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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Articles > The Techo Master Has Scurvy

The Techo Master Has Scurvy

by jill5050

My pet, Roogle52 and I were just strolling around Mystery Island on the eleventh day of Swimming in year four. It was around 7 o'clock NST. Naturally Roogle52 made me stop at the Tropical Fruit stand so he can buy a Gruish Melon (his all time favourite food). Of course before I bought him that I made him swear that he would improve his battle dome stats today. It took him along time for him to promise that he would improve that day but finally he said all right since I reminded him about how yesterday I was so generous to him since I bought him concert tickets. I was on cloud nine when he agreed to improve his stats since I want Roogle52 to be the best Neopet in the Battledome! Roogle52 doesn't care that much about doing great in the Battledome though all he likes to do is see the best concerts ever seen in Concert Hall, watch television in his EXPENSIVE NeoHome, and eat EXPENSIVE food. Do you think he is spoiled? A lot of other owners in the Newbie chat board told me that they thought I spoiled him. In my opinion he isn't spoiled at all. What can I say? I can't help it if my shop is a big bonanza and I make tons of Neopoints from it that I totally have to spend on Roogle52 so he can have a nice life!

Anyway, after I bought him the Gruish Melon I made him put it in our safety deposit box since we didn't have dinner yet and I didn't want him to spoil his dinner. Next, we visited the Training school. I saw that in order for Roogle52 to improve his level I needed a Main Codestone. I didn't have a Main Codestone and I didn't feel like buying it right then so he didn't take a course at all that day. Boy, when I told Roogle52 that he was so excited that he didn't have to take any courses that day to improve his stats in the Battledome I felt bad that another day was wasted since he didn't do any Battledome preparation. Anyway I decided to send him to The Techo Master so he can give Roogle52 some wisdom words. I thought maybe that would make Roogle52 a little smarter. When we arrived there I could see Roogle52 nervously and slowly walked up to The Techo Master. He was nervous since he never met the Techo Master before. Roogle52 is shy when it comes to meeting new people.

Finally, Roogle52 was standing right next to the Techo Master. I could see from where I was standing that Roogle52 was shacking and his palms were sweating. The Techo Master could easily see how nervous Roogle52 was but he was really nice about it. He told him to calm down a bit and he doesn't bite at all. I have to admit I started laughing so hard when the Techo Master said that he didn't bite. I began cracking up so hard that I snorted really loud! Both Roogle52 and the Techo Master stared at me when I snorted. I became humiliated and my face was bright red. Whoops! Techo Master probably knew I was embarrassed since he turned his head and stopped looking at me. Umm... can you keep a secret? Yes, I am talking to you! Yes, you the person who is reading this! Do I have to repeat myself? OK, fine I will. Can you keep a secret? You can't keep a secret! Oh my! I'll tell you the secret anyway.

As Techo Master was turning his head I realised how old he was. He had wrinkles all over his face and had gray hair. I felt very bad for this old guy. I figure since he is so old that's why he is always filled with wisdom to share. He kneeled down and whispered into Roogle52's ear and said, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Obviously Roogle52 didn't understand what the heck he just said since he made an unusual face. Roogle52 pretended to understand since he nodded his head at the Techo Master. The Techo Master said you may leave child and thank you for coming I enjoyed the company. Both Roogle52 and me thanked him for his time and wisdom. As we were leaving I asked the Techo Master if I could ask him a couple of personal questions. He said OK.

"How old are you exactly?" I asked the Techo Master and then I quickly added, "No offence or anything but you look a little old."

"No problem. I am about sixty-seven years old. I know I know I look older than that," he replied.

"Why do you look so much older than sixty-seven then? No offence once again," I questioned him.

He hesitated a little but finally he admitted, "I have this disease called scurvy.

"What's scurvy?" asked Roogle52 with a puzzled look on his face.

"Let me look that up in my handy dandy dictionary," I answered.

"No need to. I know what it means. Scurvy is a disease which means if you have it you have a lack of vegetables and fruits," explained the Techo Master.

"How did you get scurvy?" asked Roogle52.

"I used to be a pirate and usually most pirates get it since they don't have a lot of food on the boat or medicine," replied the Techo Master.

"Oh I see. I bought fruit today called, Gruish Melon for Roogle52. Since you have a lack of fruit and Gruish Melon has a lot of vitamins would you care to have it? I don't think Roogle52 would mind if I gave it to you. Would you mind, Roogle52?" I said.

"Of course I wouldn't mind giving it to him! I'll be back in a second let me just get it from our safety deposit box!" Roogle52 exclaimed.

I could see that Roogle52 got over his shyness pretty quickly. Don't you agree? Anyway Roogle52 came back and handed the Techo Master the piece of fruit. The Techo Master was very grateful for it. I then told The Techo Master that Roogle52 and I better be going since we had to eat dinner. The Techo Master thanked us again for coming and for our company since many people forgot about him and don't visit him often. Why don't you visit him? I'm sure another article about The Techo Master in The Neopian Times about what he did when he was a pirate would be a GREAT article!

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