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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 74 > Continuing Series > Dungism: Part Two

Dungism: Part Two

by leb388

Also by 2hot4u181

"Do you think Fyora will believe us?" leb388 asked, trying to catch her breath.

     "I hope so," Megz replied.

     Leb388 and Megz had sprinted to Faerieland, and climbed a lot of stairs in the process.

     "Where's the Hidden Tower?" Megz inquired.

     Leb388 looked at the horizon and pointed to the left of Faerie City. "There," she said.

     "How do you know?"

     Leb388 smiled. "I've been there before--more than once. But that's a different story."

     "All right."

     The pair continued to climb up to Faerie City, and groped around for the Hidden Tower.

     "I think I found it!" leb388 exclaimed. Suddenly, she smacked into something. "Ow!"

     "I think you did," Megz grinned.

     They found the entrance and walked inside to see a colossal collection of items, with many people looking at them in wonder and awe. On the other side of the Tower sat Fyora, who was writing something.

     Leb388 and Megz nervously walked up to her.

     "Excuse me, Your Majesty." Megz said.

     "You may look around, but don't touch anything unless you pay for it first," the Faerie Queen replied monotonously, not looking up. "And no discounts. Everything is priced as marked."

     "We don't want to buy anything," leb388 said quickly.

     "Of course not. No one ever does." Fyora finally looked at them for the first time. "What do you want?"

     "We came to tell you about the gods," Megz replied quietly.

     Fyora's purple eyes widened, and a magical Neophone appeared in her hand. She put it to her ear and said, "Yes, this is an emergency. Come quickly." She turned to the two girls standing before her and said, "Now, you'd better be telling the truth. This is no joking matter."

     "We know," Megz said. "It's just that--well, look." She handed Fyora her issue of The Neopian Times, and pointed to the ad.

     A Fire Faerie came, and Fyora and she talked for a minute and turned to leb388 and Megz.

     "Dungism? Truly you can't be serious. Mr. Shankly does play pranks," Fyora said firmly.

     "Trust me. I got it on tape." Megz asked casually, leaning against a wall.

     "A voice recording?" Fyora questioned, raising her eyebrows.

     "Yeah. I carry it with me for no reason," Megz shrugged, fumbling for it in her pocket.

     "It should probably be enough proof once Megz decides to find it," leb388 replied with a sigh.

     "Found it!" Megz exclaimed, removing a small black tape recorder. She turned it on, and it echoed Shankly's previous words.

     Fyora looked momentarily stunned. "Well, then. I cannot deny what is happening, but I must ask that it be kept quiet. If people knew--well, then chaos would reign," Fyora said quietly.

     "I think a lot of people already know," leb388 replied.

     Fyora only nodded gravely. "I suppose."

     "I don't get it. What's the big deal?" Megz questioned.

     "It's something the faeries tend to keep from the Neopians. You see, we weren't always around. The original pets worshiped gods."

     "So didn't that mean Poptart and Number 6 were top gods? It was their idea after all, for Neopets," Megz commented.

     "Oh no. Just because it was their meant nothing to Mr. Shankly. He wanted to be top. And oh, did he ever make it. The Dung god they called him, and they begged him for everything. But he never gave anyone what he or she wanted, except for himself," Fyora continued, sitting down at her desk. "Then we faeries made our way here and began blessing the pets. Mr. Shankly wasn't happy. The end was a giant war and the faeries won. The other Neopets Team members had agreed that Shankly was power-hungry. They took away his power, and the faeries trusted people like Number 6 and Poptart to keep the core of Neopia running. Sadly we had to keep Shankly for the job of The Neopian Times, since he was the only one who wouldn't take bribes to make it unfair. But I knew it would be a mistake in the long run. We'll be keeping an eye on him, that's for sure."

     "Dude. And I thought Shankly was a bit odd, but still! Him as a Dung god?" Leb388 asked. "I'm just shocked that someone besides myself tried to take over Neopia but failed. Well, and JamezBfod."

     "Betcha Shankly's going to use The Neopian Times to help this scheme," Megz muttered. "But who's JamezBfod?"

     Suddenly, JamezBfod ran in with one of his pets, Six75 (a Blue Shoyru). "Yay! Hackey-sack! Oh wait...why is everyone here? This is the Smuggler's Cove, right?"

     "No...this is the Hidden Tower," Fyora said, puzzled.

     "Uh, sorry, I must've got a bad link!" Jamez exclaimed, running out with Six, and stuffing a mysterious hackey-sack-like item into his pocket.

     "Um, do you know them?" Fyora asked, looking at leb388 and Megz.

     "Nope. Not me," said Megz.

     "He's my brother only by adoption," leb388. "Truly."

     Jamez poked his head in. "Am not! I have baby pictures!"

     Leb388 sighed. "Get out of my story."

     Jamez rolled his eyes and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

     "Now, what are we gonna do about Mr. Shankly?" leb388 asked, as if nothing interesting had just happened.

     Fyora sighed. "There's nothing you Neopians can do. Just wait; I'll bet that this whole thing will blow over by tomorrow."

     The Faerie Queen never found out just how wrong she was that day.

To be continued...

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