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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 53 > Articles > Boredom Zappers

Boredom Zappers

by _snow_man_

POOGLE MOUNTAIN - Hi, fellow Neopians... it's me, Snowy! I've had a long break from writing these so-called articles, so you've probably forgotten all about me :( Boo-woo! I was the person who wrote "The Confusing Yellow-Bar Thingy", "Do I Have My Priorities Straight?", "Do I Have My Priorities Jumbled?" and "Museum + Chaos = Ages of Fun!".

Anyway, I've decided to come up with a few 'Boredom Zappers' for you guys... in case you get bored with Neopets... (impossible, yes, but just in case.)

The Chat Boards

The Chat Boards... the perfect place, the perfect victims.

Role Playing
Pounce on unwary role-players and join in as The Amazing Talking Cheese! (Not really suggested: People can start throwing rotten vegetables. You may get a not so good reputation on the chat boards. And... it gets boring being a cheese.)

Shop Ads
Forget it. There's nothing much there, a few advertisements proclaiming to have a Genius Faerie for only 1 NP... even though they don't exist. If you wander over there, I suggest you actually check out some of these ads and see if you can pick up a few bargains.

Beauty Contest
Another no. Ripped posters of Unis in dresses and Techos in leather jackets... graffiti is against the law, so don't draw a moustache on that Uni who picked on you at school, all right? Let bygones be bygones and... anyway, it's not worth it. :)

Fan Clubs
Uh... I don't know. From what I see, I think it's like another Role Playing Board but... it's not. Argh, this is confusing. Never mind, leave this subject. But if you want to go there, there are various types of boards ready for you to... reply to.

Ideas and Suggestions
I love 'suggesting' things for Neopets. Like powdered water! Or waterproof ice cubes... make up your own. But this board isn't really what it seems. It's just like the Fan Clubs board, with a variety of different messages - shop ads to... to Guild ads and everything else.

General Chat
Now, I'm going to skip all the other boards and go to my favourite, General Chat. It's the ideal place to wreak havoc with weird messages. My favourite (and my trademark) is something to do with flammable watermelons. It sort of turned into a half role-play though... what can you think of? Let your imagination run wild and tell everyone you're a coconut-headed skunk, or something, anyway. Use your imagination!


Do you have a Guild? Well, if you don't, get one. Seriously. I mean, what couldn't be more fun having a reputation for posting the weirdest messages? And once you've got the Admin Abilities (the ability to change the layout, delete messages, promote members, etc.) why not wait until April Fool's Day and change all the rank names - (e.g. Leader, Newbie) to something else? Like... Snowy Rules instead of Newbie, (or put your name there instead, I guess...) or 'Flammable Watermelon'... or something. *cough*

A Little Less Insane...

:: Play games. A bit more sane then the above things to do, but it works. Anyway, you gain a few Neopoints :)

:: Write an article for The Neopian Times. Fame, fun and... well, no fortune, really, but it does zap boredom. I suggest trying this, but if you have no talent in writing, try the Art Competition, the Beauty Contest... or any of the contests Neopets has to offer.

:: Shopping! What girl doesn't like shopping? (if you're a boy, tough luck. Hehe. Ignore this point and go onto the next one.) Yes, I'm a girl! Some of you don't know that, I've realised. Just because I have _man_ in my name doesn't mean anything :) Anyway, shopping and spending all the Neopoints you've saved up is one of my favourites. Go on a shopping spree with about 10,000 NP in your pocket (I prefer 100,000 NP, but if you can't afford to spend that much, 10,000 NP is an ample amount)

:: Fancy yourself an interior designer? Show the world by decorating your NeoHome. Make your room have an oriental feel (don't think we can do that yet...), or furnish it with the funkiest furniture Neopets has to offer! Or are you the more stylish type, with chandeliers and marble floors? The Luxurious Sofa and Royal Throne would look perfect in your home.

:: So, designing isn't your strength. Designing of homes, anyway. But what about Web pages? You have about eight different pages you can decorate! Shops, User lookups, pet pages, guilds... just don't overdo the shops, please. It can get really irritating when a shop has too many things in it. It looks tacky.

:: Collecting items is also a good way to amuse yourself, but can burn a big hole in your pocket. I tend to get a bit bored with it, though, but you might not. My little sister, mirenrulz, collects Piles of Sludge. (Don't ask.) She's got over 100 of them and they give her... actually, I don't know what they give her. Maybe you should ask her, hehe.

:: What happened to the 'pets' part of Neopets? We're all so busy trying to make money, have huge galleries and be... a well-known Neopian, I guess. What about the NEOPETS themselves? The original reason you came here for? Remember how cool it was when you first fed your pet? When did you last feed your pet? Play with it? Groom it? Give it a treat? Most pets I know are always kept in the Neolodge because it's 'cheaper'. Have you even given your pets a personality yet? If you have a great NeoHome, a huge gallery and plenty of Neopoints... but neglected pets, I suggest you spend more time with your pets than with your money. Neopets gets a bit dull if you spend no time with your pets.

There's more to do; heaps more! I haven't listed them all, you have to find them yourself! Take some time to explore, and don't worry about crashing the computer. The good old Control+Alt+Delete is always there (unless you've smashed the keyboard because you missed out on that Fish Negg on Meerca Chase) and if you get a bit lost, there's always the Back and Home buttons. If they don't seem to work, the Backspace key on the keyboard does the same thing the Back button does.

So, have fun, explore and remember that Neopets isn't about the Neopoints! It's about having FUN. By the way, I'm not going through the long disclaimers, which seems to have become my 'trademark'. All I'm going to say is: If you get frozen, it isn't my fault. If your pet turns into a mad freak, it isn't my fault. If your computer crashes because some dodo has decided to take my advice and places all those dolls and whatnot into their shop, it isn't my fault. So stop blaming me! I think I'm starting to get paranoid....

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