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The Neopian Times Week 49 > Continuing Series > Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Six

Dierdre Aleta's Tale: Part Six

by writing_obsessor

The Faeries

I PUT MY back against the door and let out an air of nervousness. The Light Faerie hadn't said there was any meetings going on at the moment. I took a deep breath and turned around and opened the door again. I saw all the throne lined up around each other. The Earth Faerie wearing a green ragged dress with green ivy draped around her shoulders and a few birds in her mahogany tangled curls to her knees, her soft grass green eyes watching the other faeries. Next to her the Fire Faerie with a dress that looked like a garment of flames was flowing off of her, her flaming red hair seemed to dance like fire. Her brown eyes, almost red watched the rest, her temper burning through them. The Light Faerie was next, she had long light bleach coloured blonde hair and what seemed to be light yellow eyes and a long gown of yellow and white mixed with gold gems dotting it, she was beautiful and looked silent. The Air Faerie next to her had white hair and a long white ruffled dress outlined in blue, and her light blue eyes shined with kindness.

     The Water faerie was next, her mermaid tail sat like legs in the chair and she wore two pink shells like a bikini. Her long tumbling blonde curls wove around her big blue watery eyes of kindness. Then there was the Queen Faerie, wearing a silk garment covered in white and violet gemstones, and a crown to match, her wrist were covered in bracelets and one of her fingers wore a lovely gold ring with a little diamond of a violet in the center. Her long straight violet hair reached her ankles and in a split second she blinked when I opened the door and then her eyelids lifted to reveal gigantic deep purple eyes shining with years of wisdom and her big heart shined through her eyes. She was lovely beyond words, a sight to behold, but what caught my eyes was what was next to her. The Dark Faerie hard short rugged purple hair with highlights of green, her skin was deathly pale and she had purple eyes with specks of green in them, they weren't like the Queen Faerie's eyes they were shallow and mean. Big hoopy green and purple earrings dangled from her sharp pointy ears. She wore big jangly bracelets to and her arms were thin and knobbly. She wore big platform green and purple platform shoes and big purple and green bellbottoms and a tight-fitted purple and green tanktop. She wore a purple collar around her neck with spikes coming out of it. Her lips were green. And unlike all the other faeries beautiful angel wings, her wings were purple and green and dragon-like. Her teeth were like vampires. The Queen Faerie's voice interrupted my dreams.

     "Someone in Faerieland has been planning something, something very evil," The Queen Faerie announced, her voice was powerful and made you want to listen to it.

     "I think I know who it is," The Fire Faerie snapped, her temper getting away with her,"It's the Dark Faerie...." She pointed a finger at the Dark Faerie. A mumble of 'I agrees' rippled through the faeries.

     "But you can't just point fingers," the Earth Faerie purred, "You never know maybe it wasn't the Dark Faerie," The Earth Faerie seemed so innocent and kind compared to the other faeries.

     "Yes!" The Dark Faerie growled her voice dark and just made a chill run up my spine, "You're always blaming everything on me! It's always me! ME! ME! ME! Just because I'm the Dark Faerie!!!!"

     "But you always do everything bad!" the Light Faerie spoke up, her voice barely above a whisper, "I mean you're the Dark Faerie...."

     "But, I'm so busy helping Jhudora my apprentice with her cloud, that I haven't been able to plan anything evil!" Admitted the Dark Faerie.

     "It can't be her," the Air Faerie piped up,"I've invited her a few times to tea, but she can't come because she's so busy with her Jhudora... her sweet little Jhudora!!"

     "So there!" cried the Dark Faerie, "You know so now you can't blame me!!!!" cried the Dark Faerie.

     "Then who is it?" The Earth Faerie asked looking at everybody. The Queen Faerie rubbed her head.

     "I must go have lunch... I get a headache if I don't eat," she said,"You all are dismissed." They all stood up from their thrones and vaporised. Then I saw the Queen Faerie coming for the door. I quickly dove behind the door, she opened it squeezing me into a little ball. I stopped breathing and watched her as she paused and looked around. She looked around, she could sense me, she gave a deep breath and mumbled something that sounded like 'Your sixth sense is turning on you in your old age' and then walked off down the hallway to her dining room. I opened the door to the room hoping maybe there was some secret door to the Queen Faerie's room. I looked around at the thrones and I stepped forward to the gem covered Queen Faerie's throne, suddenly the floor fell out from under me and I found myself falling down a long tunnel. Suddenly I crashed into the hard metal floor. I shook my head and looked up, metal bars. I was in a... cell? I ran up to the bars and tried to jiggle them, I tried to squeeze my face through, no success.

     I was... arrested?

     A big faerie Grundo walked up to my cage with a slick smile on his face.

     "No one spy on Faerie Queen!" He chuckled and I glared at him then at his belt, the keys. I smiled.

     "Really, huh? Well, you know what? I know a secret about the Queen Faerie...." I looked at his name tag,"Roochip, she thinks that you're... lean closer," I began to lower my voice into a whisper. He leaned closer the the bars.

     "She thinks that," I yanked the keys from his belt, "You should be less trusting of you prisoners. I jumped up and kicked my hind hooves in his face and I reached my hoof out of the bars and unlocked my cell. I threw the key into the cell and closed the door, it immediately locked. No one could get in it. I turned to run when I smashed into something....

Escape to the Shadow

I looked up to see the biggest faerie Grundo I'd ever seen. It reached down for me its strong grip around my shoulders. It squeezed, I wriggled free from its grasp and dove through its legs and down the hall. I skidded to a stop and ran out the door and up the stairs, taking two by a gallop. I heard many guards thundering behind me, so close at my heels. I looked around frightened for an escape. I had to think high for my next escape. I pushed my hind hooves hard off the ground sending me catapulting into the air. I planted all my hooves on the two different walls of the staircase. Implanted far above the stairs. The guards quickly filed under me thundering along as they went, after I heard their footsteps disappearing and let myself drop to the stairs. I galloped up the stairs trying to find a doorway, but there was none to be seen, the staircase just seemed to keep going and going. I looked around confused and leaned against the wall, suddenly head first the brick vaporised into thin air, I went falling head first down a long tunnel. At first I thought I was heading back to the cell for sure, but I hit a tunnel at the end of the drop and went swerving to the right then dropped again and kept swerving and dropping. Then I was thrown out onto a soft cloud floor. I looked around. The room was beautiful. A silk mattress and sheeted canopy bed and beautiful pearl wardrobe and drawer. A tidy fireplace and a window next to it. The Queen Faerie's room... I thought.

     Then I felt a strong hand grip my shoulder, I turned around. The guard Grundos - AGAIN! I bit the hand and heard a high pitched scream as it released my shoulder, I jumped up and ran for the window, A Grundo jumped in front of me and threw me sprawled in front of the fire place. I grabbed a the marble shovel and whacked the guards out of my way. Then the biggest Skeith I had ever seen stood in front of me, towering over me covering me in a shadow. I gulped and stepped back, falling into the arms of a Grundo Still with the shovel in my hand I whacked the gigantic Skeith, nothing happened. Gosh... I thought, The Queen Faerie sure does have good guards, but....

     I poked the Skeith in one of his big bulging eyes and dove for safety under his legs as he let out a little shriek and covered up his eye.

     They sure are dumb. I ran for the window, I only had a little time to think, before all the faerie Grundos stopped helping the Skeith and came to catch me. The sun's worst enemy... the sun's worst enemy... darkness... I thought hurrying my brain to think fast, I looked around for darkness and I saw the shadow of a Grundo coming up from behind me on a cloud next to the window. "A shadow!" I said. I jumped from the windowsill into the Grundo's shadow.

     I didn't fall on my face again, instead I landed softly on the cloud, like little faeries had stood me upright as I fell. I looked at the tower up and down. It was the hidden tower, the tower many owners looked for all their lives. I stepped inside the building. Immediately I was overwhelmed by over stocked shelves overflowing with the wand of nova, carrot blade, and many other incredibly rare items. I scurried silently between the shelves, looking for some clue. I had reached the last shelf and was bewildered. Everything was just... rare and nothing to do with Giputore. I walked past the last following items, but what caught my eye was a book. What was a book doing here!

     I picked it up and blew the dust off it, The title read: Giputore's Scripture. Giputore! Gemini's planet. I opened it and skimmed through it, all the pages were blank. I turned to the first page and in fancy dainty cursive letters these words were written:

     Fetch me a plushie,
     Fetch me a jewel,
     And with this magic wand and this potion,
     Over all Neopia I shall rule.

     I read it over puzzled. Fetch me a plushie, fetch me a jewel. Some one who gives quests... the Snow Faerie? No... combine all the clues, Bronzeya, combine all the clues, I thought. My mind was a jumble of pictures.

     Surrounded in purple and green, I reminded myself. Then I remembered the Dark Faerie: her purple and green clothes and her excuse about 'How she was teaching Jhudora...' JHUDORA! It struck me. She was always asking pets to bring her items. It was Jhudora!!!! I quickly set the book back on the shelf and it immediately turned into a crystal boomerang. I quickly rushed out of the shop unnoticed and down the cloud street rushing through the crowd of tourists; I pushed my way to Jhudora's cloud. I walked up to the cauldron shaped building. The door opened miraculously by itself....

To be continued...

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