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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 76 > Continuing Series > Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part Two

Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part Two

by twayblade807

Untitled Document

Carrying a few bags of Neopoints in her arms, Sharon wearily typed her username and password into the code box on her NeoHome door. There was a beeping sound and the door clicked open.

     "Skeithena, Luperusse?" Sharon called, dumping the bags onto a bean bag Chair.

     Skeithena, the good-mannered Yellow Skeith, walked out of her room. "Hi, Sharon."

     "Where's Luperusse?" asked Sharon sharply.

     "Dunno, he hasn't come back yet," shrugged Skeithena. "Maybe he's sent us a Neomail - c'mon, let's go out into the NeoGarden and check the Neomessage Inbox."

     Sharon sighed. "It's already dark, something's happened to him, I bet. Okay, Skeithena, let's go and check the mail." Sharon carried Skeithena in her arms. They went out of the living room into the garden. They walked through the beautiful patch of Mordongos, careful not to step on any of the delicate flowers.

     They reached the mailbox, which had a lovely rowzez flower growing around the post. Sharon opened the mailbox and found one single letter.

     "The subject is 'Your NeoPet is in Tyrannia'," Sharon told Skeithena.

     "Well, let's see the mail," answered Skeithena impatiently.

     They opened the letter. After they had finished reading, Skeithena said thoughtfully, "I wonder how he was rude to Kyruggi."

     "I don't," replied Sharon bluntly. "You know what Luperusse is like - he's often very, very rude to you, other Neopians, and sometimes even me. I'm not worried for him, I've had a brief talk with Kyruggi once and she's quite a nice Kyrii. Maybe she can teach him a good lesson. On the other hand, of course, I would be worried if it had been Battlemaster Grarrg teaching him a lesson. Grarrg isn't half as kind as Kyruggi, if he did teach Luperusse a lesson, he'd probably send him back home in bandages or something. Still, the fact is that Kyruggi is taking care of Luperusse and not Grarrg... so, like I said, I'm not a bit worried!"

     Being the caring Skeith that she was, Skeithena was worried for her younger brother. Suppose Jhudora or someone like that came to the Omelette and did something to Luperusse? It was just so scary.

     "Sharon, can't we just visit him to see if he's okay? See, the letter says we're allowed to visit him - please, once, only once -"

     But Sharon shook her head. "Like old Kyruggi says, he needs to be taught a lesson. Oh, his temper!" She was already writing a reply to Kyruggi.

     Re: Your NeoPet is in Tyrannia

     Dear Miss Kyruggi,

     I don't mind Luperusse in Tyrannia with you. I think he needs to be taught a lesson, actually, because he sometimes has a really rotten temper. Please tell me in detail what happened to him; his older sister Skeithena is very anxious to know.

     Miss Kyruggi, thanks a lot for helping me teach him a lesson. I've always wanted to do this, but I don't want Luperusse to hate or fear me in any way.



     Sharon put the letter in an envelope labelled Miss Kyruggi - Grand Elder, Tyrannia.

     Skeithena watched Sharon stick a Tyrannian Elephante Stamp on the envelope. Well, she thought, I'm going to go and visit Luperusse, whether Sharon is with me, or not!

     It was probably the first time she'd disobeyed Sharon, or anyone else for that matter.


     Meanwhile, Luperusse was very sleepy. He had given up trying to sleep, as whenever he tried, he could see Battlemaster Grarrg at the Town Hall staring straight at the Lupe, alert and awake, holding a shiny Golden Butter Knife in one claw. And it didn't help that he was waving it around threateningly as though he wanted it on Luperusse's neck.

     Luperusse was more scared of Grarrg than he was of Kyruggi.


Next morning...

"Sharon, I think you should go to the Games Room again," Skeithena told her owner. "I mean, no offence, but you only earned 1000 NP yesterday. That's not going to last long." She muttered under her breath, "Especially with you trying to get a trophy on Snow Wars."

     "Yes, yes," said Sharon. "You can go to all the freebies while I'm gone - I'm not very worried about you, you're not as bad-tempered as Luperusse.

     As soon as Skeithena got out of the NeoHome, she headed straight for Tyrannia. She knew that Luperusse would be waiting for her there.

     Skeithena managed to discover that Luperusse was at the Giant Omelette, by asking a hippie Kacheek tourist who was more than willing to help her.

     As soon as she drew near the Giant Omelette, however, Luperusse shouted, "Skeithena!".

     "Be quiet, Luperusse..." she muttered. Luperusse did not listen, so she whispered, "SHUT UP!" as loud as she could.

     It wasn't that Skeithena could whisper very loudly, or that she'd whispered straight in his ear, but Luperusse listened from the mere shock of Skeithena even using the words 'shut up'. Skeithena was usually the perfect little angel Skeith who was always polite.

     "I came here without Sharon's permission," Skeithena said quietly. "I asked her to go to the Games Room and that I'd go get the freebies. Sharon says that Kyruggi is a nice Kyrii."

     Luperusse laughed dryly. "How do you think your wonderful presence going to help me, then? Anyway, if Sharon says that Kyruggi is a nice Kyrii, then she probably is. I think you should get your Omelette and leave now."

     His older sister nodded. "Yes, yes, yes, I suppose you don't want me here." She managed to grab a BBQ Sauce Omelette ("Yum!" said Luperusse) and added, "I'll visit you tomorrow, okay?"

     The Lupe nodded, so Skeithena exited the Giant Omelette.


While Skeithena was going out of the Tyrannian Plateau, she passed the great Town Hall, and saw Sabre-X (now revived, but on a "vacation") and Grarrg talking to each other. She heard her younger brother's name, and, naturally, couldn't help listening in.

     "Kyruggi says that I'm going to be 'taking care' of that brat Luperusse - I'm not going to feed him while he stays in Tyrannia - he needs to be taught a good lesson!" roared the Battlemaster, swinging his Golden Butter Knife restlessly through the air.

     "So you're saying that you're going to lie to Grand Elder Kyruggi?" asked Sabre-X, narrowing his eyes slightly. "You're saying that you're going to starve the Lupe and tell her that you did feed him?"

     Grarrg paced back and forth nervously, shifting from one foot to the other. "Well, it'd only be a little white lie. Kyruggi is way too soft-hearted. She's a good Elder and all, but if I leave everything to her, Luperusse will be an honoured guest and not punished." He added eagerly, "I haven't had a lot of practice with my Golden Butter Knife lately, either..."

     Sabre-X nodded. "I see. You're going to starve him this week. Ah well, I have nothing against it, except the lying part. I won't give you away, nor will I have anything to do with it! I don't want to lose my friendship with the Grand Elder."

     Skeithena had heard enough. She went off to the Lost Desert and Tombola to collect the rest of her freebies.

To be continued...

What do you think about Part Two? How can it be improved? Please go ahead and send me a mail about it! Feel free to send me comments, complaints, angry hate mails, questions, and any other type of feedback via Neomail! Thanks loads and have a nice day!

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