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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 75 > New Series > The Cookie Sellers: Part One

The Cookie Sellers: Part One

by squieshie

"Nice catch!" my Shoyru sister, Xraie called, as I caught the tiny bouncy ball we were throwing back and fourth so crazily. We were just playing outside in the front yard on a typical summer day with nothing to do but play catch. I threw the ball back at Xraie, and she missed, and ran after the little squishy yellow ball that rolled onto the freshly-cut front green lawn. When she retrieved it, she threw it back at me as hard as she could, and I missed it. I stuck my tongue out, throwing the ball back to her. She caught it.

     "Ha, ha!" the shadow Shoyru said, tossing the ball back to me. I spotted my other two sisters, rayneboery, a pink Kacheek, and Waffle-Ducky, a small baby Gelert chasing each other, going around, and around our very small NeoHome again, and again. They looked happy, for a stupid reason. I was so caught up with watching them, I wasn't paying attention to playing catch with Xraie, that she threw the ball and it hit me in the face.

     "Hey - OUCH!" I shouted, even though it didn't hurt one bit, considering it was a tiny squishy ball.

     "HA, HAAAA!" Xraie started rolling on the ground, laughing. Tears started to come from her eyes, and she wiped them off while still laughing.

     "How can you laugh at the most STUPID things?!" I raged, and stomped towards our NeoHome.

     "Taitl, t-that was SO hilarious!!! T-t-the Ball hit you're face, and t-t-then you- Heeh, HA, HAAA!" Xraie started to pound her fists against the concrete driveway, and I rolled my eyes, and went inside, slamming the door behind me. I laughed to myself, thinking about what a weirdo my sister was. She was still on the ground, but she started to get up slowly, trying not to make herself laugh. She slowly approached the door, and I thought of something very evil. I ran downstairs, and fast as I could and got a small squishy blue ball, ran back upstairs, and waited for Xraie to open the door. As soon as she did, I threw the ball at her, and it hit her in the face.

     "HA, HAAAA!" I imitated her laugh, rolling on the ground, and giggling hysterically.

     "Stupid," Xraie muttered, and dragged herself into the kitchen. I got up, and followed, hesitantly, still laughing to myself about it. Sometimes even I laughed at the stupidest things.

     "What'cha doin'?" I asked, as I walked into the clean, peachy, friendly kitchen, where my owner, squieshie, was doing something.

     "Making cookies!" squieshie replied, placing the cookie sheet into the oven carefully. She shut the oven, and set the timer for twelve minutes.

     "COOKIES?!" I asked, excitedly, licking my lips, and walking towards the oven. I peeked in, and I saw the delicious little morsels baking to their perfection.

     "They'll be done soon. Go back outside and play. I'll call you when they're done!" squieshie said, looking into the oven grinning.

     "Okay!" Xraie and I shouted, and ran outside to tell Waffle-Ducky and rayneboery.

     When we got outside, rayneboery and WaffleDucky were no where to be seen. "Waffle-Ducky? rayneboery?" I shouted, looking around the front yard.

     "Where could they be?" Questioned Xraie, looking in the garbage can at the side of the sidewalk.

     "Dunno," I answered, running towards the backyard, Xraie following closely behind.

     As we approached the back gate, we heard voices, two were of rayneboery and Waffle-Ducky. I popped open the gate to the backyard. I slowly crept upon Waffle-Ducky and rayneboery, they were hovering over something, marveling at its magnificence. I had to see what this thing was, so I jumped towards them, and looked down at what they were looking so hypnotised at.

     "What'cha looking at?" I asked, peering over their shoulders.

     "This Crystal Juppie!" Waffle-Ducky exclaimed, pointing at the tiny Juppie.

     "What's so special about that grub?" Xraie questioned, examining the Crystal Juppie carefully.

     "Listen," rayneboey replied, signaling for us to be quiet.

     "I am the Crystal Juppie. I will erase anything that you want me to. Or, for that matter, bring back. Actually, you can basically have anything you want. All you have to do is ask me for it. But you only get one wish. So, take your time, little Neopets.

     "That's a piece of junk," I said, starting to walk towards the back door leading into the house. "How do you expect me to believe one of those Genie on a bottle things or whatever?!"

     "Hey!" Shouted the Crystal Juppie. "I can grant wishes. Watch this!" The Crystal Juppie closed its eyes, and with a puff of smoke, a little Zei Codestone appeared on the ground.

     "CODESTONE!" rayneboery shouted. The blue Kacheek tackled the Codestone, and held it in her arms, cradling it, like a baby.

     "You are so weird," I replied, walking over to my sisters, wondering if this Crystal Juppie was a fake or not.

     "See? You can trust me," the Crystal Juppie said, smiling. "And, little Kacheek, you can have the Codestone!"

     "You are a faker," I said, glaring at the mysterious Juppie.

     "Little blue Ixi," the Juppie said, miserably.

     "My name is Taitl, stupid Juppie!" I said, opening the back door to our NeoHome.

     "Wait! Look at this..." The Crystal Juppie closed its eyes, and there, on the ground appeared a small cone of chocolate ice cream.

     "Oooooooooh!" I exclaimed, zooming towards the ice cream, and snatching off the ground. "Okay, I guess I believe you now," I said, licking my ice cream come joyfully.

     "Good," replied the Juppie, grinning.

     "Can I make a wish?" questioned Waffle-Ducky.

     "NO!" I argued back, quickly. "We should save the wish for when we really need it. So ha." I smiled, and ran back into the house licking my ice cream cone. "Oh, by the way," I said, peeking my head out of the door. "Cookies are done!"

     "Cool!" All of my siblings shouted, and ran into the house to eat a couple of cookies.

     "Okay, you all can have two each," squieshie said, lifting the cookie sheet out of the oven with care.

     My siblings and I cheered. As soon as the cookies cooled down, we all grabbed two right away.

     I started to munch down on my cookie, and then my second one. My siblings did the same. We all stared at the cookie sheet when we had finished. It was silent.

     "Okay, then," squieshie said. "I'll be in my room, okay?" and with that, she darted off to her room, which was prodigiously close to the kitchen, and where my siblings and I were sitting in stools at the island counter in the middle of the kitchen.

     We were silent again.

     "Dig in!" I shouted, but not too loud that squieshie would overhear. I grabbed another two cookies, and munched them down in seconds.

     When all of the cookies were gone, we felt sick.

     "Urg," started rayneboery, holding her stomach.

     "I think I'm gonna explode," Xraie said, sickening.

     "I think I'm gonna be sick," Waffle-Ducky said, holding her stomach as well

     "I think I'm gonna barf," I replied to all three of my sisters, as we slowly walked towards the big, fluffy, white couch that is dreadfully comfortable.

     My siblings and I were silent, again, as we sat, crunched up on the fluffy couch.

     "Let's do that again!" I shouted, hopping to my feet, and running over to the island counter. It was tiled, and the tiles were white, with blue streaks in them. It was a really pretty counter.

     "But Taitl," rayneboery started, getting to her feet as well. "There's no more cookies left!"

     "We can make some! squieshie's just taking a nap! She'll wake up in a long time!" I replied, getting out a new cookie sheet.

     "Yeah!" Agreed Waffle-Ducky.

     "We can just bake 'em, and eat 'em!" suggested Xraie, flying over to assist me with her tiny little Shoyru wings.

     "Wait," I froze. "I just got the perfect idea!"

     "What?!" The others insisted on hearing.

     A huge grin smeared across my face. "We can start a business! You know, like sell the cookies!"

     "Yeah!" Waffle-Ducky agreed once more, trotting over to my sisters and I. "We can make a bunch of Neopoints!"

     "That's a great idea!" Xraie and rayneboery agreed together.

     "Let's do it!" I joyfully said, getting out more and more cookie sheets.

     "Let's see... we'll need people to go get the dough, somebody to bake the cookies, and two people can run the business!" rayneboery said, smiling.

     "I'll make the cookies!" I shouted.

     "I'll run the cash register!" rayneboery decided.

     "I'll... er... go get the dough, I guess," Xraie said, licking her lips.

     "And I'll serve the customers!" Waffle-Ducky said, gleefully.

     And so it was. We were going to start a business. But little did we know that something horrible was going to happen. Something that would change our lives forever.

To be continued...

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