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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Short Stories > Ankh the Cloud Anubis

Ankh the Cloud Anubis

by vvw

We found Ankh in the Lost Desert, in a Cardboard box outside Peopatra's Petpet tent. We didn't see her at first, but we did see her four other brothers and sisters. Ankh didn't fit into our family at first. But in the end... all was how it should be.

     It was a hot day so I brought all four of my pets to the Lost Desert. "Couldn't we have gone to the Ruins of Maraqua again?" Sut, my faerie Peophin asked.

     I nodded. "Yeah. I hate sand."

     They all stared at me. "Then why are we here. It's hot and full of sand!" Renee the starred Shoyru said.

     I scratched her head. "Because the fruit machine and Coltzan's Shrine are free and fun!"

     "Could we go to Peopatra's petpet tent?" Baby asked. Baby had recently had to give up her Horus, Imoteb. I had been able to find a pet for her that she had liked. Baby loved the Lost Desert, so I thought it might be a good place for a new petpet!

     "Sure Baby!" I told her cloud Gelert.

     There was a small crowd around Peopatra's tent. It would have been larger had it not been so hot. We walked over slowly. My spotted Pteri, Teri landed on her shoulder, tired for flying. "Can I become a Faerie Pteri so I don't have to use my wings?" she asked.

      "Would you really want to be pink?" Teri made a face.

     "No way! Hey, I'll stay this way if Faerie Pteri are PINK!"

     I didn't bother to tell her Pteri didn't come in Faerie.

     Teri fought their way threw the crowd and all the pets sat in a circle around a cardboard box outside Peopatra's Tent. I walked inside. "Hello Peopatra, What's all the ruckus outside?" Peopatra smiled. "My prized Anubis, (ironically named) Anubis, and his mate Isis just had a littler of puppies! I didn't want to treat them like normal Anubis and sell them so I'm giving them away!" I smiled and ran outside.

     The crowd was gone and only two large Anubis were left in the box. Peopatra walked outside. "Oh my, all the puppies are gone already?" I walked over to my pets. "Did you get one?" They shook their heads. Peopatra walked over and picked up Anubis. Anubis barked and Peopatra put him down. Isis, a white Anubis jumped out of the box.

     "Well, come on, let's go home." My pets and I started to leave when Baby stopped. Her nose sniffing the air. She went back to the box and dug around. She reached in the box and moved a light blue blanket out of the way. A small blue Anubis looked up at her and started to cry. Peopatra, Anubis, and Isis came running outside.

     "Well, look. There's one left!" Peopatra said. Anubis and Isis jumped into the box and nudge the pup. Baby smiled. "He's such a cute little pup." Peopatra picked up the pup. "This is the runt, probably how she hid so well." Anubis and Isis jumped out of the box. Peopatra put the pup back in the box.

     The pup put her feet up on sides on the box and stared at Baby. She yelped. Anubis and Isis jumped into the box as the pup sat down and cried. They looked around trying to find what was wrong with the pup.

      "She's hungry," Baby told them.

     "Really?" I asked.

     Baby nodded. "Yeah. She wants her Lunch." Isis fed the pup.

     "Vvw, We're going back home." Teri told me.

     "Okay. I'll stay here with Baby." My pets left and I sat next to Baby. "So what's the pups name?" I asked.

     Anubis barked something to Peopatra. "That one was never named."

     "Why not?" Baby asked.

     Peopatra shook her head. "We couldn't find a name for her."

     The pup started to cry again. Baby picked her up. "Poor thing. It's too hot out here. Take her into the tent. It's MUCH cooler in there!"

     They took the pup into the Tent. She stopped crying and snuggled up against Baby's foot. Baby sat down and licked the pup. I sighed. "Great, now I have to buy Anubis food!" Anubis and Isis sat in front of Baby.

     "How did you know what the pup wanted?" Peopatra asked.

     Baby smiled. "It's simple really. I have seven children, although three were adopted, I've still raised them all since they were pups! I just know what pups want."

     The pup yawned and licked Baby's foot. Baby nuzzled the pup. Peopatra smiled. "Would you like her? You seem to know what she wants."

     Baby smiled. "Could I? Oh wow!" Baby wagged her tail.

     "Oh course." I smiled.


     The pup opened her eyes. Baby picked the pup up and put her on her head, her long ears holding the pup in place. We wished each other good luck and left.

Baby put the pup down on the kitchen table. She chewed on a blue kau plushie sitting on the table. I took it away. "No! My Kau!" I put the Kau on a self next to fifty other plushies. The pup started to cry. "Vvw, give her a Plushie to chew on!" I handed her a red usul doll since I had two of them. The pup started to chew on it.      

     "How cute!" Renee said. "What's her name?"

     "Name her Fluffy!" Sut said.

     "Call her Stinky," Teri said.

     "Why not Kaze?" Renee suggested.

      "I'll ask Link and Master. They know Egyptian!"

     "Call her Anack," Link suggested. "After the deceitful queen Anack-Su-No-Men!"

     Baby shook her head. "That's to complicated!"

     "Why not Isis?" Master asked.

     "No, that was her mother's name."

     "Why not Sora?" Renee asked.

     Baby shook her head. She held up the pup. "I think your name is... Ankh..." The pup barked.

     Baby had received a Cloud Petpet Paint brush from her husband for their anniversary. Baby painted Ankh Cloud. They were both proud of her Cloud coat. She put a golden necklace around Ankh's neck. It had a dark blue gem in the centre. "There! Now don't you look cute!" she said. Ankh wore her collar proudly.

     Baby let Ankh sleep on her pillow and the next day, she let her sit on the table while they were eating. Ankh sat on Baby's head. She fed her some of her Bagguss. Renee's pink Kadoatie, Luna jumped onto the table. She purred and ate her Kadoatie Treats. She looked up and froze. "Is that an Anubis?" she asked. Baby nodded. Ankh jumped off of Baby's head and started to bark at Luna. Luna screamed and jumped into the air, clutching onto the fan.

     "Luna! Come down from there!" Renee yelled.


     Sut's Leeble, Lita, swam nervously in her fish bowl. Teri's Airax, Nellie, eyed Ankh hungrily. Then, everyone started yelling. Renee yelled for Luna to get down, Baby yelled at Teri because Nellie was thinking about eating Ankh. Sut was yelling that Ankh was scaring Lita but no one was listening to her. Luna hissed, Nellie squawked, Lita made a weird fish noise that sounded a bit like a bell and Ankh howled.

     "QUIET!" I yelled.

      They didn't listen... they never listen. I pulled Luna off the fan, picked up Ankh, held Nellie's beak shut and picked up Lita (which was possible because she could breath out of water). Everyone stopped screaming.

     "Vvw? Are you going to let go of my Airax or am I going to MAKE you let go!" Teri threatened.

     I let go of Nellie and put Lita back in her bowl. "Now..." I said putting Luna and Ankh down. "Listen! I have had enough! I'm not usually the smart or leader type so this is hard. Now, You have to stop arguing! You're petpets will find a way to get along! A new arrival is always hard to get used to... But it's okay. Ankh will grow to be a part of the family..."

     They all agreed. "Now, Let's go to Faerieland today. You all better leave your pets home," I said. We left the house, and the petpets alone and went to Faerieland.

     Ankh jumped off of the table onto a chair and off of that chair onto the floor. The small pup waddled over to the door she saw Baby leave from.

     She sat next to it and cried, "Hey! Keep quiet!"

     Ankh looked over to Nellie, Teri's Airax. "You heard me! They leave all the time!"

     Nellie swooped down and landed next to Ankh. "Yeah. I don't see why they had to get you! Baby was just fine with the other stupid bird!"

     Ankh backed away from the large Airax. Nellie squawked at her. "Hey! Don't be afraid. I'm not as mean as I am around Teri. You have to show off for your Pet!"

     Ankh came a bit closer. "Really?" she asked.

     "No." Nellie reached down and picked up poor little Ankh.


     Nellie turned around. Luna hissed at her. Luna held her paw up. Four razor sharp claws came out. Nellie gulped and put Ankh on the ground. Luna pounced on Nellie who flew away.

Ankh licked Luna. "Thanks!" she said wagging her tail. Luna started to walk away from her. "Hey wait!"

     Luna turned around. "Sorry kid, I have work to do!" She jumped onto a windowsill and jumped out the window. Ankh whimpered and walked away.

     "Hey! Don't feel bad! Those two are always on the run! Leaving me behind." Ankh turned to Lita. She wagged her tail and ran up to the small fishbowl. She put her paw on the glass and looked in the bowl.

     "Hi! I'm Lita!" Lita popped out of the bowl.

     Ankh barked at her. "I'm Ankh!" She wagged her pudgy tail. "How did you get in that water bowl?"

     Lita laughed. "It's a fish bowl! It's my home!"

     Ankh tried to climb into the fish bowl but fell. "Oomph... I can't get in!"

     Lita giggled. "You're an Anubis! You don't go in the Fish Bowl!"

     Ankh nodded and sat watching her. "Will you come out and play?"

     "I can't come out because I can't move on land."

     Ankh whimpered and started to walk away.

     "Be careful! Nellie is after you!"

     Ankh had explored a few rooms of the house. It was all so big, and she was so small. She climbed up stairs (which took a while) and looked around. She was in a strange bedroom. It was very welcoming and reminded her of a warm home or a kind Faerie. She struggled to climb onto the bed and finally did. She could see EVERYTHING from there. It was a large room but not hers.

     "What are you doing here?"

     She turned around. It was Luna. She hissed at Ankh.

     "This is my room. Your not welcome here Kadoatie eater!"

     Ankh fell off the bed and onto a pair on socks. She quickly ran from that room to the next.

     This room was very Tyrannian, but to Ankh, whom never seen Tyrannia, it was a pile of rocks and dung. "Wow..." she said. She heard a squawk and felt from the room as Nellie dove down to catch her. The next room she found herself in was a different. It had a lot of pictures on the walls. Most were of a Faerie Gelert. Ankh wagged her tail. This was her room. "Yay! I found the room!"

     She walked into the next room. It was all water like. She walked out of that room quickly and found herself in the first room again. "Hmm... it's circular in shape..." She started to walk down stairs but tripped and nearly fell off the stairs, but she managed to grab the banister. She couldn't get back on the stairs and the banister was slippery. If she let go, she wouldn't survive the fall, but she couldn't hold on much longer.

     "Hey! LUNA!" She looked down. It was a LONG way down but Lita was under her calling for Luna. The Pink Kadoatie appeared at the top of the stairs. She rushed down to Ankh. Nellie Landed on the banister next to her.

     "Nellie! Help her!" Luna commanded.

     Nellie snorted and shook her head. Luna hissed and pulled out her claws. Nellie gulped and picked up Ankh by the back of her collar. She spread her wings and landed safely on the ground.

     Ankh hugged Nellie. "I guess not all Airax are puppy eaters!"

     Nellie smiled. Luna sat down next them and licked her fur.

     "Luna! I'm not a Kadoatie eater!"

     Luna nodded. "You're a good pup. Just don't take to eating Kadoaties or I will have to use my claws on you." Ankh nodded. The door opened and the four of them looked up as their Pets came in. Nellie flew to Teri, Sut ran over to Lita, Luna purred and walked over to Renee.

     Baby walked over and picked up Ankh. "Well, did you have fun with the other pets?"

     Ankh smiled and wagged her chubby tail.

The End

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