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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Continuing Series > Nopawroblem: Part Two

Nopawroblem: Part Two

by al_the_chia

Present Time...

GOLDPAW, ALPHA OF Lupe Forest, sat in his office, shuffling through a truckload of papers.

     "Hm...let's see...what's new on the agenda..."

     He picked up a mug labeled '#1 Alpha', taking a long sip of coffee before continuing.

     "Hm...Nopaw is moving back into Lupe Forest?"

     Goldpaw laughed, taking off his reading glasses and setting them onto his desk. "Well, well, well..." The wise, golden-furred Lupe stood up, stepping away from his desk and over to his open window, reaching for a whistle tied around his neck.

     He was a big, dignified Lupe, growing slightly grey from age, but still a powerful leader of his pack. Without pausing, Goldpaw blew onto the whistle as hard as he could. No sound audible by a normal pet's ear came out. He stepped away from the window and back over to his desk, taking a seat and putting his glasses back onto his face. It was silent for a few moment more as Goldpaw began doodling on a blank piece of paper, until the door of his office burst open with a bang.

     In stepped a panting red Lupe, in full battle gear. He put his sword back into its sheath, stepping up to Goldpaw's desk. "Well?"

     The door flew open again, and a blue Lupe in a tye dye T-shirt and a headband with long, luxurious hippie hair and a set of purple sunglasses stepped in, nearly knocking over the red Lupe as he smartly saluted Goldpaw with a flower. "You rang, man?"

     Warpaw stood up, clubbing his brother over the head with the handle of his sword. "What are you doing here, you coward? Go back to your meadow and start singing your songs to those sappy Miamice you own!"

     Peacepaw pulled himself back up, putting his purple sunglasses right.

     "Dude, that was not called for. I'm not going to fight with you, man...I'm beyond that! Of course, as anyone can see, you are just a..."

     Goldpaw slammed a paw onto the desk, knocking his petpet, a pet rock, off the pile of papers he was resting on and onto the floor with a cracking noise. Both Lupes fell silent, staring at him with awe, respect, and fear. He slowly stood up, drumming his fingers, his tail slowly swerving back and forth behind him.

     "Now, listen you two. We have a new Lupe moving into the forest."

     He slowly prowled back and forth behind his desk, glaring at the Lupes and frowning like a teacher with unruly students.

     "Instead of the usual Lupe Forest Welcoming Committee, I'm sending you two to take her in. Help her out as much as you can."

     Warpaw saluted smartly, his armour clanging. "Right, chief." With that, he marched out of the cave, Peacepaw following behind, singing a lyrical melody and tossing flowers in his wake.

     "Oh, if I were unhappy, I'd be happy again..."


     "Dude, the answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind!"

     "What the heck is that supposed to mean? Are you insulting me? If you are, I'll kick your..."

     Goldpaw sighed, picking up his pet rock off the floor and brushing him off. "Geeze, some people, eh Bubbles?"

     Goldpaw gently put Bubbles back onto the papers he had been sitting on previously before sitting back down, putting on his glasses, and going back to work.

Nopaw's Cave...

     Warpaw swatted leaves out of the air with his sword, and neatly beheaded a passing fly as he walked down the path.

     "So, the Lupe's moving in on our Folk's old turf, eh?"

     Peacepaw gasped, picking up the dead fly and moaning.

     "DUDE!! NOT COOL!! We aren't moving a step further until we have a funeral for the fly you, like, pointlessly killed!"

     He reach into a pocket on his shirt, pulling out a tiny piece of paper and a wad of gum. With several quick folds and some loud chewing, he constructed a fly-sized coffin-shaped paper box, complete with a bubble-gum sculptured tombstone.

     Warpaw blinked. "You're kidding me, right?"

     Peacepaw dug a little spot on the ground. He dropped the fly into the coffin and the coffin into the hole, a single tear flowing down his cheek. "May you, like, rest in peace!!"

     Warpaw kicked dirt over the hole and grabbed Peacepaw by his tail, dragging him away.

     "Yeah yeah, whatever, we have to go now!"

     "But we need to inform his next of kin..."

     Warpaw smacked Peacepaw over the head before entering the clearing.

     "Hello? Anyone home?"

     Nopaw gasped, dodging behind a rock at the sight of the Lupes Quivering, she shrunk down as much as she could, trying to avoid her brothers. Warpaw stomped on the ground, causing several stones to tumble to earth.

     "I said, ANYONE HOME?!?!"

     Peacepaw, getting up and rubbing his now bruised head, walked into the clearing, adjusting his purple sunglasses. He looked around for a moment before his eyes caught on something.

     "HEY! THERE MAN!"

     He pointed to the split Lupess hiding behind the rock, her tail just barely visible. With a yelp, she leapt to her feet and fled the clearing, plunging into the forest. Warpaw shoved over his weaker brother and, pulling out his sword, took chase.

     "GET BACK HERE AND TAKE THIS FRUIT BASKET AS A GENEROUS THANK-YOU FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE LUPE FOREST WELCOMING COMMITTEE, YOU COWARD!!" Peacepaw stumbled onto his feet, tripping over several rocks before finally going onto a full run after his enraged brother.

     "Wait, little Lupe! We only want to be friends!"

     Nopaw frantically ran on, dodging past trees and ominous looking plants until finally tripping over a rock. She rolled on the ground a full three times before slamming into a tree and sprawling onto the ground, a large bump growing on her orange/purple head. Warpaw caught up, neatly tripping over the same rock and landing on top of her. Peacepaw, of course, followed suit. Soon, it was a riot of fur-ripping and sword-swinging and tail-pulling and wild, frantic screams (mostly from Peacepaw), until finally, they all collapsed, exhausted. Nopaw got up, brushing herself off and staring at her brothers like they were Dr. Sloth and the Monoceraptor.

     "W-w-Warpaw? P-p-Peacepaw? Why are you in Lupe Forest? I thought you were still travelling the world!"

     Warpaw and Peacepaw looked at each other.

     "Nopaw?" They both cried.

     "I thought you left with Airhead!" Warpaw gasped.

     "I thought you'd gone with Fatface!" Peacepaw muttered.

     "I didn't, okay?! While you two were fighting..." She took a deep breath.

     "While you two were fighting, I just left. Ran. I fled Lupe Forest. I couldn't stand you two ARGUING over ME, and I just had to get out of there! I fled all around the world, from Krawk Island to Meridell to Mystery Island, but now...You finally caught up with me!"

     She sat down onto a stump, wiping a hanky on her face. Warpaw snarled.

     "You see? You made her cry, you big blue blackhearted..."

     Peacepaw stuck his paws into his ears.

     "OH, IF I WERE UNHAPPY..." He sang loudly, his eyes rolling up as he stalked around in circles. "I'D BE HAPPY AGAIN!..."

     "WOULD YOU STOP SINGING!!" Warpaw raised his sword. "I OUGHTTA..."

     And, once again, they began arguing. Warpaw yelled louder, and Peacepaw sang louder. Soon, they were back on the ground, wrestling in the dust again. Nopaw looked on helplessly. She watched them wrestle viciously, pummeling, biting, scratching, pinching, slapping, all the stuff that she had put up with ever since she was born. It all began to boil around inside her head. Every instance, every argument that she has stuffed inside the deep, dark recesses of her mind suddenly freed themselves. Suddenly, something clicked inside of Nopaw, and, finally through with it all, she let out a long, echoing scream. Warpaw and Peacepaw stopped fighting, staring at their sister with a look of shock and amazement. Every Lupe in the forest paused what they were doing and perked up, listening to the scream bounce around the trees and soar into their ears. After a few moments, Nopaw burst out again, the orange part of her body steadily turning as purple as the other side as she began to rave.

     "You're STILL fighting about it! It was such a long time ago! Why can't you just let it go? I can take care of myself now, can't you see that? Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm dumb! As a matter of fact, YOU TWO ARE THE DUMBEST, MOST IMMATURE, LOUSY, WORTHLESS BROTHERS I'VE EVER HAD!! Wrestling on the ground? YOUR FULL GROWN LUPES! I though you'd be successful, but you're STILL STUCK IN THIS DARNED FOREST?!? GRAAARGH!!!"

     With that, Nopaw stomped on Warpaw's tail and booted Peacepaw in the face.

     "At least I could get a job! I'm going to be Goldpaw's Assistant, starting today. That's the only reason I came back to this cursed forest!! YOU ARE BOTH DISAPPOINTMENTS, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!"

     And with that, she strode back to the path. For the first time, she had been angry. And for the first time, she was smiling.

     Warpaw and Peacepaw gaped after her as she melted into the trees, stunned.

     "I don't believe it!" Warpaw gasped.

     "Me either!" Peacepaw agreed. "What happened to the big sister I could look up to?"

     "What happened to the little sister who always depended on me?" Warpaw sniffled.

     Peacepaw turned to his brother, dropping his hippie visage. "Aw, I always depended on you! You saved me from danger more than once!"

     Warpaw smiled. "You know, your music wasn't half bad...I used to love your older songs..."

     Peacepaw nodded. "And you always helped me reach the top bookshelf because I was too short!"

     "You were the best little Punchbag a big brother could ask for!"

     Suddenly, Peacepaw burst into tears, giving his brother a great big hug.


     Warpaw grabbed his brother tail and flipped him, slamming him into the tree nearby, snapping his purple sunglasses in half.

     "Touch me again and I won't be as merciful." He snarled. "If any Lupe saw that..."

Goldpaw's Office...

     Goldpaw shook his head, staring out the window at the once-again fighting Lupes

     "Some things will never change, eh Nopaw?"

     Nopaw nodded, staring out at her brothers with misty eyes.

     "Right, sir."

     She turned back to Goldpaw, smiling. "Do you want more coffee?"

     Goldpaw smiled. "Yeah, sure, and ease up on the cream this time. Oh, and could you organise these papers?"

     He slammed a mountain of unfilled forms into her paws.

     "Oh, and Christmas Break will be cancelled this year, as we have to organise the Parade."

     "We have a parade, Sir?"

     "No, we do not have a parade, that's why we...Oh, I'm sorry, I mean, YOU...have to organise it."

     "Yes sir..."

     As Nopaw left, Goldpaw reclined in his chair, turned around, and stared out the window again. And stared. And stared again...

     Well, some things never do change...

The End

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