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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 66 > Short Stories > Merlot, Orchid and the Meeping Chocolate Eating...Heffalump?!

Merlot, Orchid and the Meeping Chocolate Eating...Heffalump?!

by piecesofsky

Merlot was astonished when he heard the news about the new Harris colours that had just been released! When he heard the news he was busy selling chocolate in his shop at 4211 Aisha Ave. As soon as he helped his last customer, he quickly grabbed some NP and his Harris named Orchid. Being in such a toot, Merlot quickly ran out of his shop, forgetting to lock his doors. But Merlot and Orchid were on their way to the Shop Wizard and nothing would stop them.

     "Good day, Merlot. Is their anything you need help with today?" asked the Shop Wizard.

     Merlot pointed to Orchid and told of how she wanted wings and how shocked he had been when he heard that Harris petpets could now grow wings thanks to the Faerie Petpet Paint Brush. The wizard told Merlot of the cheapest Faerie Petpet Paint Brush and what shop it was located. Merlot hurried as fast as his little Kougra paws would carry him.

     Merlot had arrived just in time. He took out his NP and still had enough for some Chocolate Poogle Cupcakes that the owner of the shop had sitting on the counter. Orchid who was then on top of Merlot's head was now nibbling on a cupcake. Orchid and Merlot then made their way to the Petpet Puddle where Merlot knew Orchid would learn to fly.

     Walking up to the Rainbow Pool, Merlot noticed all the Petpets that were hoping, flying, and slithering around. Him and Orchid walked up and looked in. All the colours circling and spinning, just waiting to soak up into a Petpet. Without any thought, Merlot pushed Orchid in. Orchid began screaming.

     "Help! Help! I can't swim!" her little lungs squealed.

     "Stand up, you silly little Harris paws!" whispered Merlot.

     "OH." Orchid now turning red from embarrassment was now standing up in a knee high water puddle. Taking out the Faerie Petpet Paint Brush, Merlot began painting her. Almost as an artist, the brush itself did all the work. Outlining a wing here and another wing there, then filling it in with purple, pink and blue paint. All of a sudden, Orchid glowed heavenly for a moment and the brush disappeared. Her little wings began to flutter and her now purple little nose began to wiggle.

     "You know, I should really consider a job as an Artist" Merlot said.

     When they got back to their shop, Merlot noticed the door open. He then realised that he forgot to lock up. They quietly walked in. The chocolate scent quickly flooded their noses. Orchid pointed to the stock room where there was a gloomy shadow eating their chocolate.

     "EEEEK! A HEFFALUMP!" cried Orchid. She quickly flew behind a couple of books that were on one of the top shelves. Merlot being the brave and courageous little Kougra trotted up to the stock room and let out a ferocious growwwl. But what would be a ferocious growwwl was actually more of a fierce meooow.

     The "Heffalump" quietly turned around, walked out of the shadows a little bit and when Merlot looked again, he started laughing. It was none other than another...Harris! A chocolate stained, shy little pudgy Harris. Merlot poked the little tummy with his paw.

     "Why are you eating my chocolate?" asked Merlot.

     "Meep! Meep!" said the little Harris.

     Merlot asked a few other questions and "Meep, Meep!" was the only reply the little Harris would give. Orchid hearing the meeping, flew down behind Merlot. She peeped out from behind Merlot and quickly hid herself again. She had never seen another Harris before. But before she could get enough courage to look again, the strange little Harris looked behind Merlot and said "Meep, Meeep!"

     She quickly flew to their home in Faerieland. Flew through the window and hid under Merlot's bed. She wasn't very brave when it came to meeping sounds. Azahlin, Merlot's sister ran to Orchid.

     "What's the matter, Orchid?"

     "There's a meeping chocolate eating Heffalump with Merlot."

     "Oh. I'm sure Merlot wi...what did you say?!" Azahlin quickly darted under the bed with Orchid. She too was scared of meeping Heffalump.

     When Merlot came home, he rushed to my balcony. I was reading a novel about light faeries that had just vanished in a puff of blue smoke and hadn't heard of the fuss with the 'Heffalump' yet.

     "Can I keep him, Mum?" Merlot asked nicely. At first I didn't know of what Merlot was speaking of, but then the chocolate stained Harris moved from behind Merlot. I blinked, knowing that this wasn't Orchid.

     "Meep Meep!" said the chocolate stained Harris.

     "Well, aren't you precious?!" I picked him up and wiped the chocolate stains from his face.

     "Merlot, where did you find such an angelic little Harris?" I asked curious.

     "After Orchid and I got back from the Petpet puddle, Orchid and I found him in the stock room in the store eating the chocolate. Orchid flew home saying something about a Heffalump."

     I handed Merlot a Cloud Petpet Paint Brush that I had kept in the Safety Deposit Box. I told him to go give the the little meeping Harris a more proper suit than we would keep him. Merlot took the Harris and left for the Petpet Puddle once again.

     Azahlin floated into my room with Orchid on her fin tail.

     "Mum, Orchid said that there's a meeping chocolate eating Heffalump and that it's with Merlot. Should we be scared?" Azahlin quickly poured these words out.

     "A meeping chocolate eating Heffalump? Sounds serious. We should all do something about it immediately!" I already knew they were talking about the silly little Harris that was caught eating chocolate at the store but I decided to go along with their tale of the chocolate eating Heffalump since it was more fun.

     "Since we must do something about this chocolate eating heffalump why don't we go play in the garden! I just planted some great Meepie Trees that you just have to see!" I told them.

     Their eyes quickly looked at each other. "Did you say Meepie Trees?" Orchid asked.

     "Why yes! But don't worry, my dears. They're no kin to that meeping Heffalump you both are so scared of!"

     "But don't you think that Merlot might be in daa-anger with this chocolate eating Heffalump that he is with? After all he is just a baby Kougra," Azahlin said.

     "I'm sure Merlot can take care of himself, after all he does run our chocolate shop and you know how dangerous that can be," I told Azahlin and Orchid.

     We went downstairs and headed toward the inner courtyard. Merlot was already in the garden eating one of those chocolate poogle cupcakes that he had bought. He had just got back from the Petpet puddle again and I saw the Harris in the largest Meepie tree now enjoying his new Cloud painted fur. When Orchid saw Merlot she flew to him and started to pull and hug his ears. "Merlot! Merlot! You're all right! I thought that Heffalump was going to mistake you for a Chocolate Kougra and eat you too!" Orchid told him.

     "Orchid, that wasn't a Heffalump! That was a Harris just like you! You just never saw one before and got scared and thought it was a Heffalump," Merlot assured her.

     Azahlin overheard the conversation. She also heard the Meeping coming from the tree and decided to investigate. She floated over to the tree and looked up under the branches that smelled of candy. She saw the Cloud Harris and immediately fell in love with him. She quickly grabbed him with her hoofed paws and began to hug him.

     "Who would have ever thought such a sweet and cute Harris would have made Orchid and me hide under the bed?" She hugged the Harris again.

     Looking at the odd shaped clouds on his fur she decided to name him Cirrus. She took him to the kitchen and began to feed him some Earth Faerie Brownies. Orchid still believes that Cirrus is a Heffalump to this very day!

     "Meep!" said Cirrus.

     "Eeek!" said Orchid.

The End

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