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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > New Series > Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part One

Luperusse in Tyrannia: Part One

by twayblade807

"Good morning, Luperusse," Skeithena, a yellow Skeith, said pleasantly to her younger Lupe brother Luperusse.

     "Morning, Skeithena," Luperusse muttered back grumpily. The Jhudora ex-slave was always grumpy in the morning. "Where'd Sharon go?" he added.

     Skeithena waved a grubby piece of paper before Luperusse. "She left us a note, see. She's going to be away all day (well, most of the day, anyway) at the Games Room..." Her voice trailed off as Luperusse grabbed the note.

     It read:

Dear L&S,

     We don't have any money left in our bank, unfortunately; we spent it all on Snow Wars yesterday...hmph, we didn't even get any trophies for it either! I'm going to be out most - or all - of the day at the Games Room playing Meerca Chase, Extreme Herder, and games like that to get enough NP to buy some food for you.

     I'm sorry, you two, but there's no food in the refrigerator, as you've probably noticed. Luperusse, please fly over to the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia in order to get some Omelette for your breakfast. You can have one bite, your sister have one, and when I come back I'll have a bite too!

     As for you, Skeithena, kindly go to the Tombola, Fruit Machine and Coltzan's Shrine (It's your turn to go to the Shrine today, as you know).

     When you have done your job(s), go back to the Neohome and wait for your sibling. If anything happens to you (I hope not...), go to the nearest shop or building as soon as you can and send a Neomail to the Neohome.

     Love and thanks,


     P.S. Please make sure that you've locked the door securely before you leave - I don't want any hackers in the house stealing all the furniture, or maybe even putting you in the pound.

     "I'm hungry!" complained Luperusse. "And she's telling me I have to go all the way to Tyrannia..."

     "Well Luperusse, guess what. I'm hungry too. So c'mon, let's go!" cried Skeithena.


"Good morning, Mr. Tombola Man!" Skeithena greeted the Tombola Man.

     "Ah, good morning to you too, little Skeith," the Tombola Man answered cheerfully. "Welcome to my Tombola! Great prizes to be won, just put your claw in, pick up a Tombola ticket, and see what prize you win. Anything ending with a 0, 2 or 5 is a winner! You can play the Tombola once per day. Please do not create multiple accounts in order to play the Tombola, the Chia Police says that they'll freeze - also known as arrest - people we see doing this because it's cheating!"

     "Yes, yes, Mr. Tombola Man," said Skeithena, wearily. "Here goes...," she muttered. She put her claw into the Tombola box, and drew out a ticket.


     The Tombola Man shrugged. "Aww, young Skeith, I'm very sorry - you're a loser. Good luck next time though, and I'll give you a Booby Prize, now!"

     "Thank you sir," said Skeithena gratefully, taking the Plain Faerie Cake.

     "Wait! Little Skeith!" the Tombola Man called out. "You're a very polite little Neopian, miss, and I am feeling rather sorry for you. Come on, here's three hundred and nineteen Neopoints!" he added, and tossed Skeithena a bag of Neopoints.

     Skeithena smiled. At least she'd be able to give Skeithena three hundred NP. "Thanks again, Mr. Tombola Man! I'm very grateful!"


"What are you doing, taking so long here?" hissed Sabre-X at Luperusse, who was pawing around the Giant Omelette for a slice with Sausage on it, as he used to do when he was a stray Lupe.

     "I'm looking for Sausage Omelette," Luperusse replied, none too politely. In the days when Luperusse was ownerless, Sabre-X and he were old enemies, even though Sabre-X didn't recognise him right now. "Is that a crime, may I ask?"

     Sabre-X didn't answer his question, but sat down and said, "You remind me of someone I knew a few months ago, young Lupe!" Luperusse looked blank, so the prehistoric Lupe continued, "Is your name...Luperusse, by chance?"

     "Yes." Luperusse's Lupish face showed no expression, no expression at all.

     Then suddenly, Sabre-X bared his fangs. "Oh, so you're that rude little brat Luperusse! Get out of here!"

     The prehistoric Lupe was a strong Lupe, but Luperusse was still a little stronger. Although Sharon did not have many Neopoints, Luperusse had grown gradually stronger and stronger when he was a stray, because he had been fending for himself all the time, with no owner to take care of him.

     The Omelette Supervisor sprung at Luperusse as though he was a Tonu, and his hard, sharp tusks cut into Luperusse's side. The young Lupe gave a pained howl, but saw his chance.

     He grabbed Sabre-X's tusks and swung him round and round as though he was a feather. Neopians all around the Giant Omelette came to stop and stare.

     "Why, what on Neopia is that purple Lupe doing?" a white Kougra cried, pointing his paw in their direction.

     "That purple Lupe must be an ally of the evil, noxious, horrible Jhudora!" a pink Uni squealed, overexcited, watching as Luperusse knocked Sabre-X out.

     "Neopians, Neopians, what is all this fuss about?" A quiet yet strong voice rang out. It was Kyruggi, the Grand Elder of Tyrannia. She was a yellowish-orangey Kyrii. The crowd parted for the respected Kyrii to pass.

     Then her bottle green eyes were on the knocked-out Sabre-X - and, of course, Luperusse. "Lupe, what have you done?" the old Kyrii cried. "What have you done to my good friend Sabrey!"

     Luperusse nearly laughed aloud at the name 'Sabrey', but fortunately for him, he controlled himself. "Uh, s-sorry, Miss Kyruggi - I mean, ma'am," he stuttered, "Mr. Sabre was rude to me, see, and I - um, I couldn't c-control my t-t-t-temper!"

     Kyruggi advanced on Luperusse, ignoring the noise of the huge crowd that had gathered around the Omelette. "Oh, so you couldn't control your temper, eh, eh? Now, young Lupe, has it ever occurred to you how difficult poor Sabrey's job can be?"

     "Oh for Shankly's sake," said Luperusse impatiently, "it can't be that hard to watch people take slices of Omelette every day, can it? I mean, just sitting there and shouting at pets who just want to get their favourite Omelette type, it's not a difficult job!"

     Oops. Luperusse had said the wrong thing. Kyruggi bared her long fangs and screamed, "Sabrey has to work almost twenty-four hours a day, barely getting any sleep! It's not surprising that he has a bit of a bad temper, he doesn't get a lot of time to even go in his Neohome for a rest or anything!"

     "Okay, okay..." Luperusse muttered, but Kyruggi was not finished yet.

     "If you think that's so easy," she screeched, "you go and take care of the Omelette in place of Sabrey! Let's see how you feel after a week!"

     "Sorry Kyruggi, I don't think it's so easy!" Luperusse said quickly. "Please ma'am, let me go back to my Neohome! My owner's worried about me! I'm genuinely sorry!" he added, sounding like he wasn't sorry at all, just anxious to get home.

     "I don't care!" hollered Kyruggi. "I'll send them a NeoMail if you like."

     Luperusse told her Sharon's username, and Kyruggi took out a Bendy Yellow Pencil (and paper, of course) and began to write:

Dear Miss Sharon,

     I am sorry to say that your NeoPet Luperusse has knocked Sabre-X of Tyrannia out, and has been rude to me. I will keep him with me for a week, to teach him a lesson.

     If you don't believe me, come here to the Town Hall to see me. Please, only come to the Town Hall once, as Luperusse should not see you.

     He will not send letters to you either; only I will. Sabre-X does not have family and so does not send letters. Luperusse will not either, this week. Do not try to send him mails either. However, feel free to send messages to me instead.

     Miss Sharon, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Please teach your Luperusse to be better behaved in future - for his own good. Thank you.

     Yours sincerely,

     Grand Elder of Tyrannia

     "Great, really great!" said Luperusse, who had been looking over the Kyrii's shoulder. "I'm not even allowed to send letters to my family!"

     Kyruggi merely said, "Sabrey does not do so either" and left the Plateau.

     Luperusse was about to run away when he saw Kyruggi talking to Grarrg, the Tyrannian Battlemaster, out of the corner of his eye. He sighed, and sat down.

     He could tell that the fierce Grarrl Battlemaster was going to keep a very close eye on him.

To be continued...

What do you think about Part One? How can it be improved? Please go ahead and send me a mail about it! Feel free to send me comments, complaints, angry Neomails, questions, and any other type of feedback via NeoMail! Thanks loads and have a nice day!

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