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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 56 > New Series > Dragon Thieves: Angel_the_Faerie - Part One

Dragon Thieves: Angel_the_Faerie - Part One

by child_dragon

Image by child_dragon

Fate can play tricks on people every now and then. A bit of strange chance can result in the most wild and improbable situations. In this case, unbeknownst to us, fate was setting up what would be the greatest laugh of the century on the Dragon Thieves.

MIRACLESTAR WASN'T THE only one who attempted to steal from the dragon. Child_dragon had also, but in her case she was merely reclaiming the Essence. Now a third thief was venturing up the frozen peaks of the dragon's mountain, climbing for the summit and to the cave and treasures untold. The yellow Eyrie walked slowly, waiting for her owner, a skinny girl with brown hair. The two were tired from climbing, but determined.

     "Are we almost there?" the Eyrie asked.

     "I think so, Starjumper…." she replied.

     The Eyrie nodded and kept plodding through the snow.

     "Are you okay, Invictus?"

     "Yeah…. I'm fine…."

     The two continue up to the cave, eager to see the treasures inside. The Eyrie crept inside first, scouting out to see if the dragon was there or not. With a startled gasp, she raced back out of the cave to where her owner leaned against the cave entrance, out of breath.

     "The dragons gone! We're in luck!"

     With a grin, the girl followed her pet inside. The two surveyed the massive pile of treasure in awe.

     "C'mon, grab some stuff," Starjumper exclaimed, snatching up the nearest items and shoving them in a bag.

     "Starjumper…." Invictus said worriedly, staring at the even larger entrance at the back of the cave.


     "I hear something large…. Very large, coming towards us…."

     The Eyrie froze in her plundering, staring in fear at the direction of the sound.

     "Uh oh… the dragons coming back," she whispered in fright.

     "Let's go!"

     The two raced for the entrance of the cave, their hearts in their throats. Invictus skidded to a stop at the entrance of the side cave, then as Starjumper stopped besides her, leaped onto the Eyrie's back.

     "Okay, let's go," she ordered, and the yellow Eyrie leaped into the air, the girl hanging on for dear life, and a bag of treasure clenched tightly in furred paws.


The ride back down to their house in Neopia Central was a strained one. Invictus kept looking back over her shoulder, certain she'd see the wrathful outline of a dragon any second, spewing flame and chasing them through the evening sky. But for the moment they were safe.

     "We shouldn't of done this," she moaned when they landed.

     "Oh, c'mon Invictus," the Eyrie replied. "We're richer than our wildest dreams, don't be silly. The dragon will never notice, nothing to worry about. We sell the treasure, and enjoy being filthy rich."

     The girl sighed.

     "I guess you're right. Now, let's go inside and get this stuff sorted out, we can sell it in the morning."


The dragon sat in his cave, waiting. He'd noticed that some treasure was missing, and was quite unhappy about that. But he wasn't about to go after the thieves himself, no, he had others to do that for him. Finally, he heard faint wing beats. An air faerie flew over and hovered just above the dragon's snout, waiting expectantly.

     "Ahh, Diganis, good of you to come," the dragon purred.

     "Of course I came," the faerie snapped. "Now, dragon, what do you want?"

     "Some thieves have finally succeeded in stealing from my hoard. Find them and tell me where the treasure is."

     "That's it?" the faerie questioned. "I'm surprised."

     "That's it Diganis. I'm sure I'll find more things for you to do later though."

     "Thanks, dragon. It's much appreciated," she replied sarcastically, than with a flutter of light blue wings, vanished from the cave.


Invictus rose bright and early the next morning, banging on Starjumper's door until the Eyrie awoke also.

     "Hurry up, we're gonna sell this stuff today!"

     The Eyrie sighed and wondered into the kitchen, absently shoving the treasure they'd sorted the night before in a bag.

     "All right, you go scope out prices, I'll go get a trade set up on Mystery Island," Invictus said, taking the bag from the yellow Eyrie.

     "Sounds good to me," she murmured in reply.

     Invictus walked along the grassy paths of Mystery Island, headed for the Trading Post. The bag was heavy, and she was starting to regret not having Starjumper take this stuff to the Trading Post. Suddenly she heard an evil snicker and turned, catching her foot on a rock and falling onto her back. The Pant Devil zoomed out and snatched the bag up, still cackling evilly.

     "No!" Invictus shrieked from her spot on the ground, watching with tears in her eyes as the Pant Devil flew off with their riches.


"So how'd you wind up with that stuff?" the air faerie asked with a disapproving frown.

     "None of your business," the Pant Devil snarled, hovering a couple feet off the ground.

     "Yes, it is my business. You know the dragon in the Terror Mountain range? That's his stuff."

     The Pant Devil was silent for a long time.

     "Well, I wouldn't want to be on his bad side…." he said slowly. "But on the other hand…"

     And without another word, the Pant Devil took off into the sky, laughing insanely.

     "Hey!" Diganis shouted, flying after him.

     The Pant Devil flew over the residential area of Faerieland, then tossed the bag into a random backyard. It landed near a fire Zafara, who stared at the bag quizzically.

     "Ha ha!" the Pant Devil laughed, and took off again, the faerie in pursuit.

     "Where is it?" she demanded, finally cornering him.

     "In a fire Zafara's possession," he replied smugly.

     Diganis was silent for a long time.

     "I couldn't make it easy for you, now could I?" the Pant Devil smirked, than vanished with a soft pop.

     Diganis sighed and started flying low over Faerieland, looking for a fire Zafara. Soon she found the Zafara, rummaging through the bag. She looked for a long time, then noted the address and flew off for Neopia Central. She'd find out who this was, then report back to the dragon. That was all he asked her to do, after all.

To be continued...

Note: I would like to thank Invictus92889 for volunteering herself and her pet, Starjumper92889, to be in this story. Even if I did change the names around some.
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