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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 50 > Continuing Series > The Lupe Collector: Part Two

The Lupe Collector: Part Two

by soggydude

THE NEXT DAY Sheriff was as usual putting weapons together. The Lupe Collector thought he had learned his lesson, and this time he was alone. After looking around, he stole a sword, an improved Rainbow Gun, and other weapons. He hid them and then left to get what passed for lunch. On the way he called for a meeting during the five-minute outside break the Lupus got. Word passed from Lupe to Lupe, and by night-time they were all looking at him. Sheriff told them what he had told Al, except for the movie part, quietly. The Lupes forced to create cloths agreed to make special clothing and a Lupe pup that was the messenger was to direct the commanders to the spot. The day after every Lupe worked harder then before, doing their job. Soon the messenger was directing the first commander.

     "Yes, sir, the special outfit you wanted is ready." He led the Buzz to a small warehouse. The door was opened, and the Lupes hidden inside prepared themselves. Soon the messenger and the Buzz were inside.

     "So, Lupe, where is it?" Right at that point Sheriff leaped on top of the Buzz. Other Lupes jumped out and surrounded him.

     "We got you now!"

     "HELP!" They all tangled with the Buzz, until his collar fell off. He suddenly stopped fighting, and looked at all of them.

     "What happened? Where am I? And who are you?" All the Lupes looked at each other. Alvator stepped forward and looked at the broken collar.

     "Hey, this is a Slave Collar! It makes you do whatever the one who placed it on you obey them, no matter what the order is." Sheriff stepped forward.

     "Hey, are you okay?" The Buzz continued to look around.

     "Why are there so many Lupes?"

     "To make a long story short, you were being used by the Lupe Collector. But now you are free. Will you help us fight back?"

     "You bet!" Soon a new plan was formed. Instead of knocking out the commanders, the Lupes were to destroy the collars. Each time a pet was freed, he or she joined the Lupes. Soon they had a large army. The Grarrl who had first taken Sheriff in went with him to confront the Lupe Collector while the other Lupes freed everyone else.

     The Lupe Collector was inside his office, whistling. The office door burst open, and Sheriff ran in. The Lupe Collector saw the Grarrl. "Bringing him in? What did he do now?"

     "It's not what he did, it's what you did."

     "What on Neopia are you talking about?" The Grarrl held up the slave collar, and the Lupe Collector's eyes widened. Sheriff grinned.

     "It's over. We've freed everyone. So, you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?" The Lupe Collector shook his head.

     "You don't know anything about me, it seems. Why would I give up? And besides, I have other pets under my power. If you want a battle…" He pushed a button and rockets popped out from his chair. He then hovered in the air. "…get it on the other side of that mountain!" He pointed, and then burst off. He smashed through the roof. "OW! I need a new escape plan…" Sheriff watched him fly off. Then he and the Grarrl left, and met up with the other Lupes. They told everyone what had happened, and soon everyone looked to Sheriff for a plan.

     "Me again? Okay, let's see…" He quickly thought up of a plan. "Alvator and I will go after him along with…you, you, you, you, and you. Everyone else get the police."

     "Just you and him and the other ones?"

     "Yeah, the Lupe Collector shouldn't be too hard. Wait here!" After waving good bye to everyone, Sheriff, Alvator, and the other Lupes ran to the mountain. They grabbed the rocks and began to climb. After five minutes of climbing, they reached a flat surface. Alvator got up first and helped Sheriff up who helped the others. They both looked around and saw that a trail that lead upwards.

     "Well, Sheriff, I guess that's the only way to go." They ran up, eager to catch the Lupe Collector. As they were running, a boulder fell down.

     "ROCK SLIDE!" The Lupes turned around, but a boulder hit Sheriff…and went straight through him.

     "What in the world?" Sheriff reached out a paw.

     "They're just holograms!" They went on their way, ignoring the fake boulders. They reached a cliff side. Just then, several Neopets wearing Slave Collars leaped out at them. Alvator took out a Million Degree sword, and the other Lupes also took out their weapons.

     "You go get the Lupe Collector, we'll take care of these pets!" Sheriff jumped in the air.

     "I get to be the hero! Oh yeah!"


     "Right, stop the Lupe Collector." He climbed up the rocks, being sure to avoid anyone that tried to grab a leg. Sheriff scrambled up the ledge, and looked down to see how Alvator was doing. Alvator had taken the collars off a few pets that were now helping him. Sheriff then continued on his way. As he reached another flat surface, he heard a voice.

     "Hurry up, I think that annoying one is closer!" Peeking over the side, Sheriff saw the Lupe Collector standing by himself. He leaped up.

     "I'm closer then you think!" The Lupe Collector calmly looked at Sheriff.

     "Oh, well in that case…" The ground rumbled, and a large tank came into view. The Lupe Collector jumped onto the surface. He opened the hatch, and then hopped inside. "You wanted to fight me Lupe, so here we go!"

     "Oh sure, use a tank. That's going to be fair." Suddenly the tank speeded toward him. Lasers fired out of it. "Lasers?" Sheriff was answered by a near miss. He quickly backed up. The tank advanced, firing more often and with better aim. As he was backing up, Sheriff tripped over a log. He looked at it, and picked it up. He ran forward and stuffed it into the firing part of the tank. There was a loud bang, and the gun fell off.

     "Okay, you may have outsmarted that, but what about…THIS?" A rocket launcher popped out from the back and fired. Sheriff rolled away as the Lupe Collector fired more shots. "YEAH! GO ROCKET LAUNCHERS!" But Sheriff was able to dodge them easy. Soon another popped out.

     "Two? Isn't that overdoing it? Or you afraid you'll miss?" The Lupe Collector answered by firing rapidly. Explosions rocked the ground, and Sheriff was too busy to notice that the Lupe Collector was leading him into a trap. He felt the ground crumble, and saw he was on a cliff edge.

     "Okay Lupe, you fought well. But prepare to be destroyed!" Sheriff put his arms up, waiting for the explosions. Nothing happened, and Sheriff looked at the tank. "Well? Are you going to fire?"

     "Um…I think I ran out of ammo…" Sheriff laughed in relief. "LAUGH WILL YOU? WELL HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MR. DRILL?" A large drill came out and was turned on. The drill spun, flashing in the sun. The tank slowly advance toward Sheriff, who just stood in place.

     "Just try it!" There was an evil laugh, and the drill came within one foot of Sheriff.

     "You asked for it!" The tank charged forward, and the Lupe Collector cackled. He looked through a periscope, and saw Sheriff still standing. "What the-"

     "Hey genius! The drill might be a little too tall!" Sheriff pointed and the Lupe Collector saw that the drill was five feet higher then Sheriff to do any damage.

     "DOH! Err… just a minor flaw!" The Lupe Collector went away from the periscope and looked at the pets that were still enslaved with the collar. "Okay, he may have us beat, but let's just bluff him out!"

     "You may want to turn the mike off!"

     "WHAT?" The Lupe Collector ran over and saw the mike he had used to talk to Sheriff was still on. "Well, we do have one thing… we have…. dangerous weapons!" The Lupe Collector pulled out a grenade and handed it to a Quiggle. "Throw this at him!"

     "Yes sir!" The Quiggle took the grenade and threw it outside. It landed at the feet of Sheriff, who picked it up.

     "Thanks for the weapon!" The Lupe Collector glared at the Quiggle.

     "You're supposed to pull out the pin!" Sheriff tried to sneak around the backside, but the Lupe Collector sensed him. "Spin in a circle!"


     "JUST DO IT!" The tank spun around in a circle, and Sheriff was forced to run in a circle. The tank kept changing directions. Sheriff waited until the front part was facing him. He jumped on the top and landed on the tank. He went to the back and took out the grenade. After quickly pulling the pin, he stuffed into the exhaust pipe and ran.

     Inside the machine, the Quiggle looked at the computer screen that has the status of the tank on it. "Sir, there seems to be a grenade stuffed inside the engine." The Lupe Collector's eyes widened.

     "Uh oh…"

     Sheriff sat back and watched the tank go up in flames. All the pets inside were slightly burned, but all injures were minor. The Slave Collars were destroyed in the process, and the Lupe Collector was unconscious. He told the pets where to go and picked up the Lupe Collector. Suddenly another rumbling went on, and this time Sheriff knew it was real.

     "ROCK SLIDE!" Every pet ran for his or her life and Sheriff held onto the Lupe Collector. A large boulder slammed into the ground in front of them, and Sheriff hopped onto it. He moved his legs to get it started and soon he was rolling down the hill. Using this method he was able to go fast, but not navigate properly. Before he knew what had happened Sheriff was rolling the boulder on lava. He only sank a little bit, but the heat was high. Sweat poured down his face as he attempted to navigate the boulder. Quickly moving the boulder out of lava, Sheriff then moved it passed a river, a forest, and a desert…

     "This is one weird area…" He passed out of it and then saw the former prison. He smiled, but then realised he was moving too fast. "LOOK OUT!" All the other pets looked at him to see what he was yelling about, and ran out of the way. He smashed down the fence, and destroyed the former office. Soon the boulder ran out of momentum and Sheriff hopped off. He set the Lupe Collector down, and the other pets came over. The Lupe Collector woke up, and saw Sheriff.

     "Did-did you save my life?"


     "Even though you're just a Lupe? Are you sentimental?"

     "Nope. You see, we Lupes are not too happy about being locked up. And the other pets aren't too happy about being enslaved." Everyone glared at the Lupe Collector from behind Sheriff, who backed up.

     "I can understand if you're a little upset." Sheriff grinned, exposing his sharp teeth.

     "Keeping Lupes cooped up can make them really eager to hunt when they get out, did you know that?" The Lupe collector continued to back up, but Sheriff lunged forward and grabbed him. "You're about to learn what happens to a 'collector' like you… I'll give you five."

     "Five what? Minutes?"

     "Four…" The Lupe Collector ran away, soon out of sight.

     "Three…" All the pets who could use their noses picked up his scent.

     "Two…" Everyone stretched out, getting ready.


The End

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