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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 76 > New Series > Dragon Thieves

Dragon Thieves

by child_dragon

Untitled Document

MiracleStar had sent me to the store. We had a good deal of Neopoints, but our pantry was empty. I personally blame Taffin and Jaix; the two were like bottomless pits that consumed food non-stop. I guess that's guys for you, though. Anyway, since our pantry was empty, MiracleStar had given me a good deal of NP to buy food for the next couple weeks. I had decided to stop at the bakery first, it always had the best food. I'd bought some sandwiches, bread, pastries, and other assorted items when I decided there was plenty to carry home. I gathered up my packages and started back towards the outskirts of Neopia Central.      

     I decided to take a short cut through a couple back alleys. The bags were heavy, the sun was still high in the sky, and I had taken this short cut dozens of times before. Lots of pets did. There was no danger in it. So I didn't even give it a second though, ducking into the alley between a couple shops. However, I must have picked the wrong day to go shopping. They hid behind a pile of boxes, two of them. I saw them seconds before they attacked. I dropped my packages and tried to draw my daggers, but the two pets were ready for me apparently. The first one, a blue Acara, knocked my dagger out of my hand, the other grabbed my arms and wrenched them behind my back. I gasped and struggled, kicking behind me, hoping to catch a knee or other vulnerable spot.

     "Hold her still," the Acara growled, fumbling with some rope.

     "Bah, I'm trying!" the other yelped as I twisted, almost pulling myself from his grasp.

     "Fools!" I snarled and flared my wings as hard as I could.

     The wing bone caught my captor squarely on the face, and he yelped and I was able to twist free. I whipped around, desperately searching for my dagger. I saw it on the ground and dove for it, but too late. The Acara reached it first, stepping on the hilt as I reached for it. I started to scramble to my feet but the pommel of a weapon was slammed against the back of my head. Pain burst out across my skull and my peripheral vision went black. I sank into unconsciousness from there.


     Everyone was used to Nianso DreamWish being out late. She seemed to have an utter disregard for time. However, when dinner grew close and there was no sign of the dragon-winged starry Zafara, MiracleStar started to get worried. She summoned all her dragon-winged pets together, Jaix the fire Acara, Skyil the desert Aisha, and Taffin the fire Kyrii.

     "She's either running very late, or something has happened."

     There were assenting nods from her pets.

     "We'll have dinner now, without her. If she hasn't shown after that, we go looking for her. All right?"

     Taffin shrugged.

     "What's for dinner?"

     "Casserole. I made it myself."

     "Can we skip dinner and look for her now?" he whined.

     "Shuddup and set the table."


I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder.

     "Wha? Where?"

     "Shhh. You'll find out when da boss gets here."

     I groggily opened my eyes and looked around. My daggers were gone, but my hands where free. We were in the center of a warehouse. It was dark outside, from what little I could see from the windows near the ceiling. The warehouse was dimly lit, only on half lighting. Crates lined the walls, but the center was fairly empty. A vast array of pets were staggered out around the area, all bearing weapons. There was no insignia of any kind, nothing to identify who these pets were part of.

     "Why am I here?" I asked of the pet that had woken me, a pirate Krawk.

     "Just wait."


     "Please. Just be patient. We aren't going to harm you."

     "You already did," I muttered, rubbing my head.

     "Well, that was necessary to get you here in the first place."

     I sighed and folded my wings around myself so that only my head showed.

     "How long do I wait?"

     "Until the others arrive."


Obviously, MiracleStar had to go looking for Nianso when she failed to turn up by after dinner. As they gathered their things to leave, a newcomer appeared.

     Diganis the air Faerie waited in the living room. Taffin the Kyrii showed up first, stopping at the sight of her. He was covered in his black cloak with hood up. The glint of a dagger pommel could be seen underneath the cloak.

     "Oh, hello Diganis," he said.

     "Taffin. Searching for Nianso?"

     "Well, yes. How did you know?"

     "She's nosy," Skyil replied from the stairs.

     The Aisha was dressed the same as Taffin, also bearing a dagger.

     "Not nosy, merely observant," the Faerie replied. "Now, do you want to find your sister or not?"

     "Of course we want to find her."

     "Then tell MiracleStar to hurry in here."

     Taffin turned and was met by Jaix, also wearing a cloak and dagger. The Acara, however, bore a sheathed sword.

     "She's coming," he said quietly, and walked to stand by the window.

     Soon enough, the owner of the motley crew appeared. She was dressed in her usual midnight blue cloak and numerous daggers. She stared at Diganis for a moment, then inclined her head softly in greeting.

     "I have news of your pet."

     "I thought you might," the human replied, taking a seat near the hovering Faerie.

     "She is at a warehouse in the industrial section of Neopia Central. 3469 Seapine Rd. The warehouse is heavily guarded."

     "Then how do we get in?"

     "Through the front door, of course. They are expecting you."

     "How do you know this?" MiracleStar asked in a whisper.

     "I kind of like Nianso. She's like me in some ways. I cannot aid you any more than this I'm afraid. But before I leave, there is one last item of business to attend to."

     She gestured, and an object appeared out of mid-air and dropped at Taffin's feet. It was a glaive. The pole was a little taller than the Kyrii, the blade on the end curved like a crescent moon. He picked it up and inspected it carefully, giving it a few test slashes.

     "I got it with you in mind," the Faerie said. "You could use a weapon with a longer reach. I owed all of you something for the run-in with Balthazar. Good luck, all of you."

     She vanished with a soft puff of air. MiracleStar stood and nodded to the group.

     "Well then. Let's go find our missing Nianso."

To be continued...

I'm certain everyone knows what it is to commit a wrong. It is pet and human nature to have a conscience and know what is right and what is not. There are varying degrees of morality, and so far, I have avoided feeling any guilt for my actions. However, there are some things even I cannot bury. I do not understand the truly evil. I am not like them, for I am bothered by a conscience that refuses to stay dead. Someday I fear this will be my undoing.

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