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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 69 > Short Stories > Yirvee and Pippy The Harris

Yirvee and Pippy The Harris

by cloudmime

Quickly I glanced at the time. It had seemed like all day I had been waiting for Jeltei to pick the perfect petpet.

     "Jeltei hurry!" I exclaimed, throwing my paws into the air.

     "Yirvee Calm down," Jeltei said picking up a little box. "I picked out theee perfect petpet and its right inside this box." He tapped the box softly and grinned as we walked out of the petpet shop.

     "Why'd you take so long?" I asked, starting to walk home.

     "Choosing a perfect petpet requires a lot of time," Jeltei said, rubbing the cardboard box. "Anyway, Geoff said I could take my time."

     "He also said be back by dinner," I said, pointing at the setting sun. Swiftly I ran along the sidewalk wishing I hadn't agreed to bring Jeltei to the marketplace. He was so immature and childish.

     "Yirvee wait up!" Jeltei yelled flapping his tiny Eyrie wings. He hovered over the sidewalk but hit a lamppost and plopped onto the ground.

     I giggled, trying to not let him hear.

     "I hope you bought a Cirrus," I said heartily, "so he could teach you how to fly." I giggled some more. And sat down on a nearby bench waiting for Jeltei to come.

     "Owww..." Jeltei grumbled as he got on his paws. "Hey where's my box!?" Jeltei exclaimed looking around.

     "I don't know, your the one who was carrying it," I answered. I got off the bench and searched for the small cardboard box. "Uhhh, I just hate it when petpets are lost." I searched furiously where Jeltei had been last.

     "Where could it have gone?" Jeltei sorrowed, "My cute little Harris."

     I eyed Jeltei.

     "You--you got a Harris?" I inquired. "I never knew you liked those things. You know they are highly allergic to a lot of things."

     "What are they allergic too? My little Harris could be having an allergic reaction right now!" Jeltei said trying to keep himself from crying.

     I took off my backpack and got out my 'Harris Potter' book.

     "Oops, wrong book," I said, throwing the book back into my backpack. I shuffled my many books and looked for 'The All About Harris Book'. "Ahh here it is," I said, taking out a brown soft book. I flipped the pages until I got to chapter four--Allergies. I recited the list of Allergies every Harris had. "Chocolate, Honey, Kacheek's Tails, Glass Roses, Dark Faerie Eraser's, Every Postage Stamp, Air Faerie's, Tai-Kai Codestones and, Pteri Beaks... the list goes on." I looked at Jeltei then continued, "It says here that when a Harris is put into a certain substance they might--"

     Suddenly a loud cry came from the bushes.

     "Yirvee that's my Harris!" Jeltei cried as he ran into the bushes.

     I threw my book back into my backpack and ran after my little brother.

     "Jeltei wait up!" I said shrieking as I ran into the bush. I ducked under the itchy leaves and branches, and finally saw Jeltei cuddling a dirty Harris in his paws.

     "Yirvee I found my her--my Harris." He smiled then climbed out of the bush and back onto the sidewalk. I grinned relieved that the small Harris was found. I was about to leave when something horrible caught my eye.

     Yes it was horrible indeed, a puddle of green oozing liquid was bubbling furiously. Smoke emerged from the puddle and it made a soft screeching sound. I sniffed the air impatiently, it smelled like it usually did--nothing. I shrugged and walked back onto the sidewalk, to find Jeltei wiping some green liquid off of his Harris.

     "What should I name her Yirv?" Jeltei asked me.

     I looked at the cute little Harris. Wait! What was that green liquid that Jeltei was wiping off his Harris? I thought to myself. It could be dangerous, that poor little Harris it might get sick... but then again, it just might be my imagination running wild. I looked up at Jeltei who was still waiting for my reply.

     "How about Pippy? That's a nice name. I mean that Harris looks so hyper and so cute," I said.

     Jeltei looked at me and smiled, "I love that name! That is the most perfect name." He hugged Pippy then started to rub his eyes. "Let's go home Yirvee, I'm tired"

     I put on my backpack and started back home in Meridell.

     The Next Morning...

     "Jeltei your going to be late for school!" Geoff exclaimed has he opened the front door. "Hurry up the bus is waiting for you."

     Jeltei ran as fast as his little paws could carry him. He was just a baby but a very smart one at that.

     "Bye Geoff, bye Yirvee take good care of Pippy for me." Jeltei slammed the door behind him, and as I looked out the front door window I saw him get into the bus. I ran up stairs to Jeltei's room where Pippy was asleep. Breathing in relief that she wasn't awake I went to go watch some TV.

     I quickly skimmed the channels on the lowest volume so that the sounds wouldn't wake Pippy. Nothing was on, at least nothing that caught to my interest. There was one thing that I was still curious about, the last part of the sentence I didn't finish of the 'All About Harris Book'. I carefully opened the backpack, and got out the brown book I had pulled out the night before. I flipped the pages till I got to chapter four.

     "Glass roses... Pteri beaks... ahh here it is--when a Harris is put into a certain substance they might become violent, even evil at sometimes. Harris Scientists say that when a green slimy and bubbly substance called, 'The Jhudora Puddle' is dropped on a Harris no matter how small the drop can be, the Harris will experience insanity and become very evil and destructive." I stopped after those last words, and almost went into shock.

     All of a sudden the power went off. The whole room was dark and I was frozen and scared. Jeltei's room had no windows. I stood up and desperately tried to open the oak door, but it wouldn't open. Suddenly a dim light turned on and an evil shadow propped up against the walls. It was a figure I had seen before--it was Pippy.

     I gasped and turned around to see Jhudora side by side with Pippy.

     "Pippy no! She's dangerous she'll take you away and you'll become evil!" I screamed at the top of my lungs reaching for Pippy.

     "No Yirvee back off! You'll ruin my plans just like you did the other times!" Jhudora cackled. "This is perfect, once the process is complete this little cute Harris will become on bad Neopet eating machine HAHAHAHAHA!!" Jhudora snapped her fingers and Pippy's eyes turned red.

     "Must eat Poogle," Pippy, said walking like a zombie towards me.

     "You'll never get away with this!" I screamed at Jhudora. Quickly I ran towards the closet looking for a weapon. "Binky.. no, Bottle... no, Rikti Plushie--I never knew Jeltei had one of these but no, oooh la la," I pulled out something even I wouldn't dare to have. "A Halloween petpet paint brush. I can definitely work with this." I bounced into the air and flung the Halloween petpet paint brush at Pippy. It hit her and she right away morphed into the disgusting zombie she should've been from the beginning.

     Jhudora cackled.

     "Is that the best you can do? You lame little Poogle you should've known from the beginning that playing with silly baby toys wouldn't do you any good." Jhudora took out--yet again--her Sword of the air faerie. She flew up into the air and threw it at me, helpless I closed my eyes ready to endure the pain, when the bedroom door opened and Jeltei caught the sword.

     "I know all about you and your evil plans!" Jeltei said throwing the sword back at Jhudora, it hit Jhudora and she blew up into a million purple pieces of dust.

     "Jeltei you saved me!" I said hugging my baby brother. "I never knew you had a Rikti Plushie," I said, picking up the little toy. "Or a Halloween petpet paint brush"

     "Hey those were supposed to be surprises! The Rikti Plushie is a present for you, as for the petpet paint brush it was for Pippy - WAIT... where is Pippy?"

     I picked up the adorable yet gross Halloween Harris.

     "Right here," I said, handing Pippy over to Jeltei.

     "Now he's so cute, and all Halloween and stuff." Jeltei hugged Pippy and left the room.

     Now all I could say was.

     "Oh brother."

The End

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