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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Continuing Series > Usuls Don't Snowboard II: The Ridge of the Vanishing Usuls - Part Four

Usuls Don't Snowboard II: The Ridge of the Vanishing Usuls - Part Four

by shelleylow

Usuls Don't Snowboard II: The Ridge of the Vanishing Usuls - Part Four


A Rescue Party
     After the feast as everyone was dispersing for home, there was still an air of gloom about the company. Angel and Tokum came up to me.

     "All right, Holly, out with it," Angel demanded.

     "Out with what?"

     "I could tell you weren't telling the whole truth to Leader Sleet and Leader Snowpaw. Now spill the beans." She glared at me, her paws crossed. I knew when she was like this there'd be no deterring her, and I told both of them about the strange creatures I had seen at the bottom of the Ridge. When I had finished, Angel's eyes were wide.

     "Fyora," she whispered. "Do you know what those things were?"

     I shook my head. "Haven't a clue in Neopia." Angel groaned. "What are we going to do? Those snow-monsters or whatever they are must have Frostys."

     "I'm going to get her back," I declared. Angel and Tokum looked at me incredulously.

     "What?" they said together.

     "You heard me. I'm getting that Frostys back," I repeated. "I don't want to, but unless I do that Jhudoran Leader Sleet won't leave my father alone."

     "Your father would never agree," said Tokum.

     "Which is why I'm going tonight," I said. They looked at me with even more shock. Angel shook her head with the wearied expression she always had whenever she thought my idea was crazy.

     "Holly, you can't-"

     "Snowboard?" I asked. "That's what you said last year. And look at me now. Frostys got herself into this mess, but I'm jolly well going to get her out of it."

     "I'm coming with you," Angel said decidedly. "I'm not letting you go against those snow-things by yourself. You might do something stupid."

     "Count me in too," said Tokum.

     "Fine," I said. "I'll meet you tonight outside my house."

     Later that night I sneaked quietly out of my room. I could hear Mother and Father's soft breathing emanating from their room. There was no noise from Snowbelle and Icechip's room. Good. Everyone was sleeping soundly. Tucking my beloved snowboard under an arm, I made my way out the door and stopped short. Angel and Tokum were standing there with their skis, and with them were four smaller figures. In the moonlight, I saw they were Snowbelle, Icechip, Ridgerunner and Mistletoe Sleet.

     "What's happening?" I demanded in a whisper. Angel shrugged nonchalantly. "They said they wanted to come."

I marched up to my brother and sister. "What are you doing out here?" Snowbelle stuck out her lip. "We're comin' with you. We want to rescue Missy's sister."

     "And we want to fight the snow-monsters!" Icechip added. "When we get down I'm gonna walk right up to that snow-monster, and-" He broke off and demonstrated a series of made-up Neo-Fu moves whilst making punching and kicking noises.

     "Shut up, Chip," I hissed. "You'll wake the whole village."

     "We do want to help out, you know," said Ridgerunner. I turned wearily to Mistletoe. "And why do you want to come along?"

     Mistletoe looked me in the eyes. "I want to rescue my sister," she said quietly. I was surprised. Gone was the dopeyness and vacant look in those eyes. Instead they were filled with a steely determination.

     "Well," I said resignedly. "I guess you're all coming."

     "Yay," whispered Icechip gladly.

     "Let's go," Angel called softly, and we made our way to the ski lift and out of the comforting security of Glissade Haven into the unfamiliar mountains.

     "Are you nervous?" Tokum asked as the seven of us Usuls stood on the edge of the Ridge of the Vanishing Usuls. There was a full moon in the star-jeweled sky, and practically no clouds. Not that there would have been a problem if there was no light; as I said we Usuls can store light in our eyes and reflect it to see in the dark. Still, the slope's side was swathed in mist that one could barely see through. I shook my head in response to Tokum's query and turned to the younger Usuls. "You all aren't scared are you?"

     "N-no," said Snowbelle quietly, but I detected the tremor in her voice and the half-excited, half-fearful way she kept glancing at the misty sea below her. So did Icechip.

     "There's a full moon," he said in a low, creepy voice.

     "There might be Werelupes on the prowl tonight, Snowbelle. Graaaaarrrrh!" he snarled, showing his teeth and making a clawing motion with his paws at his twin.

     "Stop it!" Snowbelle hid her face in my ruff.

     "Quit being such a fuzzlebrain, Chip," I snapped at my brother, who was dissolving in laughter. "Now let's go!"

     "We should hold onto each other so we don't lose each other in the mist," Angel pointed out. She was right. Ridgerunner held onto Angel's tail and Mistletoe held Tokum's. The twins arranged themselves behind me, holding my own tail. Me, Angel and Tokum then held paws. "Ready?" called Angel. "Right. Follow us. Left, right, left, right…"

     We followed her instructions and proceeded slowly down the slope, though in the mist we couldn't see each other. Also, my snowboarding motions were in a different rhythm from everyone else's skis. As a result it was hard to keep hold of Tokum's paw, and I could feel Icechip's paws struggling to keep hold of my tail.

     Suddenly, I went over a bump in the snow, and as the jarring motion shook my frame I felt my paw leave Tokum's. I yelled in dismay, but at the same time I lost my balance and fell. I heard cries from Snowbelle and Icechip on the snow behind me and knew they must have fallen too. But I couldn't go back and help them. I had fallen hard on my back and was sliding downhill. I tried to get a pawhold on the snow but to no avail. Suddenly I heard a thump at the back of my head and felt a sudden throbbing pain in my skull, and then I knew no more.

To be continued...

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