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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 70 > New Series > Dragonmist: Part One

Dragonmist: Part One

by jenjen26785

The Raid


     My story begins in the most unlikely of places. A damp, dank cave in the middle of a stormy Autumn afternoon on Mystery Island. Nor does not start in a particularly stupendous, colossal, fantastic way as you might expect. Then what exactly does my story have to offer? Stay a while, my friend. Do not be discouraged. Listen to what I have to tell you, and perhaps, you'll remember this story long enough to turn it into a legend itself...

     The weather outside was atrocious. The Wind and Rain thrashed the stone roof like the hammers of Thor. They were persistent in trying to make the night of the occupant as uncomfortable as humanly possible, never resting to catch a breath or build energy for a harder blow. That just came naturally to the Wind and the Rain. Practice, I suppose. A million, billion years of practice. If the ostentatious art of making people feel uncomfortable hadn't been mastered then, well, I doubt it ever will be.

     Two cracks appeared in the roof of the cave and began to race each other down the side of the wall to see who would be the first to split the rock. It didn't matter much. Neither of them won, since water started to gush into the cave like a miniature waterfall before either crack had reached the finish line. The Wind and Rain threw back their heads of ambience and let out a laughter that echoed all the way around Mystery Island. The Wind and Rain bent their heads down close to the crack in the cave wall and laughed long and loud, mocking the cave's occupant.

     But the old Island mystic sat unscathed by the horrendous weather outside. He was too busy to deal with the fun and games of the elements. He just sat in the freezing cold wearing a loincloth and meditated. The Island Mystic had a responsibility in his own community. If anything bad was gonna happen, he'd know about it, and warn people before it even came to pass. For you see, he was a psychic. A clairvoyant. He could see events before they happened. And something was currently troubling him, as he sat cross-legged on a cold stone chair.

     Something was clouding his thoughts. Clouding his mind. Making him...uncomfortable. Wary. Afraid. This was not the first time he had experienced this feeling. But never on this scale. The last time it happened, his tribe was attacked by a rival tribe on Demelza Hill. Never on this scale. He shuddered. What in Neopia could be worse than that? He closed his eyes and tensed the muscles on his brow, blocking out the scornful laughter of the elements.

     The crudely constructed door to the cave burst open quite suddenly. The form of a large and regal-looking Eyrie dragged himself through the shadows and into the light so the Mystic could see his face. The Island Mystic did not open his eyes, but still responded: "Hello my friend. Is the Clan ready to migrate?"

     The magnificent Eyrie omitted a kind of nervous laughter and eyed the Mystic cautiously. "Yes. I would like to apologise. We cannot wait for your prediction to come to us. One more day like this and we will never leave the island for the Winter. We'll be stuck here, unable to fly. Our race can stand a lot of punishment from the elements, but not as much as this!"

     The Eyrie stepped forward, lowering his rasping voice.

     "They are trying to trick you. The elements, I mean. Trying to fool you. It's just a game of theirs; they can sense your feelings and emotions, and are getting pleasure out of interrupting your vision. I have heard them try to interrupt your aura before, but they've never needed to try this hard. What's wrong?"

     The Island Mystic slowly opened his eyes to make eye contact with his old friend. He unfurled himself from a cocoon-like status and sat openly on the stone chair.

     "I really do not know. But this feels odd. Very odd indeed. The elements shouldn't need to try this hard. But they too know that something is up -"

     The Mystic was interrupted by a sharp pain in his forehead. He squinted and covered his eyes. An image of a running Eyrie. Blue flashes. And a pair of big, blood red eyes. He turned to meet the expression of anguish on his friend's face. Eye contact. Yet again. More Eyries running to the battle. A dark, cackling figure.

     The Eyrie patted his back with a huge paw to wake him up from the trance. The Mystic blinked and squinted up at the Eyrie.

     "Are you all right?"

     "Yes. I'm fine. I am used to it."

     He sighed, his wingtips glittering silver in the dull light. "Thank goodness. But now I must stress that we must go. Travel to the village immediately to seek help, or I shall be forced to accompany you."

     The Mystic laughed through his nose and said, "Thank you. I'll do that. Soon."

     The Eyrie shuffled his feet impatiently, eager to rejoin his Clan for the annual migration. "I really am sorry, you know. We have to go. I came here to say goodbye. No. See you soon. It's never goodbye."

     By this time the Island Mystic had hopped back onto the rock and was again sitting, cross-legged arms stretched in a meditation. His expression was sombre, melancholy, dejected. The Eyrie recognised this and slunk out of the cave, propping the wooden door back against the grotto entrance on the way out.

     "Goodbye," whispered the Mystic as the shadow of his friend cast across the floor sloped away and gently out of sight.

     The Wind and the Rain roared in closure, turning the dead of the night into a fiasco of dreadful wails and moans. The trees and wild river joined in the chorus, groaning with all their might and rushing so fast past the rocks and streams that should any man have been present, they would have sworn the river was screaming at him. Clouding his subconscious further. Joining the Wind and Rain in playing their cruel game. But the Mystic just laughed at them. He laughed and closed his eyes again. He laughed when they blew the door across the cavern, where it shattered in a torrent of splinters on the wall behind him. Though they were succeeding in interrupting his concentration, he didn't show it. His mind was alive. Thoughts buzzing. Images of the future flashing before him. But nothing was making sense. Who was that there? And them? What does that mean? These elements. All these darn elements. Why won't they just

     SHUT UP!!

     The elements screamed at him one last time...and stopped quite suddenly. The Island Mystic simply smiled and continued his meditation.




     The fuzzy blue creature shuffled around in the darkness, obviously knowing what he was doing. The air was moist and stifling, not exactly a homely environment. The ground felt sticky under his paws and he missed the liberating feeling of water sweeping through his fur as he swam through sparkling creeks...but he couldn't leave. He was being forced to work. He looked sadly at the metal cuffs that imprisoned him, digging into his fur, cutting into his skin. Several large figures dressed in black loomed over him, all wearing pendants of a single black tooth on yellow chains, watching his every movement.

     "Hurry up, gramps," growled one of the figures, a smaller one, with a malevolent kind of aura about him. The Professor grumbled and continued his work.

     His eyes narrowed.

     A little way beyond, two figures sat deep in the darkness, scanning the area for movement. Walls dark and moist, not good for hooves and webbed feet. The exit was right on the other side, past the party, so they couldn't escape and call for backup. But the famous Professor Chesterpot was there, at least! The three-day siege following his kidnapping from his office was finally coming to an end - if they could rescue him, that is.

     The smaller, squatter one recognised the explorer suddenly and whispered excitedly to his colleague. "That's him! That's definitely him! We've got 'im Mono--"

     The taller of the two clamped a strong hoof onto his beak. The smallest dark-clad individual spun round sharply. His eyes narrowed, but his attentions were diverted suddenly by a gasp and grunt from one of the huge kidnappers.

     "Shut up, Virgil!" he muttered. "Didn't they teach you anything in the NSPA?"

     Virgil whimpered and shuddered, nodding his head frantically. The Uni sighed and let him go. Virgil, the feisty spy-in-training, hiccupped a little, but didn't let that faze him. He went on rummaging about in a bag full of gadgets. The Uni watched as his cheeky face and round, bulbous eyes rose from the bag, beak stretched into a wide grin.

     "You got it?"

     "Yup." He drew out a tiny, tiny satchel and remote control.

     MonoKeras groaned. "You have got to be kidding. You call yourselves the best investigation and exploration department in the county? And all you can come up with is a remote tracking device? They use those in child toys nowadays!"

     Virgil shot him a poisonous look. "Remote control, my tail!" He cupped his wing over his beak and whispered, "Creepy? Here Creepy!"

     A delicate-looking Spyder crept stealthily along the fungus-covered walls and sat at his master's feet. MonoKeras shuddered.

     "A Spyder? What're you doin' hanging around with one of those?"

     Virgil ignored his partner and attached the satchel firmly to Creepy's back, where it sat, snugly. "Just watch. Okay Creepy, scale the perimeter, and that's an order!"

     To MonoKeras' surprise the spooky little Petpet braced himself up and raised two of his eight legs in a kind of salute, then tensed his long legs and sprinted away - straight towards the party!

     MonoKeras started up in panic. "Are you mad, you stupid Bruce? You're gonna give away our position!!"

     Virgil just straightened his red hat and grinned inanely. "Don't you have that much confidence in me? Just watch."

     Creepy hurdled along the floor like an Olympic sprinter, his legs motoring Road Runner-style, then skidded a sharp turn to avoid the party of Neopets crowded around the Professor. He stopped just outside the party and scratched at the ground. The eyes of one of the large kidnappers flickered, and turned towards Creepy. MonoKeras felt his heart jump to his throat. That was it. They were done for. And that thick Bruce was still grinning like an idiot!

     Creepy's eyes were still glowing bright red against the darkness. Another kidnapper turned to it and queried the first, who hadn't taken his eyes off the Petpet.



     "Dat? Dat fing o'er der?"

     "Oh. S'nuttin. Spyder, I fink." They turned back to their work.

     MonoKeras felt like he could breathe again! " did you?..." he gasped to Virgil.

     The Bruce chuckled. "Manipulating the subconscious minds of the stupid, as I call it. These guys aren't smart enough to imagine that we could be capable of sending a Spyder (of all things) to do the work for us! Once one figures out what Creepy is, the rest take it for granted that he's right and ignore Creepy, allowing him to carry out his evil deeds unnoticed. And besides, Petpets always make the best spies when it comes down to it. Some are even willing to lay down their lives for the ones they love."

     "Man, they never taught us that in the force!" MonoKeras thought about this comment, then turned back to the action.

     "Hey, look at him go!"

     Creepy was darting around the perimeter of the cavern, planting tiny devices in select locations in a circle around the offenders. He returned shortly, grinning up at his master. Virgil petted his head. "Good job, Creepy!"

     "What next then?"

     "Well, we've gotta be ready for action as soon as I press this button here. You know what to do?"

     MonoKeras flexed his muscles and smirked. "Oh yeah."

     "Okay." Virgil was sweating with anxiety. If this mission fails, they're dead. What's worse, he'd never stand a chance at becoming Top Spy, and probably never even get his spying license! He started the countdown "" and pressed the button.

To be continued...

Author's Note: Who are these black hooded figures, and what do they want with Professor Chesterpot? You'll find the next chapter.

Many thanks to Scriptfox for giving me his permission to use MonoKeras--you have my eternal gratitude! *wink*

To conclude, I am an aspiring author. Like all aspiring authors, I always welcome compliments, criticisms or any ramblings about my work. So if you have any comment to make, Neomail me--I'd love to get some feedback.

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