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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Articles > What Faerie Blessed Ability is Right For You?

What Faerie Blessed Ability is Right For You?

by kickerwow

FAERIELAND - The usage of faerie blessed abilities is essential to a successful Battledome match. When a player takes a turn, three things are chosen; two of them are weapons and the third is the ability. By being able to use nearly any two weapons in a turn and only one ability in a turn opens many options to the selection of equipment, and far fewer to options to the selection of abilities. For this reason, choosing the best ability for a given situation is critical, and as an aid in formulating a battle strategy, nine of the best Faerie Blessed Abilities will be analysed.

Required level: 1
Faerie type: Water
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 0
Power setting: works best at 'Strong' setting
Action: heals 1-5 HP

Note: This ability is great for lower HP pets because it offers a chance to regain some vital health without forcing a player to use an item, so they are free to attack.

Required level: 6
Faerie type: Fire
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 2
Power setting: works well on 'Weak' setting
Action: freezes opponent 12.5% of the time

Note: This ability is best when used with other freeze attempt weapons. For example, when using a frost cannon you are mainly trying to freeze you opponent, not do major damage. When you use Fiery Gaze Plus a frost cannon, you chances of freezing are increased. This is also a good ability to use when trying to achieve a second freeze in one battle because the Ice Mote is another item that may freeze, so just because you have a Hypno Helmet doesn't mean you can neglect this ability.

Required level: 6
Faerie type: Earth
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 2
Power setting: works well on 'Weak' setting
Action: creates 2 'magic berries' that heal 3-9 HP each

Note: This is another great ability for lower HP pets. The two berries combined can heal up to 18 HP, which is more than a Bronze Scorchstone. When combined with a Scorchstone, Slime Potion, or any other healing weapon, a player can last many rounds in a close battle.

Required level: 9
Faerie type: water
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 3
Power setting: works well at 'Weak' setting
Action: defends all fire icons

Note: Fire is a very common icon, and if an opponent has strong fire based weapons, you may be in trouble and to be able to block out fire icons may become the difference between victory and defeat. Being able to block all icons guaranteed of any icon type can be very beneficial, and so If you don't have seven other abilities chosen, it may be a good idea to keep this one for when it may come in handy.

Required level: 12
Faerie type: water
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 4
Power setting: works well at 'Weak' setting
Action: defends all light icons

Note: Light type icons are not the most common icon type, but they are found in many weapons, such as Scarab Stone Slingshots, Grand Lightning Beams, Hand Painted Scarabs, and many more weapons. Weapons that defend light icons are rather sparse though. For example a Super Ice Sword only defends two icons, and they cost just under 100,000 Neopoints. A Night Stone defends all light icons, but equipping a weapon as heavily defensive as that is a waste of some players' weapon space. In short, a player can't go wrong with more defence, especially if it does not take up any room.

Required level: 28
Faerie type: Air
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 7
Power setting: works well on 'Strong' setting
Action: freezes opponent 25% of the time

Note: This ability is twice as reliable than Fiery Gaze, and can be a very dangerous ability when used in combination with an Ice Mote.

Required level: 22
Faerie type: light
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 6
Power setting: works best at 'Strong' ability
Action: restores 33% of lost HP.

(example: A pet with 20 max HP uses the ability restore while they are at 5 HP. The amount of lost Hp for this pet is 15, and 33% of 15 is 5. The pet then is restored 5 HP.)

note: the ability 'regeneration' is the same except it is an earth faerie ability with a required level of 23.

Required level: 30
Faerie type: dark
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 7
Power setting: works best on 'Strong' setting
Action: defends all: fire, water, dark, light, and physical icons

Note: Dark icons, and light icons are both not easily defended against especially together, so to be able to block all icons of these two types of weapons makes Sink very unique. Also, fire, water, and physical type icons are quite common, so to use this ability even when an opponent is not attacking with dark or light icons is not a waste whatsoever.

Required level: 10
Faerie type: earth
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 3
Power setting: works best on 'Strong' setting
Action: defends all: earth, fire, water, air, and physical icons

Note: The defensive property of this ability is phenomenal. It defends against all the most common icon types, and when a player uses this ability, they can be sure to receive very little, if any damage. This is a great ability to use on the first turn of a battle, because it allows for a good start where players can not worry about their HP getting taken down significantly, letting them observe their opponent's weapons so they will know what to expect in the following rounds. Another great time to use Burrow is when players are preparing to administer the final blow. By using Burrow, players won't have to worry about defence, and instead can attack with two powerful weapons, such as snowballs, or muffins.

Required level: 21
Faerie type: dark
Number of abilities needed before it is attainable: 6
Power setting: works well on 'Weak'
Action: steals 11% of the opponent's current HP

Note: The numbers are not something to get too excited about, because 11% of 35 HP is only 3.85 HP. For this reason, if a player's pet is a lower level fighter, and does not battle opponents with over 150 HP Drain Life may not be an ability for that pet. However, this does not mean a pet must have 150 maximum HP in order to benefit from Drain Life. Opponents with such high amounts of life include one player opponents, and even a pet with 50-70 maximum HP may find its self fighting an opponent with over 100 HP in a one player battle. For medium to high level fighters, this ability is a must. Although I stated earlier how little an effect it can have, it can have a tremendous significance too. This is because it not only heals a player, but it also equally damages an opponent, making Drain Life an extremely effective ability to use.

When deciding what abilities to use, players must take into account their pet's level, due to limitations, their pet's maximum HP when considering what abilities will be sufficient in healing, and also their fighting style, which include equipment. The equipment is especially important, because a pet for example with a Lost Desert Dagger, and several snowballs will have to rely on abilities for defence since their equipment offers none. Where as a pet equipped with a Large Metal Shield, Soul Stone, Goulash Mask, and or other defensive equipment will need the abilities for healing since the battle for them will be long.

When choosing an ability to use, all players must understand that they are designed to be defensive, and not one ability was listed for its damage, but for its outstanding defensive properties of either blocking icons, healing, or freezing. Keeping all of this in mind, you may now successfully employ Faerie Blessed Abilities to your advantage.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you learned something, and if you have any questions just Neomail me. Special thanks to epk for helping me edit.

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