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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Continuing Series > Alliances: Part Two

Alliances: Part Two

by solargriffin

THE EXCITEMENT AND cheer of the townspeople had left me strangely melancholy. As I sat upon my horse, overlooking a desert plain, I allowed myself the bittersweet pleasure of remembering days long past. It was a practice I tried hard to avoid, reminiscing. However, in the cold atmosphere of the night, my thoughts strayed, and I made no attempt to curb them. I had been standing on the cliff lost in reflection for some time when a sudden movement caught my attention. I quickly snapped back to the present and looked down at the plain, where a white rider on a mud brown steed was tearing across the landscape, followed closely by three dark figures. The scene did not sit well with me, for the pace of the white ride's mount was too panicked, and the way the dark riders followed, too fierce. It was obviously a chase. Curious, I rode down the hill and followed at a distance, determined to stay out of sight until I knew more of the situation. We had not gone very far before the front rider, a white Lupess, halted on a small ridge and whirled to face her pursuers. She drew a small knife and raised it high, the blade glinting dangerously in the moonlight. Her pale green eyes flashed menacingly as she challenged,

     "You won't take me without a fight!" I was surprised by her bravery, and though she was small, it was obvious that she would make a worthy adversary. Her opponents however, did not seem impressed.

     "I think we can handle it," one of the dark riders laughed as he stepped forward. I recognised the voice immediately and let out an involuntary growl. He was the same black Lupe I had fought in town a few hours ago.

     "Perhaps," I said bitterly, stepping from my place in the shadows, "you would not be so eager to battle if the fight was a bit more even."

     "You!" the bandit spat as he swiveled to face me. He let out a snarl, but seemed much less confident than he had a minute ago. His gaze shifted from me to the Lupess and back again, weighing the odds.

     "Well?" I questioned. The outlaw turned to face me, his countenance full of hate.

     "She isn't worth it!" he snapped. With that, he gave a quick jerk of his head and the other outlaws galloped away. "This isn't over!" he warned before taking off after his companions. I watched them fade into the night before returning my attention to the white Lupess and was rewarded with a rather amusing scene. She still had her dagger raised threateningly above her head, but a look of utter confusion now graced her face. Her brows were furrowed and her mouth was partly open, her train of thought totally derailed by the sudden turn of events. I chuckled to myself and turned my horse around, ready to depart once more.

     "Wait!" the Lupess managed to shout. "Where are you going?"

     "I wish I knew," I said over my shoulder before cantering off into the darkness.

     I had not been riding very long before I became incredibly drowsy and let out a wide yawn. After all, it had been a busy day, and a Lupe can only take so much. Looking around, I saw only the flat, desolate landscape extending for miles; not a cave or crevasse in sight. Since I did not have the energy to search for a shelter, I shrugged my shoulders and dismounted. One night out in the open wouldn't kill me. Besides, it would be dawn in a few hours. I whistled merrily as I untacked my horse and haphazardly set up camp. I yawned again before lying down and curling up in my sleeping bag.

     "G'night, boy," I said to my steed before I drifted off. However, my slumber was restless. I tossed and turned, for my dreams were troubled. I stood in utter darkness, while a voice screamed from somewhere nearby. Yet, no matter which way I turned, I could not find where the cry was coming from. The more I tossed, the shriller the scream became, and other voices soon became audible. They were harsh and cold, coming from all around. With one final toss, I bolted awake, but the shrill voice had not stopped. However, I now realised my mistake. It was not a scream, but a panicked whinny. I turned around to find three outlaws trying to subdue my horse, who had been trying in vain to warn me of the danger. I snarled in anger and was about to rise when I took a good look around. No less than twenty rugged looking Lupes stood glaring down at me, evil smiles on their maws. A low chuckle came from my left. I looked over quickly and was once again confronted with the bandit from town.

     "I told you this wasn't over!" he gloated. The whole pack of outlaws laughed while they fingered their weapons. I growled softly. I had been incredibly stupid to camp out in the open, right in sight of anyone who happened to pass by. The bandits were still laughing when a gruff voice rose over the crowd.

     "Shut up, alla ya!" Every Lupe fell silent, and they shuffled about to make a path for the speaker. The Lupes in front of me moved aside, revealing a very large stone alpha with a long scar running down the right side of his face. "Now, whatta we got here?" he said mockingly. He looked down at me and, for a second, seemed to almost falter. His eyes flickered and he paused. Yet, it was gone in an instant, and he turned sharply to the outlaw from town. "You know this lowlife, Blazer?" he questioned sharply.

     "Yes'sir, this here is that Lupe from town I told ya about. Lone Star, they call 'em." The stone Lupe laughed and smiled evilly.

     "Lone Star, huh?" He laughed again. "Well, Lone Star," he sneered, "word is you've been pickin' on my boys here." He stepped forward menacingly. "Interfering with the little business we have with them locals. Now, I can't have some hero mucking up all my plans, can I?" All the Lupes chuckled evilly as the stone Lupe drew a fire sword from a scabbard at his side. "I guess I'll just have to teach you a little lesson…"

To be continued...

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