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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Articles > The Ideal Neopia: On Paint Brushes

The Ideal Neopia: On Paint Brushes

by sol_luna_estrella

RAINBOW POOL - After reading a bunch of articles on the Baby Paint Brush a while ago, I got thinking. The Baby Paint Brush isn't the only paint brush that could cause problems. What about the other paint brushes? What do our pets think of them? A wonderful thing, paint brushes are. You take your pet to the rainbow pool, and poof-magically, they become a faerie pet, or pirate, or purple, or electric. Or is it so wonderful? The topic of this week's "The Ideal Neopia" series is quite clear. Just as the issue of poverty has been brought up previously, I wish to get across this week how paint brushes should be used.

People are falling over themselves to get their hands on a paint brush.

"Won't my Aisha look so pretty faerie?" "Won't my Shoyru look so fierce when painted Tyrannian?" "My Pirate Poogle looks so tough!" people say to themselves. However, though it has been established that you must definitely talk to your pet before painting them Baby, shouldn't you talk to your pet before painting he or she anything?

Well, there have been times when I have wanted to paint my pets. However, I did not want to do this so much as to spend my entire Neopian savings on just one paint brush. To see different views on all paint brushes, I planned interviews with my own three pets and a pet in the pound as well, and also a painted pet that I know.

ME: Here I am, in my own NeoHome, and I am about to talk to my three pets: Ilusión_de_las_Risas, my red Peophin (Dream for short); La_Estrella_de_Sol, my blue Aisha (Star, for short); and Listillo, my blue Shoyru. Let us begin. Tell us, would you like to be painted someday?

Dream: No. I like the way I look well enough now. If I kept on changing colour, I might want to keep changing around and I might hide my true self, and I think that red expresses me just fine.

Star: Weeeell…I must admit that I have always wanted to be painted Cloud. I used to want to be Faerie, but I decided I shouldn't because I'm afraid of heights. I like how I look, but it would be rather nice to be Cloud.

Listillo: There are certain colours that I don't like, such as Tyrannian. But…hmm…I don't really know. Others I think are okay. I think I'm fine just the way I am, thanks.

Me: (Glancing at watch) I have to be going over to my next interview soon. Before I go, though, what would you tell owners who want to paint their Neopets any colour?

Star: Talk to your pet first! I want to know what's happening if I'm ever painted, even if it's the colour I've always wanted to be. And look at my siblings-they don't want to be painted at all. Paint brushes, no matter great they may seem, can do harmful damage to pets, maybe lowering their self-esteem or self-worth.

Listillo: I think for a lot of pets, they want to be painted. They want to look tough, or pretty, or different. A lot of pets, though, also want to remain how they are and discover their personalities a bit so they can make a wise decision when they're painted. You can always change colours back and everything, but that can be costly for a large amount of Neopians. You should make sure to do what your pet wants, and not necessarily what you want. You're not the one who's going to be prancing around with faerie wings when what you really want is to be a robot; it's your pet, if you make the mistake so many may be making.

Dream: Well, I'm not sure. There are so many opinions out there, it seems, and so much controversy. I agree with my siblings, though. Make sure your pet wants to be that colour If you hate how the Stone Grarrl looks, but that's what your Grarrl wants to be, then let your Grarrl be Stone! He may end up not liking it anyway. Let your pet be her or his self. Don't paint he or she Fire when he or she wishes to be Striped. Let your pet be his or her self.

Me: Thanks, guys. Okay, I have to go. I'm off to an interview!

Here I am with the Shoyru Cutastraphy, Listillo's friend and whose owner is a friend of mine. Cutastraphy is in an interesting situation. Tell us a little bit about this, Cutastraphy. Cutastraphy: Well, I was very young, so I don't rightly remember all that well about my past owner. I may have had more than one owner. I don't know. Anyway, I know that I was adopted by futurestar1300, who then found a glass paint brush right after my adoption. She painted me, and wow, did I look good! I loved being Glass. Then-I don't rightly know what happened then. I just morphed. It ended up that I just found out that they retired the glass paint brush so I was turned to this ugly colour I look awful! I mean, it's better than some colours, but I hate being painted right now.

Me: That's awful!

Cutastraphy: I know. But it doesn't matter much. My owner's saving up for another paint brush, one that looks better.

Me: How do you feel about paint brushes?

Cutastraphy: I think that they are a good addition to Neopia, but they can be abused. As long as they are used wisely and to the pet's advantage, they are fine. It's in situations like others and mine when they become problems.

Me: Any advice to potential pet-painters?

Cutastraphy: Let pets have freedom in choosing what they want. If it's the most expensive on the map, save up for it if your pet really wants it. Paint brushes are meant to make your pet look good and feel good, too.

Me: Thanks, Cutastraphy. I have to go now, but thank you for your time and your feedback on my topic.

Cutastraphy: No problem. Say hi to Listillo for me!

Me: I will. It's off to the pound!

I have chosen a pet who is at the time of my writing, residing at the pound until adoption. At the time you read, this pet has found a home. This interview will show how pets with different surroundings will react differently to the topic. I have chosen to interview an energetic blue Gelert named asandua.

Do you remember anything about your past owner and life?

asandua: No, not really. I think I have been too puzzled over why I was abandoned to think about who abandoned me. It's a stressful experience to be abandoned just like that.

Me: I'm sure it is. Have you ever longed to be painted at all?

asandua: Oh, yes! You wouldn't believe! I would love to be painted. I would look so much better and more people may want me and might be less likely to abandon me. I'd love to be painted.

Me: How, generally speaking, do you feel about the paint brushes addition a long while ago to Neopia?

asandua: A wonderful addition. They can help pets so much, like me in the pound, and they must make pets feel so grand as they walk down the street. I'd love that feeling of walking around, painted. I would feel so proud and-superior. Well, not superior. I'd be just as worth as much as any other pet…but I would stand out, I'd be different, no matter what colour I was painted.

Me: Do you have any advice for people who want to paint their pets? Are there any specific points you wish to make?

asandua: Not really. I think most pets would love to be painted, any colour, just so they can stand out. There are probably exceptions, but I think most are like me.

Me: What if you were painted a colour you hated?

asandua: I don't hate any of the colours, but if there was one-hmm. I suppose that could pose a problem. I don't know, but it would still make you stand out and be proud…oh! Somebody's come! Bye-it's my new owner! Nice talking to you!

Me: Nice talking to you too, and thank you for your input.

So you see, I hope you've gathered enough information about painting your pet. Baby brushes can make your pet happy or no, but so can other paint brushes. It's not only the Baby Paint Brush that can harm your pet. The step I want you to take this week? Well, if you're going to paint your pet, talk first and see what your pet really wishes for, and the ideal Neopia is a place where everyone has a voice.

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