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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 76 > Continuing Series > Indiana Jub and the Wooden Spoon: Part Three

Indiana Jub and the Wooden Spoon: Part Three

by barrelofmalkies

Untitled Document

One Strawberry Short of Jam

"You know, I wish they'd get better lyrics to this theme song…" Digger said as they flew across the Neopian map, leaving a trail of dotted red lines from Faerieland to Mystery Island.

     "At least "Jub jub jub jub, jub jub jub, jub jub jub jub! Jub jub jub jub jub!" is easy to memorize," Jubby said pragmatically.

     "But they could have included ME in there somewhere!" Digger protested, just about the time their red line express was touching down on the balmy beaches of Mystery Island.

     "Digger didn't fit," Jubby explained. "Anyway, we're here. You won't have to hear it again unless we have to hop back on the Redline and go somewhere else."

     With a reluctant sigh, Digger followed his master out into the tropical breeze. If he'd been in a better mood, the downtrodden Doglefox would have enjoyed the warm sands, cool waters, swaying palms and hula-Aishas. As it was, he moped along behind Jubby on the long trek to the Island Mystic's hut.

     "Wow they've really changed this place since we were here last, huh Digger?" Jubby commented as they passed the Mystery Island Chef. "Guess the poor Maraquan refugees had to go somewhere."

     It was a weary way past the Trading Post, the Arena, the new Haiku Generator, and all the wonders that the western shores of Mystery Island had to offer. Jubby could feel Pango Pango smiling down on them as they approached the Mystic's lonely hut. This place gave him a peaceful feeling…at least it would if the Mystic wasn't a few thornberries short of a cone. At least by the time they were wiping their feet on the Mystic's bamboo doormat Digger had forgotten to be upset over his exclusion from the Indiana Jub Theme Song.

     Jubby knocked quietly, only half expecting an answer. The rickety door creaked open, revealing the shadowy interior. With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, Jubby walked into the hut. Digger followed very close behind, but more to use Jubby as a shield than for any sense of loyalty.

     "You will be mocked most cruelly by a Dark Faerie," a crackling old voice said from somewhere in the shadows.

     "Too late," Jubby sighed.

     "Zenana! You should have come earlier for your fortune!"

     "Um…" Jubby was hesitant to spend any more of the crackpot's time, but he knew deep down that he just had to suck it up, and do his best! "Actually, we were hoping you might know about something."

     "Something? The Island Mystic knows EVERYTHING!" the crackly voice said. In the background, there was a thud and a crash, as if someone had made a dramatic arm-movement…and knocked over the lamp.

     "Do you know about the Wooden Spoon?" Digger piped up. For once, Jubby was grateful that his sidekick couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut. For one thing, the Doglefox's voice just wasn't loud enough to trigger the bellowing background music.

     "Ahhhh…" the Mystic said. "The Spoon of Esmeredna…"

     The shadowy room began to fill with swirling lights and white smoke, and surreal music filled the air. Jubby, who had been braced for another earth-shattering blare, sunk with relief to the dirt floor of the hut. Digger curled up next to him, and they both prepared to digest whatever riddle the Mystic was about to put forth.

     "The Spoon of Esmeredna the Enchantress…" the Mystic said again. "In days long past, before the birth of Shoyrus or Mynciis or Meercas, when much of Neopia was uncharted and wild, even this Island, and unknown to those outside, there lived the greatest magic user that has ever been. She was greater than Edna, her extremely great grand daughter, greater than Kauvara, who found her recipe book, greater than the Snow Faerie even. And she had a spoon. At first it was an ordinary spoon, carved from a tree branch in the Haunted Woods. It even had a matching spatula and pair of salad tongs. But she used this spoon in all her magic potions. Every time she needed to stir something, every time her magic brews needed to be disturbed a bit, she used that spoon. It soaked up, as wooden spoons will, bits of the potions it stirred. But over time, Esmeredna discovered that it was picking up bits of her magic as well. Eventually it became her most powerful magic tool. So powerful it could make the ground quake, the streams boil, the trees run away with their skirts pulled to their knees…."

     Jubby knew that if he didn't stop the Mystic, and SOON, that the bone-wearing old fool would go on for hours, and probably forget the original question. So, with a deep breath and a lot of courage, he asked "What happened to Esmeredna, and her spoon?"

     The Mystic stopped in mid-ramble, and sat in silence for a few minutes. Jubby was about to see if he'd fallen asleep, when suddenly the Mystic said "I don't know what happened to Esmeredna or her Spoon…why are you asking me anyway? Go ask her extremely great grand daughter, and stop bothering me before I make jam out of you!"

     The surreal music stopped abruptly, and the hut went shadowy once again. Not wanting to risk the wrath of another person that day, Jubby and Digger ran for it.

     "You know," Digger said as they ran back to the redline express "I don't think he liked being interrupted…"

     "You know," Jubby replied "I don't like being bored to death, or threatened with jamification!"

     Both of them were very glad to be safely aboard the redline, even though Digger was still miffed about the Theme Song. They took off once again and began the long redline leaving trek across the Neopian Sea. Digger turned to Jubby, a question on his mind.

     "Jubby, where exactly are we going?"

     "Isn't it obvious? As much as I hate to take the old crackpot's advice, he's right."

     "About turning you into jam?"

     Jubby shot his sidekick another glare, which by this narrator's count is the third since Sakhmet. "No grackle brain! About… oh, never mind… you'll find out when we get there."

To be continued...

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