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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Continuing Series > Kau Seer's Revenge: Part Two

Kau Seer's Revenge: Part Two

by catnip4

NERA WAITED ANXIOUSLY for the King Mortog to untie the bag she was in. She thought that anywhere must be better than being in the tightly crammed space she was in now. Several days had passed before the King Mortog finally came around to her bag. It seemed like forever, but she had somehow managed through the awful conditions inside of a bag with little food and water. His slimy fingered hands opened her bag delicately as he peered in with one large eye. Nera could've cried since she was so happy to see sunlight, but Mortogs can't exactly cry with the way their eyes are designed. The best she could do was smile and feel the warmth on her face. The King Mortog gasped at the colour of Nera, for he had never gazed upon a black Mortog.

     "Amazing," he spoke to himself.

     Nera was put into a shiny glass jar and sealed with a green lid poked with many small airholes. The king Mortog stacked the jars as he waited for a customer. Only minutes later, a small blue Aisha stopped in front of the pond, playing with the fifty golden Neopoints he held in his hand.

     "Hello!" the Aisha said, greeting the king Mortog I'd like to play."

     The king Mortog turned around from the stacked jars and smiled. "Of course! That'll be fifty Neopoints"

     The Aisha leaned over toward the king Mortog and dropped the coins into his hand. He stood and waited as the king Mortog brought down two jars, placing them in front of him.

     The king Mortog stepped back and waited for the Aisha to choose. The Aisha then carefully looked over each one, and finally decided to kiss the one of the left. Bending over gently, he gingerly kissed the Mortog on the top of her head.

     He took one step away and waited to see if he was correct. Nera gasped in awe as a puff of smoke encircled the Mortog, which was taking the shape of a princess before her very eyes. As the smoke melted away, Nera could see a sweet-looking green Aisha, in a pleated white satin gown. Her brown curly hair fell right at her waist where a sky blue ribbon was tied in a bow.

     "Thank you so much!" she cried. "I felt so slimey as a Mortog."

     Turning back once to blow a kiss to the blue Aisha, the princess pranced away on the dirt road.

     The blue Aisha was blushing when he faced the king Mortog once again. "I'll go on, please."

     The game with the blue Aisha continued and as the hours passed a long line of owners and pets had gathered around the pond to watch the extraordinary luck the blue Aisha had had.

     As the sun began to set, Nera was gathered from off the stack along with many other Mortogs Twenty, at least. The king Mortog placed them in a long straight line in front of the Aisha

     Nera nervously hesitated to think of a quick plan.

     As the blue Aisha ran his eyes across the row of Mortogs, Nera winked and smiled and tried to show more emotion that the other regular Mortogs did not have. The Aisha stopped as he saw Nera act out a lot of silly acts, such as puckering up her lips and raising her eyebrows. (Or raising the skin where the eyebrows would have been.) The blue Aisha grinned and bent down to kiss Nera on the forehead, almost showing no doubt about the Mortog he had chosen.

     Nera waited as the process as began, and she suddenly had never felt so good to be back in her regular body.


"THANK YOU!" Nera cried, wrapping her arms around the Aisha's neck and giving him a big hug. She brought herself back, saying, "I can't thank you enough. Really!"

     And with that, as quickly as she had transformed, Nera dashed off out of sight toward the marketplace, which she could see clearly from the crowds of people and little cottage shops.

     Thinking to herself, as she slowed her pace down into a walk, Nera tried to remember when she had first gotten her job as the palace magician. There was Luke--the prince, who was the one who picked the new castle magician. But Nera couldn't remember much else, just that she was the lucky one chosen. She didn't seem to think that anyone else had come for the open job, but as she tried to think harder and harder, a familiar face showed up. It was that of Kau Seer's.

     "Yes of course!" she shouted out loud unknowingly, now noticing a few Neopets had turned to stare.

     Now the whole picture was becoming clear. In her thoughts she could see Kau Seer introducing himself to the prince, giving away vital information that explained his crime of turning Nera into a Mortog Kau Seer had boasted he was related to Kauvara, somehow. It all fit together now--Kau Seer and Nera both wanted the magician job, and Nera was undoubtedly the better magician. Kau Seer, being a distant relative of Kauvara's, only the most famous magician in Neopia, was secretly jealous and wanted the fame for himself. She looked around for something to write on, and found an ad for a game having to do with marrow. She ripped the ad off the tall wooden pole, a lantern dangling from the top, and ran quickly to the market place in search of a pen.

     She stopped at the first shop she could see, which was a small run-down store made of twigs. Plastered over the door (or the cut-out hole where the door should have been) was a yellow banner with crumples every here and there. "midevil foods Inn hear" was written in some messy handwriting. Nera stepped in and could see a few lopsided shelves filled with fat loaves of yeast bread, a few bowls of a sludgy like porridge, some half-rotted tomatoes, and a few pitchers of juice.

     Nera tried to hold back her disgust as she turned to the shop keeper, who was a cheerful brown Meerca. He smiled joyfully as Nera began to speak. "Hello! Would ye haveth a pen?"

     The Meerca thought for a moment, rubbing his chin, and then grinned as he pulled out something from a compartment in his cardboard desk. He slid over a small bottle of midnight black ink.

     "Hopeth thys will do," he said to Nera, still smiling.

     "Oh, uh...yes..." Nera replied uncertainly. "...Thank ye."

     The Meerca nodded, "Of course."

     Nera tried her hardest to fit her hoof into the small jar of ink but it just wouldn't do. Looking around the room for something to write with, she finally looking at the construction material of the house. Twigs! She pulled one of the small branches carefully, so she wouldn't make the whole shop collapse, and brought it back to the desk. Quickly she wrote out what she could remember of Kau Seer and stuffed the paper in her pocket. She then slipped the jar of ink and twig along with the paper, just is case is she needed them later.

     Turning to the Meerca once more, she asked, "Wouldeth ye happen to knoweth of a carriage?"

     ", sorry."

     Nera and nodded and thanked the Meerca again as she headed out the doorway.

     Sighing out of disappointment, she began to walk toward the next closest shop. Just before entering the store of a bunch of loud pet pets (including a few Mortogs, which make Nera shudder) a piece of paper tacked onto the door caught her eye.

     It was the same ad she had written on before. It had a big picture of an enormous marrow held in a cart with wheels. A farmer was standing next to it, grinning.

     Nera looked at the large wooden crate and smiled to herself. Glancing to her right, she saw the large marrow in the distance, a crowd gathering around, that matched the one in the picture.

     Nera began running as fast as she could toward the game, knowing now she finally could get back to the palace.


"Aaaaall right, everyone! Quiet down, quiet down. Is this not the most gigantic marrow you have eva seen?" The crowd roared with applause as the Wocky farmer pointed at the marrow on display. "One guess of da weight per person--getta guessin'!"

     A large sheet of paper was passed out to the crowd, where each wrote their name and their guess. As the audience drew their attention to the Wocky, Nera crept behind the enormous marrow, where the wooden cart in the ad stood. She grabbed hold of the handles of the cart, like a wheelbarrow, and began to move it out of the field and onto the pebbled streets.

     Nera had gotten a few feet past the game when the Wocky farmer turned and saw her. Nera's heart pounded with nervousness. She tried to act as casual as possible, still continuing pushing the cart.

     "You goin' to get a new marrow?" he called out to her.

     "Uhhh...yes..." she replied, hoping she could pull this off.

     "Ain't it kinda early?" he questioned.

     Nera thought for a few seconds, then answered, "Well, tomorrow's competition starts very early!"

     The Wocky nodded and waved goodbye.

     Nera sighed deeply in relief. She pushed the cart around the corner, and knowing she was no longer visible to the Wocky, she began to run, making the cart faster and faster, until they reached the top of the hill. Quickly, without losing speed, Nera hopped into the cart, as if it were a carriage, and her new "carriage" went rolling down the hill, practically of control.

     Fortunately, although Nera was somewhat of a reckless driver, the roads were empty for they had all run to play the marrow game. She bumped into the occasional tree or bush, but soon learned how to steer the cart. She really had no idea where she was going, but figured since she knew the her castle was very far away from the farmlands, she'd keep going south until she saw someone to ask for directions.

     About an hour after driving, the cart becoming slow (since there weren't many hills left to make the cart fast), Nera stopped where she saw a Skeith tending to his garden full of Rose Trees.

     She hopped out of the back of the cart, saying to the Skeith, "Excuse thee... does ye knoweth of any...castles?"

     The Skeith was surprised as he looked up to see an ixi dressed up in bright orange robes.

     "Uh...yes," He began, "There's one right down that road." The Skeith pointed with one of his yellow claws toward a familiar white brick road nestled in yellow-leafed trees.

     "Oh, thank you so much!" She cried, skipping off toward the brick road.

     When she came closer to the brick road she noticed the white colour had deepened into a grey, and as she walked more, the grey became black. Nera saw the cream coloured bark on the yellow trees peel and darken. As she entered the court yard, all the rose bushes had barely any leaves growing on them, and the roses drooped their heads toward the ground.

     She was as confused as ever, walking through her once beautiful home. Even the castle itself had changed since she had gone. The paint peeled away and gathered on the pathway. The glass doors were now cold iron gates, and the pond had turned into a filthy water.

     Nera pushed open the gates with a loud creak, and as doing so, a loud cackle arose from the dining hall. A voice began to speak in a crackled whisper, like the wind as it rustled the leaves on the trees.

     "Welcome back, Nera."


"Clever one," Kau Seer said as he began to creep out from the shadows. The whole castle was black except for a small light from the kitchen. The light came closer and closer to Nera until she was face to face with a Grarrl servant. He held a candle in his claws.

     "Hello," the Grarrl greeted.

     "Um...hello," Nera replied, turning away from the Grarrl and walking briskly toward Kau Seer. She whispered, so only he could hear her, "What have you done to the castle?!" Kau Seer turned to the staircase, where a figure walked slowly down the stairs. The figure stood along Kau Seer. Nera could now see the figure was Luke.

     "Oh Luke!" Nera cried. She flung her arms around his neck, only to be pushed away. Luke looked at Kau Seer. "Do you know who this is?"

     "Oh. No, I haven't seen her ever in my life," Kau Seer replied, smirking.

     Nera's eyes widened. "What have you done?!" She yelled at Kau Seer.

     Luke patted her on the shoulder. "Shh, shh. An extra room is available if ye wouldeth want to stay the night."

     "I am not staying as a guest--I am to be your wife!"

     Luke was confused as he stared at Nera. "Actually, she does look somewhat familiar," Luke said to Kau Seer.

     "Have we met before?" he asked Nera.

     Kau Seer grabbed Luke's shoulder and turned him back toward the stairs. "Don't you have some cleaning to do?"

     Luke began up the stairs without questioning Kau Seer at all. As soon as Nera lost sight of him, she said to Kau Seer, for the third time, "What have you done?" She said it in a serious tone of voice, staring sternly at Kau Seer, as he smiled.

     "Hmmm, well, Nera," he began, "You do know I'm the better magician and all. I have the spells and wisdom to just...brainwash an entire community! I could brainwash the whole of Neopia, you know, and that'd be including you, and everyone would listen and obey ME!"

     Kau Seer paused a moment and waited for Nera to reply, but she couldn't be bothered. She was racking at her brain to try and remember some of her spells from her secret book.

     "Do you like how I've redecorated the place? I think it looks really great."

     Nera nodded, but really was paying no attention at all.

     "I suppose you haven't seen the whole of the castle yet. You can go and look about. You're no harm to me anymore! You're whole room was cleared! All your spell books are gone! Haha!"

     "Oh. Yes, Kau Seer. I'll do that," Nera replied, walking up the stairs.

     As Nera reached the second story, she slipped off her shoes and she ran as quickly as she could, trying not to create any noise or draw any unneeded attention.

     At the fourth floor she could hear the footsteps of a few guards nearing. They turned to stare at Nera who smiled and began walking, as casually as she could, up the stairs.

     To her relief, they kept on walking down the hallway.

     She arrived at the tenth floor exhausted, but decided it was no time to take a rest.

     Pressing her shoulder into the door, she pushed it open to greet her room once again. However, this time, it was stripped of all it's furniture. Little strands of hay stuck up through the cracks of the old wood. Nera bent down in the centre of the room and threw back the weak floorboard.

     To her surprise, all that she could see was straw. Her old spellbook was gone.


Nera shoved her hooves into the small space and felt around for the book. To her relief, slipped under another close floorboard was her blue spell book. She blew the dust that had begun to gather on the top cover and began skimming through it.

     She flipped to the shield section, looking at various invisible shield spells, each one defending against different elements and attacks. She picked the one she thought would likely be the most helpful--absorbtion of shock attacks.

     She found a few attacks she thought would be helpful--Two Defence and Two Attack--casting a total of four upon herself, the maximum number of spells one can be in power of.

Stuffing the book in one of her robe pockets, she ran out through the doorway, not bothering to close the door behind her.

     She stopped at the steps and examined the staircase. She pushed the banister forward, but it didn't budge. Now knowing it was sturdy, she carefully jumped up and sat on the slippery wood railing. With a soft push and a small yelp, she was sent flying down toward the First Floor.

     She began counting to herself as she passed each floor--Nine, eight, seven, six, five...I must do this more often...four, three, more to go!...I'm here!

     Nera, being inexperienced at sliding down the banister, once sent flying across the room, as she had forgotten to slowed to a stop at the end of the railing. She landed with a skid across the marble floor, quite embarrassed as she saw Kau Seer turned and shake his head slowly.

     "What are you doing?"

     Nera flattened down the back of her skirt and walked straight up to Kau Seer.

     "Now, Kau Seer! Undo any spells you've made and leave Meridell. If you fail to do that right now, you will face the consequences."

     Kau Seer chuckled, holding his belly as if he was embarrassed that it was large enough that it shook when he laughed.

     "Nera, Nera. Now how do you plan to do that?" He voice suddenly became very serious. "Your spell books were burned. Your room was cleared. You talk foolishness, peasant." Nera clenched her teeth, but held back her anger...for now, at least. "If you do what I say, everything will go smoothly."

     "Haha!" Kau Seer yelled, "Nothing you do will stop me from taking over the whole of Neopia!" And with that, Kau Seer fired a shock beam from his hoof at Nera, smirking as it headed her way.

     Nera grasped the invisible shield in her hooves and directed it to the beam. Kau Seer's mouth hung open as the beam bounced off the shield, coming straight back at him. He threw his arms over his face as the shock beam hit him, knocking him off his feet and onto the floor. He rubbed the back of his neck and slowly sat back up.

     He spoke in a scraggly voice, as if he had just woken up. "I am not leaving this castle..." And he suddenly regained his voice and began to yell, "I will not!"

     He stood and rubbed his hooves together, slowly creating a red fiery ball between them. He cackled and threw the ball with all his might, right at Nera.

     Nera dropped to the floor and the ball passed over her. She closed her eyes and muttered a verse, suddenly becoming nothing but a shadow--her second defence.

     She leaped across the room, being careful not to stand by the candles, as the light would reveal her. Kau Seer stood in confusion as he looked about the large dining hall with the light from a single candle that stood on a wooden desk.

     Kau Seer felt a cold rush of air from behind him as he grasped the candle off the desk. Before he had a chance to turn around, a jagged ball of hard ice collided into the back of his head, throwing a gold earring to the floor. He was knocked flat to the ground, laying on his side. He slowly rubbed the sore spot where the ice had hit, and found his headache was too painful to sit back up.

     Lying there, Kau Seer managed to mutter a few phrases to himself, directing a lifted arm to Nera.

     Nera was taken by complete shock as she could see thick, forest green vines breaking out of the walls like sprouting flowers, only with unmeasureable strength and speed. They shot forward, throwing themselves around Nera and wrapping around her. She looked as if she had ropes and ropes of green tied around her. The vines brought her to the wall they came out of, sandwiching her between the wall and them.

     I have to think fast! Nera told herself.

     She lay there against the wall as Kau Seer recovered from the headache, now standing up. He began forming another fire ball, aimed at Nera. Nera could not reach her shield nor could move, as the flame headed toward her.


Nera began biting through the vines as quickly as she could. She tore through them as if they were paper. Unfortunately it didn't have the most pleasant taste, but biting as fast as she was, she couldn't taste anything anyway.

     The fire ball gained speed, passing over the dining hall table. Nera had finally bit through enough vines that the tight grip had been loosened, enough for her to squeeze out. She squirmed her legs out, falling to the floor, just as the fireball hit the place on the wall where she was.

     Kau Seer held back his anger brought out a potato launcher from a sack in one of the large pockets in his robe.

     Nera was dodging potatoes before she realised what was going on. She fell to her stomach on the floor, and began crawling beneath the hundreds of potatoes Kau Seer had fired. When Kau Seer found Nera was no longer in sight, he was too late to search for her, since Nera had already crawled her way to where Kau Seer was standing and had fired dozens of small explosive faerie acorns.

     "Oomph! Ah! Ouch! Eee! Oh! Erk! Oi! Aiee! Eck!" Kau Seer cried, as he was pelted with the little explosives.

Kau Seer finally fell to the floor as one final faerie acorn hit him in the back of his head, the same spot where the ice ball had collided. "Oooohhhh..." he said aloud in pain.

     By that time Luke and the rest of the servants had all gathered in the Dining Hall, from hearing the continuous noise of small explosions.

     "Kau Seer has been defeated," Nera told the crowd.

     They watched in amazement as Kau Seer slowly dissolved into little more than a small cloud of purple and yellow-checkered fog. The fog circled the dining hall, then gathered itself into a smaller and smaller cloud. And finally, it disappeared.

     The people stood shocked, whispering to one another about the strange ixi who had suddenly appeared in their castle. The crowd, including Nera, watched as sun began to flood through the stained glass windows. The iron gates melted away. In its place stood the beautiful glass doors Nera remembered well. Through the glass, looking out into the garden, the filthy water in the pond evaporated, bringing back the the clear blue waters that dazzled like diamonds in the morning sun. The bricks were restored to its natural, stunning white, and the rose bushes blossomed new pink buds. Everything had been restored to the way it was.

     Before the crowd had a chance to argue with what had happened, all of their memories had been replenished, for the spell had broken. None of them remembered anything of the Kau Seer battle, nor the castle being in ruins.

     "Nera!" a familiar voice cried, as the people parted to make way for Luke. "You're back!" Nera flung his arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek.


At the end of the day, Nera sat on the floor in her room, looking at the crumpled piece of paper with the information she had written about Kau Seer. She shook her head slowly, lifted up the loose floorboard, and stuffed the sheet of paper away. Kau Seer's spell upon the castle had been destroyed.


Soon after, Nera and Luke were married, becoming Queen and King of their kingdom. Kau Seer was never heard of again. What more is there to say?

     They lived happily ever after.

The End

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