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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 61 > Short Stories > Boldheart: Of a Dragon's Den

Boldheart: Of a Dragon's Den

by meratocat

Image by meratocat

Lajonah ran through the vast stretches of desert, clutching her side with pain, and hoping that the dragon's directions proved true. She had run almost non-stop for two full days, and one night, and was not about to quit on the second. She jumped at every shadow, and shrieked at every sound of the night, for she knew that Lancoth would want her dead, and that fear bristled up inside of her. Tears streamed down her face as she ran. Some were for the burning of her sides, but most, most were for the deep sadness that she felt down within her heart. She wondered what would become of Merato. She could not imagine him being killed swiftly, or slowly by torture. She felt it then, she loved Merato, ever since he had saved her from death's grasp that one night many years ago, she had known it. She loved him.

     Now though, she was leaving him behind. She was running away from him, for him. She did not fully understand what had happened out there upon that dune, but she knew one thing--a dragon had saved her. A dragon in the form of a Gelert. He had told her who he was, and to go to the great red dragons den. Lajonah had no idea what was to become of her, but whatever it was, she hoped that it would save Merato.

     As the full moon shown high above her head in the night twilight, Lajonah let out a shiver. She could go no farther that night, so exhausted, the golden furred Aisha slumped down in the sand, and lay prostrate, until she fell asleep with exhaustion.

     Lajonah awoke the next day with the sun full in her face. She stood up, and looked behind her. She let out a gasp, for behind her she could see followers, even though they were only small specks upon the horizon. She had spent too much time asleep, for it was already past noon. Lajonah then started to run once more for her life.

     With Dreamoth's directions implanted within her brain, Lajonah ran for a few hours, though to her, it seemed an eternity. She was holding her side again, for she ran without break, and her sides were burning. It was then that ahead of her, she caught her first glimpse of cliffs in the distance. She was close to the dragon's den.

     No matter how fast Lajonah seemed to run, the pursuers only gained on her. A dark fear was spreading throughout her, but she kept pressed on, for the great red dragon was Merato and hers last hope.

     Soon, the cliffs shadow loomed over her, and she could make out the waterfall coming from its heights. Lajonah smiled to herself, but did not quit running, for she knew that just as clearly as she could see her pursuers, they could see her, and they would keep moving with a vengeance to get her. She kept running until she was at the foot of the cliffs.

     Lajonah starred up the steep interface with awe. How could she ever even hope to climb up like Dreamoth had planned? Then something caught her eye, small holes were knocked into the cliff at different points, creating hand and foot holds. So with a sigh, Lajonah walked up, and put a hand into one of the holes, and then begun her climb, slowly. She could not have been more then two-thirds of the way up by the time that her pursuers reached the cliffs. Lajonah looked down at them, and as the wind blew in her face she was glad that the breeze wasn't any stronger, or else it might fling her off. Down below her were about ten of Lancoth's creatures. Three of them, an ixi, and two Kaus wouldn't be able to climb up after her, Lajonah gladly noted, but the other seven were a problem. Among those sever was a Shoyru, two Unis, and a large red Eyrie, who could fly up to her in seconds. Also, of the other three, two were Usuls, the best climbers in the land, and they surely could catch her in no time. All looked lost, but Lajonah wasn't about to give up.

     She climbed much faster then, hoping that she would reach the top, but it was not so. One of the Unis was in her face in seconds, blocking her upwards climb, and down below her, the two Usuls were starting the climb towards her. Tears streamed down Lajonah's face. She would never let herself become subject to Lancoth's torture even again.

     Lajonah gulped, and then with one last mighty call of "For the great red dragon!" she hurled herself off of the cliff. The Uni screeched in surprise at her actions, and the Usuls looked on with utter fury as Lajonah fell, but not all stood there dumbfounded, the red Eyrie took flight, determined to catch her to bring her to his master.

     The wind blew through Lajonah's hair, and her eyes became watery from the speed at which she fell. Suddenly, she felt a jerk, and looked up to see a large red Eyrie holding her middle. "You will beg mercy of Lancoth before you are destroyed!" he said as he started to fly off towards the camp of his master, knowing that the others could find their own way.

     Lajonah hit at his massive paws, but they didn't give an inch. She was just about to give up all hope when suddenly a great shadow covered them. The Eyrie screeched in rage, terror, and surprise all at the same time as he saw what loomed above him. It had large bat wings like a dark faerie. It had a long forked tail. Its body was riddled with scales, and spikes ran down its back. It was the colour of red wine, of blood, and it came with a vengeance. It was Mythouny, the great red dragon oh healing.

     Mythouny, with one quick swipe of her hand, had the Eyrie's tail in her grasp, and she begun to fly back to her cave where she had already tied up the other thieves who had intruded upon her.

     As she landed, she tossed the now cowering Eyrie among the nine other thieves who were bound by magic to stay put. "You have stumbled upon the red dragon of healing's den. I cannot let you remember what has gone on here."

     Mythouny raised her hand up into the air, and began to utter some words in an ancient tongue, when Lajonah yelled out. "Dreamoth sent me!" she yelled remembering the dragon's words to her.

     With her concentration lost, Mythouny looked upon Lajonah, and then she began to mutter the strange words once more. There was a strange bluish flash, like a strobe light, and then when it had gone, Lajonah was stuck blinking, but feeling no different. Suddenly, a large red clawed hand shot over her head. "You better not be lying to me Aisha, for if you are, your fate will be worse then that of those thieves." And she motioned to the thieves who sat upon the floor, wide-eyed with a dumb look across their faces.

     Lajonah then broke up into telling her story word for word to Mythouny, and made sure to elaborate on the part with Dreamoth. "And that is how I got here," she finished, and as she sat there, she could not help but stare at the razor sharp teeth that lined Mythouny's gums.

     "You tell the truth," Mythouny said letting go her grip, and then falling to the ground panting heavily. For the first time, Lajonah saw Mythouny as a different being. She looked like a withered old creature, weak, and panting upon the ground. And what Lajonah felt was not disgust, but a deep sadness for the dragon, as any with a good heart would feel.

     "What is it that you did to them?" Lajonah asked looking at the thieves.

     "I have erased their memories. It is much like amnesia," Mythouny said as she slowly got back up. "All they need is one push in the right direction." And she gave the red Eyrie a little shove. "And they will continue on until someone stops them." Lajonah watched at the Shoyru walked to the edge of the cliff and then off of it, gliding down to the ground before continuing his non-stop march.

     After disposing of the rest of the thieves, Mythouny led Lajonah deep into the realms of her cave. "The world has changed much since I was a dragonling. Much that once was is now forgotten, and that which is remembered is little. Evil can now be found in every land, though it used to be only found in a few places," she said with a sigh, but then a smile grew on her face. "Though good still holds true. Here in the desert, you along with others like Merato battle the evil, which has arisen. Far in the East, in the foresty regions, Zarrel Charmain and Dorono, whom many consider to be evil, save the land from great disaster. Also, in the South there is the…" but Mythouny stopped with a laugh as she saw Lajonah's confused face. "Alas, I must remember that information does not travel so far for you Neopets, for none of you can fly like a dragon. No matter, all that we need to concentrate upon right now would be the immediate danger of Lancoth, for I do believe that he plans an attack upon me."

     So with that the great red dragon Mythouny took Lajonah into her protection, and the two planned upon what they could do to resist against an attack.

The End

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