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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 63 > New Series > A Very Insane Halloween: Part One

A Very Insane Halloween: Part One

by soggydude

"Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming, oh yes, Halloween IS COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGG SOOOONNNN!" My Lupe, Detective Lupe, started.

     "So, are you excited about Halloween?" he asked.

     "Are you kidding? Halloween comes but once a year!"

     "All right. Where do you want the fake skeletons?" He held up one, and an automatic recorded laugh burst out of it.

     "The porch. That way the trick-or-treaters will see it when they come up. Here's the big bag of candy." I lifted the ten-pound bag up and set it on the table. "Be sure to give an even amount, and if you run out, there's more in the pantry."

     "Remind me again why you are going out, despite being too old?"

     "First, I want candy. Second, I'm not too old, I'm [this part of The Neopian Times has been torched beyond recognition], and I think that's a good age. You could come along too, unless you're a few HOURS too old," I said as I took out some orange and black paper to hang around the house.

     "I've always wondered why they count Neopet's and Petpet's ages by hours."

     "That's just the way things work. Now stop talking and start decorating!" Detective took a few pumpkins and carved. Just then I heard the familiar noise on the banister.

     "Hey everyone!" Kirby slid down with his Fuzzle, Flagg. "I got my costume picked out, and I even got Flagg's!" I set a pumpkin with an angry face on the table.

     "What is it?" Kirby reached behind his back.

     "Ta-daa!" He pulled out a white Lupe costume and a black Fuzzle costume. "I'm going as a Fuzzle, and Flagg's going as a Lupe! Get it?"

     "Yeah. Now help me set everything!" The three of us quickly put everything up and then Detective got the candy out while Kirby and I got a can of Neocola from the walk-in fridge, and I drank it while going to the phone. I quickly dialed SolarGriffin's number. It rang three times before she picked it up.


     "Solar? This is soggydude."

     "Oh! Hi!"

     "Remember the meeting about..." I turned around and watched Detective and Kirby. "The Neopian Stock Market?"

     "I thought the meeting was going to be about taking over the world." I sighed.

     "Yes, that. Come this night to our secret hiding place."

     "The alleyway between the Soup Kitchen and some shops?"

     "YES!" I slammed down the phone, and saw Detective and Kirby staring. "Important business."


     "Now you all know why I've called you, right?" I looked at Solargriffin, Al_the_chia, Silvershedragon, and Jaded_reflections.

     "No," Al said.

     "Okay, for those of you who didn't listen...this Halloween, candy is going to be given out. I plan to put on costumes and trick-or-treat. We'll sell the candy we get and get money for our "Ruling the World" fund." Silver raised her hand. "What?"

     "I have homework. Can we discuss this later?" The others muttered the same thing.

     "NO!" I took out several boxes. "Put these on." I tossed them and they all picked the costumes up.

     "Who is this?" Solar asked as she looked at the red Aisha costume.

     "Agent Magnolia! Look, it even comes with a Kadoatie plushie." I tossed it to her and then took out my costume.

     "Stevo Furwin?" Al asked as he put the Wocky costume on.

     "Yes." Silver looked at hers.

     "Keri Furwin?"

     "I think it could look nice for 'Stevo' and 'Keri' to be together. Maybe you can get extra candy."

     "Who's this?" Jaded held a Starry Zafara costume.

     "Nianso." I held a Fire Eyrie costume.

     "Who's that?" Solar asked while getting the Magnolia costume on.

     "Myyth the Eyrie who wants to take over Neopia. I think the costume fits, don't you?"

     "I have a question," Jaded said while trying to fit into the costume.


     "Hasn't this plot already been tried?"

     "What are you talking about?" She pulled out an issue of The Neopian Times.

     "Let's see...ah yes. Harry Halloween! See, in this two scientists want to get candy and sell--"

     "I DON'T CARE! Let's just do it anyway!" Jaded grumbled but put it on anyway. Soon we all had them on.

     "Okay, now that I know it fits, take them home and put them in your closet. Practice cute techniques that will get us more candy, and when Halloween comes...WE WILL (be closer to our goal to) RULE ALL OF NEOPIA! MUHAHAHAHA-COUGH COUGH HACK HARRRKKK..."

In some area near the Haunted Woods...

     "Okay, I know that book should be near here somewhere." A Halloween Peophin was looking through her library. "Ah! Here we go!" She took it down and opened it up. "How To Try and Rule Over All of Neopia." She flipped through the pages until she found a section entitled 'Various Plots'. "Hmmm...control everyone's too complicated. Destroy everything and rule what's left? No, not it. AHA! Raise the undead and use them to control Neopia! Perfect..." She laughed evilly.

At 13276 Fire Faerie Crescent...

     I watched as Detective got the candy ready. "Are you SURE you don't want to come?" He shook his head.

     "No, sorry." I shrugged and saw Kirby dressed up.

     "I am THE Fuzzle! And Flagg is THE Lupe!" He held up his Fuzzle with the Lupe costume. I put on my Myyth costume and looked at the clock.

     "TIME TO LEAVE!" I ran out.

     "WAIT!" I turned to Detective.


     "It's only 5:00 P.M. Try waiting another two hours."

Two agonising hours later...

     "TIME TO LEAVE!" Before running out the door I made sure Detective would give out the right amount and then left. Kirby went off some where while I ran to the first house. The door opened and an elderly Quiggle came out.

     "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" I held out my bag. He chuckled and put the candy in.

     "So, who are you?"

     "I'm Myyth the Eyrie, and I'm going to rule all of Neopia!" He laughed again.

     "Here, have an extra chocolate. Ruling all of Neopia may give you a craving for some." I thanked him and then went to the next door. This one was opened by a Blumaroo.

     "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" He put candy in.

     "Have a nice time!"

     "I will. I'm going to rule all of Neopia soon!" He grinned and put an extra treat in the bag.

     "Don't forget me when you do!" I thanked him and went to the next house. This would be easy...

In the Haunted Woods...

     The Halloween Peophin laughed evilly; lighting flashing above her head as the undead began to rise. She looked behind her.

     "Okay, that's enough." The Mynci turned off the flashing lights and left.

     "Remember to recommend me to all your evil friends!" He called out as he vanished into the shadows. The Halloween Peophin raised a hoof and all the undead staggered toward central Neopia.


At a secret location...

     I grinned as I emptied my bag. Al was next, then Solar, Silver, and Jaded. The entire heap HAD to be worth a million at the least. Or that could be hopeful thinking on my part.

     "Well done." Just then the TV turned on.

     "This just in!" I turned to it.

     "How did it get turned on?"

     "Oh, I bought a special one. It turns itself on whenever a 'Neopia is doomed' news flash article comes on," Silver said as she separated the candy.

     "This is Walla B. Roo reporting--"

     "Wasn't that the same one reporting for when Sloth tried to take over?" Al asked.

     "HUSH!" I turned up the volume.

     "Halloween Peophin has raised the undead with some sort of powerful spell and has unleashed them on all of Neopia." The camera went from Walla dressed like a vampire to a Halloween Peophin laughing.

     "Boy, she really--"

     "Silver, if you say she has the laugh down I will personally-" I stopped as a Kacheek zombie walked over and opened it mouth. Green gas came out, and the camera was dropped. I sighed.

     "Are we going to have to save the world again?" Solar asked as she put the candy back into the bag.

     "Yes. Get your weapons!"

     We arrived at the scene of disaster. Zombie were breaking into every house and chasing everyone out and into the streets. The Halloween Peophin was watching everything and laughing.

     "Even as a villain, that much laughing is a little ridiculous. Let's sneak up and get her!" I turned on my flame-thrower, Solar put a arrow in her platinum bow, with a quiver on her back, Al readied his rainbow frost cannon, Silver held up her bazooka, and Jaded raised her battle broom.


     "NOW!" We all ran. The Halloween Peophin was still laughed when Jaded whacked her on the top of her head.

     "What the--" but she was cut off as everyone began to attack. "ZOMBIES! GET THEM!" Instantly all the zombies lined up in battle rows. "GET THESE NEOPETS!"

     "Neopets? Now listen, we are-OW!" A Chia had bitten my arm. "WHY YOU LITTLE..."

     FOOOSSSSHHH! The Chia ran off, in flames. A large explosion from Silver sent more flying, and Solar stopped them with her bow, as Al froze some that Jaded hit. I ran through the crowds, torching everything. Soon, all were down. We turned to the Halloween Peophin.

     "So, you little Neopets have defeated the first wave?" I held out a hand that looked like a paw because of the costume.

     "We are NOT pets!" She blinked.

     "Well, you DO have loose skin..." I rolled my eyes.

     "No, these are costumes. We were in the middle of celebrating a holiday, but then you came! We are actually owners. SO GET IT RIGHT!" The Peophin seemed shocked. But then she grinned evilly.

     "I will..." She waved her hooves around and instantly we were covered in a purple haze. I expected to be banished to some foreign desert or something, but everything was the same. Even my own self looked the same.

     "Blimey!" Al was looking over himself to make sure nothing was wrong. He froze. "What the--" His voice had an accent. I touched the costume. Instead of the materials used to make it, I felt fur...and skin. I turned to her.

     "!" I tried to run forward, but stumbled, not being used to being an Eyrie. Everyone was touching what they had thought was their costume. She began to laugh evilly.

     "Crikey! I reckon we're in a pretty bad situation here mates!" Al said. Solar moved her ears around.

     "Weird," was all she had to say. Silver didn't look too happy.

     "NOW I'M GOING TO BE STUCK AS AN ACARA FOREVER!" Her eyes turned red, and everyone, including the Peophin, cringed. Jaded tested out her dragon wings.

     "Neat!" I glared at the Peophin after Silver had stopped her glare.

     "All right, you want to do this the hard way..." I stepped over to her, getting used to being an Eyrie as soon as possible. She cackled.

     "All right, human. Or Eyrie." She raised a hoof and sent a purple smoky bolt. I dodged just as it struck a shop, destroying it. I grabbed my flame-thrower with my paws and turned it on. The Peophin just stood still, yawning as the flames went around her. "Now that you've found out that your little weapon is useless, how about a real match? Meet me in the Battledome, and get everything ready. I didn't exactly count on getting a human as a challenger, but something's better then nothing I suppose." She vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving us to try and adjust to our new bodies.

     "No problem, mates! Just get rid of that evil sheila, and we'll have our old bodies back!"

     "Well? LET'S GO!" Silver began to walk ahead, and the rest of us followed.

The secret meeting spot...

     "Okay, we gotta figure out a way to get rid of the Peophin," Jaded said while hovering in the air.

     "WOULD YOU GET DOWN?" Turning into a Neopet tended to reduce your patience, as I had found out. Jaded floated down. I looked at Al, who was appeared to be calculating.

     "Don't worry mates!" He stopped. "CRIKEY!"


     "That was our chances of beating the evil Peophin." I rolled my eyes.

     "Let's just get some weapons, okay? And I think we need to get some from-" The door banged open, and Walla B. Roo charged in.

     "Are you the Neopets that have been challenged by the evil Peophin?" She stuck several mikes in front of all of us.

     "Uh, yeah, but--" Walla yanked us all out.

     "She's waiting for you! The Peophin won't fight anyone else fairly!"

     "She's already fought?"

     "Every army available and the Defenders of Neopia! Tell me, what do you think your chances are of beating her?" Al took out his calculations.

     "Well mates, it's--" I covered his mouth with a paw.

     "We should have no problem. None at all."

To be continued...

I would like to thank SolarGriffin, Al_the_chia, SilverSheDragon, and Jaded_Reflections for agreeing to star in this story.

I would like to apologise to anyone who thought that having their characters as costumes or having us turned into them was using them. If you feel so, feel free to whack me with a flame-thrower (Or whatever you carry around)

How's my writing? Let me know!

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