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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Short Stories > A Look at the Stars

A Look at the Stars

by squieshie

The sun was shining brightly through my window, as I lay on my back, eyes wide-open. I sighed with much resentment. It was the first day of school. Ohh, I hate school, I thought. Especially the first day! I had no friends, and none of my siblings were in my class. Who would want to be friends with a goofy blue Ixi, anyhow? I thought again. Actually, I was quite glad that none of my siblings were in my class. They are all mean to me, especially my oldest sister, Peacheii. She is a peach Chia who is more of the stubborn kind, but is also extremely hyper sometimes. She always gives me a daily pounding, although she only does it when our owner, squieshie isn't around. My nicer sister, rayneboery, a red Kacheek, who is nice, quiet, and shy, and uses the Lab Ray, told me that Peacheii, and my other older brother, Saokiey, who is a mutant Shoyru, and is very unintelligent, were actually quite nice before I came into the family. I closed my eyes, and just then, I heard a big, SPLAT, against my wall. Just what I need, I thought. I knew exactly what it was, too. Another food fight.

     I forced myself out of bed, forgetting to wash my dirty face, brush my teeth, and clean my filthy hooves. I walked down our beautifully decorated hallway, that had vases with pretty roses in them, and a couple of nice pictures hanging from the nice white walls, and as soon as I stepped foot into our clean, lovely (now dirty, disgraceful), kitchen, a big wad of Fish favoured Ice Cream splattered into my face. I hated Fish favoured Ice Cream, as I still do today. Sure, I love Ice Cream, one of my favourite foods! I can't resist Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, Tigersquash, mostly any kind, you name it! But I absolutely HATE Fish Favoured Ice Cream.

     "Ohh, yeah! Taitl got nailed! Taitl got nailed!" Peacheii chanted, annoyingly.

     "Ha, ha!" my older brother, Saokiey said.

     rayneboery smiled a little, unsurely.

     "Aww, is Taitl goin' to cry?" Peacheii said in a babyish voice, as Saokiey threw a slimy, Wriggling Grub at her.

     I sat down at the table, looking down at my breakfast, my owner squieshie had made for me, as one of my salty tears rolled down my face, into the oatmeal.

     "Oh, grow up, Taitl," rayneboery said. Usually rayneboery was really nice, but I guess she was just trying to fit in with Saokiey and Peacheii.

     "Yeah," Peacheii agreed. You're such a baby!"

     "Taitl's never gonna make any friends," Saokiey said as he stood up, on his stool in front of the island counter that was in the middle of our kitchen. "She is a loner, and always will be. Who would want to be friends with a goofy blue Ixi, anyhow?" I frowned, for that's what I was thinking in my bed earlier this morning. Peacheii and rayneboery clapped for Saokiey's speech.

     I wasn't hungry, so I just played with my milky oatmeal using my spoon. About five minutes later, I grabbed my lunchbox, and walked to the door. They think they're so good! I thought. Well, I'll show them! I'll make a load of friends! And I'll do it on the first day of school! And with that, I stomped out the door.

     I stepped out of our driveway, and into the street. I saw our next door neighbours, a red Kougra, and a Christmas Kougra, with a bunch of friends. Ohh, who am I kidding? I thought. Saokiey's right. I'm a loner. I've never had friends, and I never will. Another tear rolled down my blue cheek, and splattered on to the black road. I stared at our house, that was addressed at 94340, Neopia Central, Soup Alley. It wasn't a very good thing we lived there, because the Soup Kitchen was only four, or five houses down from us, so the lines went clear down to our house, and squieshie always had over 2,000 NP, no matter what, so we couldn't ever get free food from the Soup Faerie.

     I started walking to the Neopia Central Elementary School, that was only a few blocks down from our house. I saw all the popular kids that were in my school, walking with a bunch of friends. As I peered behind me, I saw Peacheii, Saokiey, and rayneboery coming. They were laughing, and they're friends were with them, too. Peacheii was in a grade higher than Saokiey, and Saokiey was a grade higher than rayneboery, who was a grade higher than me.

     "And then," Peacheii explained to one of her friends, "Saokiey did a speech! And it was a great one, too! Show 'em, Saokiey!"

     "Taitl's never gonna make any friends," Saokiey cleared his throat, and spoke loudly, on purpose, so I would hear it. "She is a loner, and always will be. Who would want to be friends with a goofy blue Shoyru, anyhow?" Saokiey grinned, as all of their friends clapped.

     I started to run fast, towards the school, away from Peacheii, Saokiey, and rayneboery. Soon I was at the school. I opened the doors, and sighed, as I made my way down the hallway, and into Ms. Mouse's classroom. Ms. Mouse was the meanest teacher in the school. She's a Grarrl, anyhow. I stepped into the classroom, and looked around, anxiously, to see if there were any Ixis. There were none, except for me, and it was surprising, despite that they were the newest Neopet, and were not limited edition. I frowned, as I took my seat next a Purple Poogle.

     "Why the sad face?" the Purple Poogle asked.

     "Oh, you wouldn't understand," I replied. "Today is the worst day of my life. How could anyone possibly have a worse day than me?" I sighed. "I don't have any friends, and my brother and sisters are really mean to me." I frowned again, for I had told her the whole thing. But I actually felt a lot better after telling her, I guess, because those things were buzzing about in my head all morning.

     "Oh, I think your day will turn around eventually," the Purple Poogle said, as she grinned, and drew her attention to Ms. Mouse, who was about to start the day. The morning went by, well, boring, as it always is, having no friends, watching everybody throw paper-airplanes that had messages written on them to their boy friends, or whatever those gross Neopets do. When recess came, everybody was really excited. They rushed out the doors, but I just walked. I was always the last one in the lines, because I was so miserable. I never raised my hand to answer any questions, except when the teacher picked someone randomly, even though they weren't raising they're hand. I was always the first to finish races in Gym class, though. I love running, but I hate anything that has to do with school. That goes for music class, and Library, too.

     At recess, I sat alone, on the swings. It seemed like everywhere I went where other Neopets were, they would just scatter away. It's like everybody treated me like I was a germ, or something. Then I saw that Purple Poogle approach me. She was grinning, a really big grin. She came up and sat in the swing next to me.

     "Hey, I was thinking..." she started. "Do you want to be friends with me?"

     I was shocked. Nobody ever actually wanted to be my friend! "Sure! Of course!" I replied. "I'd love to!"

     "Great! Oh, by the way, I'm Cydia. Who're you?" Cydia explained.

     "I'm Taitl," I replied. I was happy I had made a friend.

     After school, Cydia even walked home with me! I was so anxious to tell Peacheii, Saokiey, rayneboery, and squieshie about Cydia.

     "Wow," Peacheii said, when I got home, and told her about Cydia. "Like anybody wants to be friends with you. She probably won't even last being your friend for a week."

     "Yeah," Saokiey agreed.

     rayneboery didn't say anything.

     I frowned. "Cydia's going to be my friend forever. No matter what happens!" I argued with Peacheii and Saokiey.

     When I told squieshie, she was really happy for me. "Maybe you could get together and play sometime next week?"

     "Why not tomorrow?" I asked her.

     "Oh, we're booked for Peacheii's, Saokiey's, and rayneboery's friends all through until next Tuesday," squieshie said, looking through a planner. "Maybe next Wednesday..."

     I rolled my eyes, as squieshie still blabbered about. Peacheii's, Saokiey's, and rayneboery's friends were all so annoying. I couldn't last a week having them over.

     Apparently, Peacheii was wrong. Cydia did end up being my friend for a week. A week and a half, to be exact. She came over to our house, and she experienced what I had to go through. She was happy to come over, but not to listen to Peacheii, and Saokiey be annoying, and torture me the whole time. But on the day after she came over to my house, She asked me to come outside and play. I happily said yes, and she took me through fields, and meadows, across rivers and lakes, over mountains and peaks, and finally we were there. It was a beautiful place, a little pond with lily pads in it, and the Cherry Blossom flowers were a good combination with the dazzling trees.

     "Where are we?" I asked Cydia.

     "Oh, we're in Meridell. This is actually Illusen's property, but I'm good friends with her, so she lets me come to this spot anytime I want. She said that I could even bring friends."

     "Umm... Cydia?" I asked her. "Do you have any other friends?"
"Well, actually, the only friends I have are you and Illusen..." she replied.
I was surprised, despite she was so nice.

     "Oh, here comes Illusen now," Cydia exclaimed. "Hi!"

     "Oh, Cydia!" Illusen replied as she stopped to talk to us. "Is this your friend?"

     "Yeah," Cydia said. "Her name is Taitl!"

     "Hi Illusen," I said.

     "Hi, Taitl nice to meet you. I've been busy with quests all day," Illusen said, tiredly to us. "Finally it's my break time."

     "Hey, Illusen," Cydia said. "Maybe we could help you?"

     "No, thanks. You two don't know what I need on my shopping list... I would ask, but it's way too complicated."

     "Okay, then," Cydia replied.

We played in Illusen's property for a long while, but soon the sun started to set. It was astonishing, the beautiful purple and pink blurred together. "I'd better get home now," I said.

     "Aww... Okay..." Cydia said. "See you tomorrow!"

     I went home, smiling. It was so fun playing with Cydia all day. I went home, and slept really good that night.

     The next morning, I went over to Cydia's house early in the morning so I could play with her all day. When I got to her street, there were Neo Ambulances and Neo Police cars all over the street next to the people who lived right across the street from Cydia.

     "Hmm," I thought aloud. "That's weird..." I walked up to Cydia's door and ringed the doorbell, but nobody answered. "I guess Cydia's over at her neighbour's house seeing what all the fuss is about," I said to myself. I walked over to the ambulances, and moved my way through the crowd to see who had gotten hurt. There was a purple Poogle in the Ambulance. "Huh?" I said. "That's Cydia!!!" I exclaimed. I ran up to the Ambulance.

     "What're you doin', kid?" A split Aisha who was standing next to the Ambulance said.

     "That's my friend in there!" I said.

     "Your friend, eh?" the Split Aisha asked.

     "Yeah!" I explained. "But how did she get hurt???"

     "She was attacked," the Aisha said. "She was just bringin' home groceries for her owner." I saw the bag of groceries laying on the ground. "She was attacked by a mysterious figure, who's attacked many young Neopets before..."

     "AND?!" I asked.

     "None of em' have ever survived."

     I was heartbroken by these words. But I knew in my heart, that Cydia could survive. The Split Aisha let me sit in the ambulance with Cydia on the way to the hospital. She looked quite beaten, and hurt, brown bruises scattered all over her purple body.

     When we arrived to the hospital, and Cydia was placed in her room, I went in a sat down next to her. She was asleep, so I just sat there, and waited. Then, all out of nowhere, a faerie popped up. "Huh?" I said.

     "Hi, Taitl! It's me, Illusen."

     "What are you doing here?"

     "Well, when I heard the news, I just put a 'Back Whenever' sign on the front door to my glade. I came to see Cydia."

     It was silent for a few more minutes, then the Doctor came in. Illusen and the doctor looked at Cydia, but I was looking at the heart rate. It was normal for a while, but sometime later, her heart was only beating one time every three seconds, and that's when I started to panic. "Come quick!" I called to the Doctor and Illusen. They ran over to the heart rate machine. "Her heart is only beating one time every four seconds!" I exclaimed.

     "She may not make it," the Doctor said.

     "Oh, no..." Illusen muttered.

     Illusen and I left the room. A few minutes later the Doctor Gelert came out. I tried everything I could to save Cydia..." he said, as Cydia's owner had just ran up to us, gasping for breath.

     "Sorry I'm late! Is Cydia okay?!?"

     "But," the Doctor continued. "She didn't make it."

     Illusen cried heavily, and my tears rolled off my furry blue cheek slowly. As for Cydia's owner, she was sobbing her head off.

     After all of that, Illusen and I walked slowly out of the hospital doors, and sat on a hill nearby my NeoHome.

     "It's not fair..." I said, crying. "It's not fair... it's not fair! Cydia was the only friend I ever had! And she was my best friend, too..."

     "Yes, I know," Illusen replied. "But things like this happen... And some things in life just aren't fair." Illusen frowned. "You just... gotta... learn to let these things ... go..."

     "But I thought Neopets couldn't... well, you know."

     "Yes, Taitl... But Cydia was destined to.... It's really hard to explain, but let's just say that she just came down here to live for a little while..."

     "How would you know?!" I asked.

"Well, that's just what faerie's know about... Well, I've got to be going now... the line in front of my Glade is probably ten miles long... Goodbye."

     Just then, I saw Peacheii, Saokiey, rayneboery, and squieshie run up to me. squieshie sat next to me, and frowned.

     "We heard the news," Peacheii started. "I promise I'll never give you another daily pounding..."

     "A what?" squieshie said. "You gave Taitl a daily pounding?"

     "Uh... hehe..." Peacheii smiled real big.

     "And we'll never make fun of you just to be mean..." Saokiey added.

     "Sorry for what happened..." rayneboery said, hastily, looking at the ground.

     "Uh... Thanks, guys..." I muttered.

     I looked up at the stars. I just knew that Cydia was one of those sparkling stars. I smiled.

     Cydia was the best friend anyone could ever have. And she was the best friend I ever had. The only one, too. Cydia taught me a lot. Not things like math, or anything. She taught me who I am. I'm not a loner. But I am if I think I am. But I'm not, even if I do think I am. Because I still have a friend. Her name is Cydia. And she may not be alive anywhere in Neopia, on the soft grass, or on the hard rocks, but I do know one place where she is alive. Inside me.

The End

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