, I have the biggest headache. Kairi is upstairs in her room, with her little sister." I raced up the stairs and the door was strangely closed.

     "Don't call her mom, you have no mother, you are a strange mutated... BLOB!!!!" I walked in, looking puzzled.

     "Kairi, Kinaki?" They were just watching television, but I jumped in front of them. Kinaki, a baby Eyrie, wasn't there at all. It was a baby Eyrie, but not at all Kinaki's color. It was faded green, or maybe that too was the light. Kinaki and Kairi both used leer, and I fell into a deep sleep...

     When I awoke from my sleep, the two Eyries were staring at me, looking worried. "Starry, what happened? We were so afraid..." But I wasn't paying attention. There was just too much going through my mind to worry about that. Kairi is just fine, until we go to the Crystal Caves. We come out, and she keeps knocking me out with leer. Two and Two together, people, I have got to get this straight, or I may never have Kairi back. "Kairi, let's go on a nature hike, and let's take Kinaki with us!" She was beginning to understand things.

     "Okay, I have the perfect place." There was a twisted smile on her face, and the yellow was certainly in her eyes. I hopped on her back, and we departed.

     We landed at the entrance of the Crystal Caves. There was cave and cavern after cave and cavern. We finally came to a big carved out crystal Eyrie, as big as the cave itself. There was no way around it. The shimmering light bouncing off made Star dusk's eyes hurt, and Kairi's stripes glow. She walked up to it and whispered, "Hiorishomi intu shee croseeeel!!"

     The crystal Eyrie came to life and whispered back, "I hear and obey," and It fell to the ground. Its mouth lay open wide. "Walk in my dears..."

     I'd never heard Kairi talk like this. We obeyed. Inside, there were no fewer than 90 crystal Eyries, all with the markings of painted pets, and one looked exactly like...

     "Kairi!!! Is that you in there?" I ran up to my poor defenceless friend, but before I got there, I fell into a trapdoor, and a deep one at that. At the bottom, about ninety Eyries were hanging by their talons all around me. Again I saw... you guessed it... Kairi. I had to wake her up.

     "She won't wake up" said the imitation Kairi, now fading to a soft sky blue. "But I will give you a chance. You have to find the scrolls of power, read them, understand them, and come back here. If you say the right words, your Eyrie friend and all these other souls will wake. If you don't find them, you will join them."

     "But I've guessed you! You are all words!!! No way could you place me into a sleep, you have power only over Eyries!"

     "True, but you didn't count on this" She clapped her wings together. I was zapped. I felt bigger, and stronger. A mirror lowered. I looked in. Standing before it was a tall muscular fire Eyrie. "I have given you an advantage, wings. Now you can fly. You have twenty-four hours. There are three scrolls. GO!" And I raced off.

     In the next room, there was another crystal Eyrie. "Umm... open?" Nothing. There were tiny words inscribed on its tail. I read them. "Hiorishomi intu shee sumariee?" Nothing happened. I was desperate. I screeched for hours and tried to find another way out, but the doorway was sealed. Then I looked at the statue. It was like me, and it seemed to be glaring at something. I looked at it too. It was a crystal tablet and it said Leer, and it shall become clear. I didn't understand, but then I realized its message and turned to the statue. I leered at it, and came to life.

     "Didn't your mom tell you not to stare?" it cried and it changed shape, into a stand with a scroll on it. I took it and held it in my tail.

     I heard a whisper, "Five hours have elapsed..." and I found myself in a different room, this time in a purple room filled with bubble gum. I saw a picture of my owner, Emma, crying... I saw with her my little sister, who is a Peophin, lying still. Her blue body just lying there....

To be continued…

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