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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Short Stories > Oputuk and Cumulo: The Perfect Present... Fish Flavoured Ice Cream?

Oputuk and Cumulo: The Perfect Present... Fish Flavoured Ice Cream?

by blueberry13579

Natt the Faerie Gelert stared blankly at her Green Noil, Radar 2. She sighed and rolled onto her back, staring at the ceiling. “What am I gonna do Radar?” she asked the slightly brainless Noil. Radar blinked, but said nothing. “Sorry, but I don’t think sitting there and looking cute will help me get out of this one.” She rolled onto her belly and stared at her Petpet. “I’m gonna be one year old soon Radar,” Natt said, sitting up, her long ribbon like ears falling over her face. “Oputuk and Cumulo plan on getting something for me and I dread the thought of what he thinks ‘The best present in the world’ is,” Natt said, mocking what Oputuk had told her. Radar again stared blankly at his master. Natt sighed heavily and trotted out of the room to find her mother.

     Natt found Blue in the kitchen trying to wrestle the can of Neocola out of Londin the Cobrall’s grasp.

     “Londin give it here you bucket!” Blue said through gritted teeth. “Oh hey Natt, what can I do for you?” Blue asked, smiling at her second oldest Neopet.

     Natt just sighed again and sat down next to the table where Londin sat, his body curled around the can of Neocola.

     “What’s wrong Natt?” Blue asked, turning her attention back to prying the sugary drink from the already hyper Cobrall

     “It’s this whole birthday thing Blue, it’s really getting me down,” Natt said, her ears drooping in a sad way.

     “What’s wrong with birthdays Natt, I thought every Neopet liked birthdays, especially when they turn one,” Blue said, jerking her hands and sending the Cobrall into fits of hissing.

     Blue snickered and gave up, turning her attention back to Natt.

     “I do Blue, it’s just that Oputuk and Cumulo plan on getting me something great, and well.” Natt fidgeted a little.

     “You wonder what they’re gonna come up with this time.” Blue smiled, finishing the sentence. Natt nodded and hung her head. “I know how you feel Natt,” Blue said, getting up and walking over to the kitchen shelves.

     She rummaged in the bottom one for a minute and then pulled something out. Natt choked back a laugh when she saw what Blue had pulled out.

     “You remember this don’t you,” Blue said, smiling and walking back to the table. She set the wire-cotton-chomby-plushie-thing on the table and sat back done. “This is what those two Romeo’s bought me for my last birthday,” Blue said, laughing and shaking her head. “It still makes me weak.”

     Natt laughed and looked at the odd contraption. “I know it’s funny Blue, but I’m not as easygoing as you, I can’t laugh if someone gives me... well... this!” Natt said pointing at the thing.

     Blue smiled and looked at her Gelert. “I know Natt, but you're just gonna have to try, I know your idea of a present isn’t a bucket of fish ice cream, but that’s just the way Oputuk and Cumulo are. Look at it on the bright side, you get a decent present from me and Talmox.” Blue looked at Natt’s face and smiled.

     “Okay, one decent present.”

     They both laughed and Blue went off to find the now probably, sugar high Cobrall Natt sighed and went outside to play with Radar.

     “Not a good present!?” Cumulo hissed, watching Natt from outside the kitchen window. “That fish ice cream was the perfect present!”

     Cumulo flailed his arms, slipping and failing from atop Oputuk head.

     “I kinda had a hunch she didn’t really like that present,” Oputuk said, looking down at the dirt splattered red Triffin. “We have to get her something good this year Cumulo, she kinda deserves it,” Oputuk said, picking Cumulo up with his tail and setting him on the patio.

     Cumulo brushed himself off and looked up at Oputuk. “Let’s go ask the crazy Ixi what he got the fussy Gelert.” Oputuk laughed and walked inside

     "Come on Tal, fess up!” Oputuk said, looking at his brother who sat on the computer playing Math’s Nightmare.

     “No way Oputuk,” Talmox said, not looking away from the screen.

     “Come on, be a brother to a brother,” Cumulo said, jumping onto Talmox’s shoulder.

     Talmox glared angrily at the Triffin and Cumulo immediately jumped off. “Come on,” Oputuk said, sitting down on a green pillow, “we just don’t wanna get her the same thing,” Oputuk lied, trying to look innocent.

     Talmox turned away from the screen and looked at his older brother. “No, you just have no idea what to get her,” Talmox said, walking over to his closet and pulling out a green box, he took the lid off, exposing a *Faerie Gelert Plushie.

     “WHOA! Cumulo yelled grabbing onto the box, where did you get the cash for that?!” Talmox again glared at Cumulo, shaking the box and dropping the Triffin to the floor.

     Talmox closed the box and put it back. “You tell and you're in trouble,” he said, glaring at both of them.

     “We won’t tell,” Oputuk said, grabbing Cumulo and leaving the room.

     "How do we top that?” Cumulo asked, still entwined in Oputuk’s tail.

     “We go ask Mom,” Oputuk said, walking into the living room.

     “Oh sure, now we gettin’ desperate!” Cumulo yelled, wriggling free.

     Blue was on the floor, her head under the sofa. She looked as if she was trying to pull something out. “You had one today Londin! You don’t get another!” Blue yelled, her voice muffled.

     “Do you think Londin got into the Neocola again?” Oputuk asked Cumulo, staring at Blue’s back.

     “Hey Blue!!?” Cumulo yelled. Blue jumped, hitting her head on the underside of the sofa.

     Blue pulled herself out, clutching the back of her head. “What do you want Cumulo?” Blue asked, exasperated.

     “We were wondering what you got Natt for her birthday,” Cumulo asked.

     Blue sighed. “Why do you guys wanna know?” she asked, sitting on the sofa she had just been under.

     “We just didn’t wanna--” Oputuk began.

     “We heard you two in the kitchen and we know she hated the present we got her for her sixth month birthday and we know you didn’t like yours either but your next birthday isn’t for like another year so we’ll worry about that then!!!” Cumulo yelled, jumping onto Blue’s lap.

     “Smooth Cumulo, real smooth,” Oputuk said dryly.

     Blue sighed and looked at her Neopets. “Guys, you just have to put a little heart into it, spend some time thinking about it. Give her something from the heart, it doesn’t have to expensive,” Blue said, looking at the two friends.

     Cumulo stared at Blue, his eyes filling with tears. “That was beautiful,” he said, “I never though you could be so sentimental!” He smiled, pinching her cheek. Blue grabbed Cumulo and tossed him into Oputuk. “That’s the first and last time I ever get sentimental with you two boys!” She laughed, leaving the room. “Did that speech give you any ideas Cumulo?” Oputuk asked. Cumulo thought for a minute, “No,” he said flatly. “Well I got one!” Oputuk said, grabbing Cumulo and heading for their room.


Natt sat in the living room the day after, listening to the boom box.

     “Hey Natt!” Oputuk said, walking into the room.

     “Hey,” Natt said, looking up at her brother.

     “We got you something!” Cumulo yelled, jumping up onto the sofa and setting a box down in Natt’s lap.

     Natt looked at Oputuk, puzzled. “It’s your birthday present Natt, open it.”

     Oputuk smiled.

     “But my birthday isn’t for like another week,” Natt said, shaking her head.

     “Who cares, just open it!” Cumulo said.

     Natt sighed, dreading what might be in the box. She pulled the lid off and gasped, she pulled the picture and and smiled at her brother and his Petpet.

     “This is the picture of when we went to the rainbow pool with a faerie paint brush, and I thought it was for you, but it was really for me!” Natt said, tears filling her eyes.

     The picture was in a rainbow coloured frame, Blue, Oputuk, Cumulo, and herself were all gathered around the Rainbow Pool and she was in her new faerie colour, Cumulo was still blue, and Oputuk looked so much younger. “I love it guys, this is the best present ever!” Natt said, grabbing Cumulo and hugging her brother tightly.

     “If you think this is good, wait until’ you see what Talmox got you!” Cumulo’s mumbled in between the two siblings.

     Oputuk smacked Cumulo and the three laughed until they couldn’t breathe.

The End

*I know this plushie doesn’t exist, but it was a good idea for a present... right?

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