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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Articles > Strange Cranky Wocky Seen Flying Around Haunted Woods Sky

Strange Cranky Wocky Seen Flying Around Haunted Woods Sky

by usaraud_lugiat

HAUNTED WOODS - It was upon a piece of sticky Jelly stuff flying through my walls and hitting the newspaper squarely that I decided to take it upon Myself to find out why this was happening in the Woods and write this article. Pulling on my coat and taking my camera with me, I charged out of our house onto the relatively deserted Evil Street… obviously people were scared away by the ghosts that were all over the Haunted Woods, I thought, as it couldn't have anything to do with the name of the street. I stopped outside, just as quickly as I left the house, only to receive a sharp thud on my back. It was LordDraik, who is the only early riser of all my pets. He looked up at me, cocking his head in the cute way that Draiks do, rubbing his muzzle and picked himself up, flying to perch on my shoulder.

Looking about I decided perhaps it would be best to follow the trail of green jelly, and racing off down Evil Street I went, with LD's ears flapping behind us. A Dark cloud loomed above us, lightning trailed out from below it, lighting the sky. Although this is not a rare occurrence in the Haunted Woods, the blue, chubby form of Hubrid Nox was. Pulling out the camera, I set up to take shots of what was going on to send to the Times, focusing on Hubrid and a very sorrowful looking Ghost Chia. I saw in the zoom, Hubrid's stubby little arms attempting to curl his moustache as he let out a low evil laugh that you wouldn't think a Chia capable of, and floating out of the way, his lightning struck the ghost Chia that grew in side, glaring down at us. Deciding it may not be a good idea to take photo's of this Chia, I hastily began to retreat, before a big flash of Green light trailed from above us, hitting the ghost Chia and drilling right through it.

The glow faded, and there hovered a dark furred creature, that looked much like a Wocky. I stood and raised my camera again, taking shots as it flew at the Ghost, releasing a barrage of energy from its hands, breaking the large ghost down to the size it once was. Then, drawing some odd glowing axe, the Wocky slashed down, cleaving the ghost and sending it back to the land of the dead. I nudged LD, telling him to go get its attention, thinking that the fighter would prefer to talk to a Neopet, rather than me. I started rummaging through My small rucksack, looking for my notepad when I heard a loud THWAK, and looked up just in time to see LD come crashing into me, sending us both to the floor. "What was that LD?" I asked, looking at my dear Draik.

"Um, I think it thought I was a ghost… I don't know, but it sure packs a punch" the Draik replied "Well, go back up there, get him to come down, I want to ask him a few questions," I told LD as I watched him shake his head. Sighing, I thought for a moment "Ill get you a big coco whip slushie if you go get him for me." Knowing that LD can't resist slushies. Rest assured it worked, his eyes lit up and he shot up there again, avoiding another psychotic swing from the Wocky, yelling peace talks to him, and finally luring him down to the ground where I could speak to him. (What follows is what I wrote while speaking to the Wocky now revealed to be MAGAX)

MAGAX (mag): What is it? Hurry up, I have ghosts to kill, trees to slaughter and Chias to torment.

Usaraud_Lugiat (UL): I'm sorry to draw you away from your… um… fun? I just wanted to ask a few questions.

Mag: Questions? I don't do questions… *he turns to leave*

UL: Would you do it for a coco whirl slushie? (Who can resist slushies??)

Mag: Um, well… if you put it that way, I can answer one or two little ones.

UL: Okay, firstly… you're a Wocky?!?

Mag: Yeah… Like the goatee? I did it myself; all that neck fur makes us look cute huh? Not a great image for MAGAX: Destroyer! (If you listen very carefully, you can probably hear the dramatic drum roll as he says that)

UL: MAGAX? That's your name, right?

Mag: No! It's MAGAX: Destroyer! You have to say Destroyer! It attracts more fans.

UL: Oooookay then. Moving on. Why are you trying to get Hubrid Nox?

Mag: He is evil? Sending ghosts around? Oh, I don't know…. It might have something to do with him ruining my goatee when we were younger.

UL: He is a terrible warlock, and your excuse for hunting him is because he messed with your face hair?

Mag: What? You think only Usuls care about their looks? He is one mean Chia, he is chubby and ugly, and so he wants everyone else to be too! Ever wondered why those Aisha ghosts look like balloons?

UL: I see your point. So, How did you get the powers you…

And as I said that, he turned around and shot into the air…. Chasing after Hubrid's cloud. So, Why has MAGAX swo… sorry, MAGAX: Destroyer… sworn to stop Hubrid Nox? Because He cares too much for his goatee... that's why. As for where he came from, or how he has those powers… Well I guess Ill have to ask that the next time I catch him. But for Now, at least all of Haunted Woods may sleep soundly, knowing that a cranky Wocky is watching over them.

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