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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > Continuing Series > Dungism: Part Three

Dungism: Part Three

by leb388

It was a stormy Friday morning when both Megz and leb388 decided to roll out of their beds at their homes and log on to Neopets. Through sheer luck the literally ran into each other, both clutching a piece of paper. They recognised each other and sighed.

     "You're banned, too?" Megz asked, irritated.

     "No, actually, this is my homework," leb388 sighed, waving an inch-thick packet of papers in the air. "But I'm guessing you got the message as well?"

     They had both received a Neomail from Mr. Shankly that read:

     "Dear Neopian Times Author,
     Due to recent events, individuals
     who do not support Dungism or
     aren't a Dungist may no longer
     write for The Neopian Times. Also,
     they may no longer purchase a
     copy of the Times. Please abide by
     these rules or you will be permanently

     -Mr. Shankly"

     "I've had it," Megz growled.

     "Me too!" Leb388 yelled, swinging a baseball bat.

     Megz looked at leb388. "Shh! You'll wake everyone in Neopia up. Hey, where'd your homework go?"

     "It's in my backpack," leb388 explained, sliding off her backpack and pulling the papers out. "Why?"

     "I've got an idea." Megz strutted to the nearest Chia paperboy, who was giving out issues of The Neopian Times. "Excuse me!"

     The paperboy looked annoyed. "The newest issue of the Times isn't out yet," he said.

     "Oh, that's a shame. I was just talking to my friend here about how awesome that meeting last week was," Megz said, nudging leb388. "Y'know, the Dungism meeting."

     "And I was just saying--"

     "How horrible it was that they forgot the password," Megz supplied, "for getting the Times."

     "Sorry. No one who doesn't know the password can't get a new iss--" the paperboy suddenly stopped.

     "So it is the new issue!" Megz exclaimed.

     "NO ANTI-DUNGISTS ARE ALLOWED TO READ THE TIMES!" the Chia bellowed, running off.

     Megz sighed. "Now, I think that makes this serious. Do you still have that homework?"

     "Way ahead of you," leb388 grinned, holding the new issue of the Times.

     JamezBfod walked by, carrying a suspicious sack that appeared half-full. "Little sis, I salute you. Your pickpocketing skills are almost as great as mine."

     "Okay, so what now? Are we going to go to California to tell the rest of the staff that Shankly's being unfair?" Megz retorted.

     "No, I have to be at school in ten minutes." Leb388 scanned the new issue. "Jamez, Megz, look! All of the articles are about Dungism! And there's something about what that Chia said. 'All Anti-Dungists are simply naive,'" leb388 read, "'and need to be shown the truth about how great Dungism is.'

     "I think this means we're going back to the Hidden Tower," leb388 continued.

     "Just don't walk into it again," Megz sighed.

     "That only happened twi--I mean once! Anyway, I've got to get back to school. Meet you at the Tower as soon as possible."

     After hours at school, leb388 burst home and ran to turn on her computer. JamezBfod followed her as they waited to travel into Neopia.

     "We need some sort of cover," leb388 explained. "I mean, in case anyone asks us if we're Dungists or Anti-Dungists."

     "Say you're undecided," Jamez replied. "That way, Dungists can't say anything, since you might turn to their side, and they'll help you get information and stuff."

     "That's a great idea!" leb388 exclaimed. She looked at the computer screen. "Has Christmas gone by already?"

     "Um...yeah," JamezBfod replied.

     "Well, I'll try for a new computer for my birthday."


     Megz tapped her foot impatiently at the Hidden Tower. "Where could they be?" she thought.

Finally, she saw two Neopians riding a Blue Shoyru. It was leb388 and JamezBfod, riding Six75, Jamez's Shoyru.

     "'Bout time," Megz sighed.

     "Sorry--computer troubles," leb388 explained, going transparent and then normal again.

     "I see. Now, let's go in."

     "I'll go first," leb388 said, walking into the Tower. "Ouch! I was sure the entrance was here!"

     "This way," Megz directed, walking in.

     Fyora looked up immediately when they walked to her desk. "I heard about the Times. We need serious help. How many Anti-Dungists are there besides you?"

     "We don't know of any," leb388 said.

     "I'm Undecided," Jamez replied proudly.

     "All of you, come with me," Fyora said urgently, looking at Jamez suspiciously.

     More people than usual were in the Hidden Tower eyeing weapons, but the trio followed Fyora out a secret door.

     "They all must be examining weapons for a possible fight," leb388 whispered.

     Fyora only nodded. The trio followed the Faerie Queen up a winding staircase into a small, private room above the Hidden Tower. All the weapons were strange, funny-smelling, and confiscated--including a dusty dagger marked "Dung Sword".

     "Don't tell me--Shankly's," Megz said, glancing at it with disgust.

     "Yes. And I hate to say it but I believe we'll need to use it at some point, or at least keep it out of Shankly's hands. Chances are that tomorrow Shankly will begin to lash out at the 'Anti-Dungists' and faeries," Fyora said firmly. "And there's a secret meeting for Dungists tonight."

     "That means we should have a spy there," Megz said, as all eyes turned to Jamez.

     "What? Me? NO!" He yelled. "I promised Six we'd play hackey-sack tonight!"

     "I'll go," leb388 said suddenly.

     Now everyone stared at leb388.

     "Who in their right mind would volunteer for such a thing?" Fyora asked.

     "Me. Now, tell me the time, the place, and the getup."

     "Before I do," Fyora replied, walking out with the trio and locking the door, "you each need to take two weapons from the Hidden Tower."

     "The Sword of the Air Faerie and Little Timmy's Slingshot for me," Megz said proudly.

     Fyora unlocked a weapon of each type and gave them to the awestruck Megz.

     "I want the Yo-Yo of Death and Hubrid's Puzzle Box," Jamez said.

     "And I want the Crystal Boomerang and Radish Bow," said leb388.

     Fyora gave them each their weapons, and carefully instructed leb388 about the meeting.

     Three hours later, leb388 found herself at the ruins of Maraqua wearing all-black. She wasn't alone, however; she seemed to blend in perfectly with the crowd.

     "Hi, leb388, glad you could make it," al_the_chia said monotonously.

     "Al? They got you--I mean, so you're a Dungist as well?" leb388 stuttered.

     Al sighed. "So naive. Almost everyone's a Dungist now! I was hoping we wouldn't have to force you, and here--" he handed her a piece of paper. "This is a list of all Anti-Dungists."

     This'll come in handy, leb388 thought. "Say, Al, when's Mr. Shankly coming?"

     "You mean the Dung god?" he asked. "Oh, he's already here. I'm the High Priest of Dungism now," Al said proudly.

     Leb388 was about to say something when suddenly, Mr. Shankly appeared in the centre of the ruins. Everyone crowded around him to listen.

     "My fellow Dungists!" he began proudly. "Thank you all for attending this meeting at very short notice. But it has come to my attention that some Neopians do not wish to join this wonderful club that is Dungism, and are even speaking out against it! And it has also come to my attention that we have a traitor in our midst."

     "LEB388!" came a familiar, shrill voice.

     "Yes," said Mr. Shankly. "Leb388 is a spy!"

To be continued...

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