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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Continuing Series > Spacegold's Grundo Independence Day: Part Two

Spacegold's Grundo Independence Day: Part Two

by epk

SUDDENLY, WHEN EVERYTHING seemed peaceful, the lights went out, the anti-gravitational force thingamabob went dead, and the little console I was playing Meerca Chase on had a deadly Game Over. We started to float in the air, along with the ship. "What's going on?" a voice from the laboratories said.

     In the front, we heard the Pilot, a Brown Kyrii, yell, "It's all right. There has been a temporary Power Outage to out Satellite Power as the Neopets Staff tried to upload NeoQuest 24/7 AND Tyrannian Land War, all at the same time! They have already announced they are going to try again Monday and are uninstalling Tyrannian Land War from the public servers."

     "How long is that going to take?" the Co-pilot asked.

     "Three Hours."

     "Our oxygen supplies are going to last us 2 1/2 hours if we don't get anything done soon!"

     The entire crew gasped...we were in some big Pick-Your-Own version of a Pile of Sludge. I considered possibilities. Could we stand a chance of another ship flying by? No...the Quiggle had said all other flights were a ways off. The only Neopet that could stand a chance out there in space would be the No-Oxygen for Me Grundo or a Robot Pet. And who has the time for a Robot Pet? Sure...I had a Grundo Transmogrification Potion, but that was for spacegold...should I use it? On whom? There was no way I could get a pet on board to volunteer to become a Mutant, and getting use to a new form like the Grundo takes some time.

     And to my luck, there was not a single Grundo on board. Looking around I overheard a Yellow Draik say, "It will be okay Pincey..." to his Pinceron.

     "Aha!" I exclaimed. The Pinceron, being a Robotic Petpet, would be able to make the journey. I went over to the Draik.

     "Hey, your Pinceron could save us all!"

     "Pincey? But how?"

     "Don't you realise that since he's a Robotic Petpet, he doesn't need any air! So, what speed can he go at?"

     "The Shopkeeper assured me 3 times as fast as any of Intergalactic Spaceship's engines."

     "And he cost?" I asked.

     "Three times as much as a Intergalactic Spaceship Engine," the Draik said, a little embarrassed at the fact people may think he was spoiled.

     " problem! He can make the trip, find a ship, and come back in no time!"

     "Pincey, you hear that? Your gonna be a hero!"

     Pincey was delighted at the news, his eyes glowed a shade of blue, and then he ran out of the Emergency Exit Door in order to get to the Space Station. The door itself was actually two, so we wouldn't get sucked into the Galactic Void. Confusing, yes.

     "Ahem. He have released 2 new Grundo colours," the Brown Grundo at the ceremony said. The right wall shone the Robot, the left shone the Rainbow. "Robot Grundo, and Rainbow."

     "We also have New Books, New Food, and best of all, NEW BATTLEDOME WEAPONS! Grundo's are going to be the spotlight at the Meridell War!!!"

     Some loud bass-pumped music played. Spacegold even had to cheer, despite how down he was. It was about this time Pincey decided to choose the Grundo Ceremony in order to find a Neopet that would be good to drive a ship, and of course he went for the first pet he saw, spacegold. It wasn't hard to miss the towering Grarrl.

     "Weep! Erment! My name Pincey! Ship! Out of Electricity! Neopets! Owners! Stranded!" Pincey yelled at spacegold, "Need Help! Low Oxygen! Few Names Registered! Jeello_564! Copatio! Lickalollipop_111! lizzagold!"

     Spacegold jumped at the name lizzagold. "What are we waiting for?" and he ran out with Pincey. The ceremony did not miss a beat.

     "Yo, mister! We need a ship!" spacegold asked a Blue Quiggle at the Loading Dock.

     "Are you licensed?"


     "Well then, you need the Super-Ship Beginner's Package."


     "No mister. The What? package is only for registered pilots," the Quiggle rejected.

     "It's an Emergency!" spacegold yelled at the Quiggle.

     "Well, if it's an emergency, can I see your Emergency Response License?"

     "ARGH!" yelled spacegold, as he ate the door to the Super-Ship Beginner's Package in frustration. The Quiggle jumped back.

     " can...uh...go right...ahead..." he said in fear. Spacegold and Pincey ran to the ship without a second thought.

     "Erm, which button do I push Pincey?" spacegold asked once inside the cockpit.


     "That's what I'm trying to do!" spacegold yelled.


     "Will ya be quiet?"

     "Push go."

     "Erm...I knew that," spacegold said in embarrassment, and he pushed the button that said go. The Beginner's Ship blasted a very slow speed.

     "How do you think we turn?" spacegold asked Pincey.


     "Erm...oops," spacegold said in slight embarrassment as he held well onto the joystick. "Erm, Pincey, do you think this thing can go any faster?"

     "No. What do?"

     Spacegold had no response.

     "I got! Idea! I got! Got idea!" Pincey said all of a sudden.

     Spacegold looked over at Pincey and asked. "Well, what is your Got Idea?"

     Pincey grabbed a rope from under the seat and tied it around his right claw. He then went outside the ship and tied the rope to a little hook on the hull. He turned onto Full Blast, and pulled the ship with him.

     Meanwhile, back on the ship, we were starting to slowly, and I mean slowly, regain power. We had barely enough to power the radar. "Hey, captain," the co-pilot said, pointing to the radar.


     "Look here, there is a Beginners Ship going at the speed of a Experts!"

     "That can't be!"

     "It is! And there is a Pinceron pulling it!"

     "What kind of Pinceron is equipped to do that kind of hard work? Its claw would be pulled off."

     "Must be an upgrade our sector hasn't gotten yet Captain. Hmm...look...they are parking at our ship!

     Yes, it was spacegold and Pincey who had reached the ship, and they were ready to pull. The ship and Pincey were pulling the large ship, but weren't making any progress. They needed one more thing to pull.

     "Aha!" lizzagold yelled, pointing to my package. "Give spacegold the potion! A Mutant Grundo should be able to pull the ship!"

     "Right lizzagold! Let's give it to spacegold! HEY! SPACEGOLD! GET OVER HERE NOW!" I yelled.

     "What? What?" spacegold said, walking over to my seat. I told him, "Drink this!"

     He knew we had no time to lose, so he got the potion and gulped it without a second thought. When you give a Neopet a Morphing Potion, they morph. But this was a Transmogrification Potion, so a horrid smell encompassed the ship and spacegold glowed a Purple Colour, then Green, and slowly became a Mutant Grundo.

     "I'm...a Grundo again! Yeah!"

     "I know, now pull the ship!"


     Spacegold got hooked up, and started to pull the ship. Don't ask me how the law of physics allowed it, but it worked. And we made it to the Space Station, safe and sound. Later that day I gave spacegold a Yellow Paint Brush and he became a Yellow Grundo again. Actually, I did it sometime after Grundo Independence Day, due to technical difficulties. We are just waiting for the prices of the new BD items to come down, so we could give them to spacegold for the war. Remember, support Maraqua's chance of being rebuilt, and bye in six intergalactic languages until next time.

egold: "Man, we only had a brief cameo in this story!"

splashgold: "Yeah, that's no fair! Even the Pilot's got a bigger mentions this us.

egold: "Gelert Day...oh spacegold's going down..."

splashgold: "You think epk will write another three thousand plus word short story again? Ha! His fingers are aching."

The End

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