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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 50 > Continuing Series > The Shoyru Theft: Part Two

The Shoyru Theft: Part Two

by silvaskulltula

I'VE BEEN WATCHING you for a while, ever since you chased the two Faeries around the city," Tenshi continued as they sliced through the air. "Like I said, I think I can help you. I know of this great detective.." He was cut off as Darinio interrupted him, "This isn't just another theft! The Faeries stole something of utmost importance to an entire species!" Grinning, Tenshi replied, "That's precisely why I'm taking you to this guy. He's the best ever. There has never been a crime that he was unable to solve." Becoming slightly impressed by the detective's merit, Darinio asked, "So what's his name?" As they neared their destination, Tenshi responded, "All will be revealed shortly, just have patience."

     A dilapidated building popped into view, and Darinio slowed down and landed, following Tenshi's lead. The streets and buildings around were vacant, or at least appeared to be, which seemed odd to Darinio. Why would the 'great detective' be in such a run-down place? The other buildings, similar to the one they were standing in front of, were boarded up, barely showing portions of broken windows and faulty doors. Some of them looked like they would cave in if a scamander crawled across one. Though this building's windows were boarded-up, the door wasn't.

     "This is as far as I go," Tenshi announced. "You'll find the detective on the fourth floor, good luck to you!" he exclaimed as he flew off in a hurry as if he had somewhere else he had to be. Figuring he had no better option, Darinio put his paw on the rusty doorknob and turned it, then pushed the door open.

     Despite its condition, the building was fairly large, with several rooms on the first floor, which was a good indication of the number on the others. Spotting another stairway, the Shoyru headed for it. Every time he took a step the floor creaked, which was worse while on the stairs, which wobbled as he pressed his weight on each one.

     On the second floor Darinio encountered a striped Kau, who was sitting on the floor, playing Sakhmet Solitaire. Prepared to continue on to the next floor, he rushed past the bovine Neopian. But he could go no further... there weren't any more stairs! After being asked how one proceeds to the other floors, the Kau responded, "Moo," motioning over to a ladder next to the entrance of the second floor, which was unnoticeable on the way in. Thanking the striped Kau, Darinio scrambled up the ladder, now in a rush to find this 'detective.'

     Running all the way through the third floor he quickly reached the fourth. Peering around, he tried to determine which door most likely led to the mystery pet. The first he passed had no door and the room was completely barren. The next was locked and bolted, so Darinio moved on. The third boasted a sign on the door, reading, "Detective Moondrops."

     Knocking on the door, he was greeted with a "Come on in." Inside the room there was an old Marble Desk, two Red Chairs, a coat rack, and a Green Chair, which was situated so that it was facing away from the door. "Take a seat," the voice offered. Jumping up from his seat to the back of it, the detective faced the Pet that had entered. Darinio gasped as the detective revealed himself. His tail wagging and his left ear slightly flopped, he was a sight to behold.

     "A Doglefox?!" managed the flabbergasted Shoyru. It was true. From pointy-eared head to furry toe, the detective was a Doglefox, no doubt about it. "I knew coming here was a mistake!" he yelled, disregarding the poor Petpet's feelings.

     Moondrops shook tremendously with laughter, wiping a tear from his eye.

     "Just tell me what you know, and I'll resolve the whole problem in no time, you'll see." With nothing better to do, Darinio told him everything he knew of the theft...

     "So let me get this straight. Two Dark Faeries broke into a secret base, and flew out with a mystical item...this Shoyru Stone. And you want me to catch them?" Moondrops asked in a voice of disbelief. When the Shoyru shrugged and looked down, Moondrops said, "I'll do it," much to Darinio's surprise. "All we need is a plan..."

     The two set to work on how to capture the "Dark Faeries."

     "They stole it, but it had no real value to them, being Faeries." Moondrops scrunched his face as he thought, staring hard into nowhere. "They must want to sell it!" he exclaimed suddenly, falling off the Green Chair in surprise of his quite brilliant conclusion.

     Struck with the perfect solution, the shrewd Doglefox began to explain himself. "Here's what I think is the best way to get these thieves. We go to them, offering to buy - I have some connections on the street. We lure them to a secluded area, and BAM!" he yelled, getting lost in the moment.

     "We've got them, and the stone!"


It was a cold, windless night, and Moondrops was at the exchange site, busily searching for his business associates. Sighing with apprehension, his breath condensed into fog-like matter. He was in a forgotten alley behind an abandoned warehouse, waiting to put his plan into action.

     Unbeknown to the detective, two sets of eyes glimmered in the darkest corner of the alley. "You must be him," they declared, coming into plain sight. He turned around to see two Dark Faeries.

     "Yes, I'm the buyer," Moondrops responded, motioning to the nearby door. "It's cold out tonight. How about we do this inside?" asked the Doglefox, who appeared to be extremely cold, as indicated by his shivering.

     On the way in, he looked up in the rafters to make sure all was set. Darinio gave him the green light, so he began to stall. "Where's the stone?" asked Moondrops. "The Neopoints first," they snapped, showing they were in no mood for games. Moondrops slumped down a bag full of Tombola Coins, which were of no value any longer.

     Darinio positioned a gun over his shoulder and steadied his aim as they made the transaction.

     "Thirty million, just like you asked for," said Moondrops, his expression grim. "Heh, he's a really good actor," Darinio thought to himself, chuckling softly. Slowly squeezing the trigger, he fired upon the oblivious Faeries.

     KABOOOOOOM!!!! Two balls of energy emerged from the gun's barrel and hurtled towards them, snaring them on contact. "What the...!!" they screamed in unison, startled by their capture. "Hey let us out!!" they pleaded. The two knew they would have to answer to the Air Uber-Faerie, which wasn't the most pleasant of things.

     Crafty as she was devious, Rilora came up with a plan. "Let us go and we'll give you the Shoyru Stone," she negotiated. "Why would we do that? We have you two, AND the stone too!" explained Darinio, who had jumped down from the rafters and was taunting the Faeries with the gun.

     "If you don't let us out," Rilora grinned, "we will destroy the stone!" "You're bluffing," Darinio stated calmly, stifling his fear. "Try us," she retorted, making him worry even more. Quickly he let them out, as he would do anything to avoid putting the great Shoyru Stone in peril. His gun was pointed directly at them, so as to not let them escape with it.

     Rilora tossed the Shoyru Stone to Darinio, and the two took off, bursting through the doors. Handing the stone to Moondrops, Darinio said, "I'll be right back - I have some Faeries to catch." With that, he flew out the doorway and up into the night sky.


Darinio never found Rilora nor her accomplice, just two innocent Air Faeries, who were trying to escape the cold. The defences of the secret base were increased - they even went so far as to submerge the facility underwater. The two Faerie thieves continued their reign, taking advantage of people's prejudices. And Moondrops? Well he quit his profession after catching fame in a certain contest.

The End

Author's note: Some of these characters may actually have a pet or person with the same name, I realise this. But what you must realise is that I created most of the names myself, and it is a mere coincidence. However, Tenshinoyume the Shoyru was intended to be there, as was... the detective. :)

I received permission from their owner. Furthermore, this is a fictional story, so Tenshinoyume and the detective do not necessarily act like this in real life.

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