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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Short Stories > The Mind Control Hair Gel

The Mind Control Hair Gel

by averyangryshaylir

Myyth’s intense ember-like eyes followed the formulas that flickered across the computer monitor in front of him. The fire Eyrie’s face was expressionless as the computer calculated whether or not the potion he had created would work properly. Sighing, hoping that this would work he waited impatiently for the scan to finish.

     You see, Myyth was not a ordinary Eyrie, nor your average Neopet. He possessed mage powers of the fire element and he wanted to use them to take over Neopia. Although he was confident that his magic was strong he knew that he couldn’t dominate Neopia without using other methods. There were bound to be people who would be ignorant and unimpressed by Myyth’s magic so he would have to resort to mind control.

     At the moment Myyth was trying to create a Hair Gel, not just any hair gel mind you, but a hair gel that when applied to a Neopets hair (or scalp) would put them under his control. That was, if he could get it to work correctly.

     The potion that was hooked up to the computer via little black cables was a nasty looking green colour that bubbled every once in awhile. Myyth had made the formula and mixed the ingredients himself. It would work. It had to work.

     Finally, the computer made a bleeping sound as it sputtered out a piece of paper. The Flame-licked Eyrie snatched the piece of paper and glanced it over. The paper read “FAILURE” in big bold scarlet letters.

     He groaned and tossed the paper to the ground before making it erupt into dancing flames with his magic. The fire flickered for a moment before dying and leaving a pile of ash in it’s place. Sighing Myyth flew upwards, pacing mid-air, trying to figure out what had gone wrong with his hair gel formula.

     At that moment, Shaeylan, a lab pet (who was currently a Desert Poogle) and Myyth’s partner in crime came trotting down the stairwell to their lair. She spotted the pile of ash on the floor and instantly knew something had frustrated her diabolical brother.

     “All right Myyth, What happened?” she asked, plopping herself into the computer chair and going over the stats of the concoction that the Eyrie had made.

     “You know the Hair Gel I told you about? The one that will put all Neopets under my control? It doesn’t work, and I have no idea what I can be doing wrong!” Myyth explained with a sigh as he landed next to Shaeylan, peering over her shoulder at the monitor.

     “Hmm...” Shaeylan scratched her chin for a moment before exclaiming “A-ha! I know what it is!”

     “Already?” Myyth asked blinking for a moment, unsuccessfully trying to figure out what she had noticed. “What is it then?”

     “Well, You see, It’s not balanced. You have the ingredients right, but since the amount is slightly off the potion doesn’t work," Shaeylan explained matter-of-factly as she poured Myyth’s hair gel into an old rusty sink which resided in a musty corner of their lair. Afterwards she came back with the empty vial and began to remix the ingredients. “Now, I want you to go take a break and get something to eat. Shaylir is serving dinner right now, I’ll finish this up while you eat," she told Myyth bluntly not taking her eyes of the task before her.

     “All right, all right. I’ll be back in a flash," Myyth replied flying up to the door, not bothering to use the stairwell.

     He hoped that “Operation Hair Gel” would work. Myyth knew he had to get this plan into action before Rhapsody found out about it. (She was his “Guardian” sent by Fyora to make sure Myyth didn’t cause any real damage to Neopia) But that wasn’t the only reason why he wanted to hurry with his plan.

     The desire to take over Neopia was overwhelming him. He wanted power, and he wanted it now.


Rhapsody, The Chaos Faerie in guise of a Faerie Kau, quickly locked the door to her room before trotting towards her Zen bed. She knew exactly what Myyth was up to (she had spotted the mind-control hair gel plans when she had revealed her identity to Myyth), but she had no clue how to go about stopping him. Sighing she bent down to nudge a small pouch out from under her bed. She lifted the small bag with her teeth and placed it on top of her dresser. Placing her front hooves on the dresser as well, she carefully opened up the velvet pouch to reveal a delicate looking mirror.

     She was going to contact Fyora and see what kind of advice the queen of faeries could offer her. After all, The head faerie was almost like an older sister to her and older sisters were the place to go when you needed help.

     Closing her eyes and concentrating Rhapsody hummed as she slowly moved her hoof in circular motions over the mirror. In a painfully slow manner the mirror began to show the outline of Fyora. Carefully the Chaos Faerie opened her eyes and spoke.

     “Fyora?” she asked quietly to the mirror.

     “Yes Rhapsody? Is there a problem?” Fyora’s bell-like voice rung out from the mirror.

     “Well...yes, There is. Myyth is developing a...mind control device. I am not sure how to stop him from completing his plans," the Faerie Kau said with a slight sigh as she shook her head.

     “Rhapsody! I am surprised at you. Honestly, you are the Faerie of Chaos, Just do what you do best," Fyora replied with a grin and an exaggerated wink.

     “Wha...?” was all the Kau good say as a befuddled look made it’s way across her face.

     “Just cause Chaos, Rhapsody. Now I must go. I have left my customers waiting long enough," the Faerie Queen said in response, referring to her customers that visited her hidden tower.

     “But...!” Rhapsody tried to protest but the connection on the mirror was lost. Furrowing her eyebrows and sliding the mirror back in the pouch the Faerie Kau could only blink in puzzlement.

     “Just cause chaos...What kind of advice is that?” she asked aloud to herself as she nudged the velvet pouch back under her Zen bed. That’s when the light bulb in her mind, grinning broadly she thought to herself. Oh I’ll cause Chaos all right. Myyth will never know what hit him...


Yawning contentedly as he flew over the stairs to his lair, Myyth grinned broadly. He had faith and Shaeylan and he knew that she would have the hair gel finished. Then they would be able to mass produce the stuff and sell it wholesale to the grooming parlour where it would then be circulated throughout Neopia.

     It would be perfect.

     “Have you finished? Does it work?” Myyth asked hastily as he soared into the lair and landed next to Shaeylan who was being absorbed in the information on the hair gel that was displayed on the computer monitor.

     “Yes, It does. Just doing some last minute tests," was the quick and confident reply. Satisfied Myyth went to observe the hair gel and noted to himself that it was a lot...clearer then the gel he had created. Oh well. At least Shaeylan had done it the correct way and now they would be able to implement the hair gel into their domination plan.

     Enter: Rhapsody, clomping down the stairs so suddenly that Myyth almost knocked over the hair gel in surprise. Shaeylan spun around in the computer chair her eyebrows raised in a quizzical expression.

     “Oh...It’s just you Rhapsody. What do you want?” Myyth remarked snidely sticking his beak upwards at her.

     “Say goodbye to your little hair gel plot Myyth!” Rhapsody replied triumphantly as she leapt at the vial containing the hair gel and knocking it to the floor. The vial made a tinkling sound as it broke into tiny pieces and the magic gel spilled. Myyth only shrugged.

     “We can make more, Do you honestly think destroying that will stop us?” Myyth shot at Rhapsody quickly, ignoring the broken vial on the ground.

     “Of course not. That’s why I’ve stolen and destroyed the disk with the formula on it to delay you a bit longer," she said flashing a lopsided smile at Myyth. As she pulled the disk out of the computer with her teeth and chewed on it a bit before spitting it to the ground and stomping on it repeatedly. “There, well. Adios Myyth! I’m going to grab some dinner. Until you think of some other diabolical plan!” The Faerie Kau said before bounding up the stairway.

     “Wow...that was a...chaotic way to stop us," Shaeylan stated, a bit disoriented by the way Rhapsody had just come and left so quickly not giving them any time to think.

     “Well, Of course, She is the Chaos Faerie, you know," Myyth sighed as he shook his head. In a mere minute all hope of his mind control gel had been destroyed.

     “Don’t worry Myyth. There are other ways to take over Neopia. Besides, We’ll eventually learn how to counter her chaotic ways.” Shaeylan pointed out as she patted her brother on the back.

     “You’re right, I just hope we can do it fast!” Myyth said in an exasperated manner, bowing his head.

     “Patience is a virtue," Shaeylan told the hasty Eyrie

     “One of the many I do not possess," Myyth replied with a smirk.

The End

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