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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > New Series > Power in Quality: Part One

Power in Quality: Part One

by epk

Note to Reader: I mention a Tag-Team Battledome in the following series. It does not exist and probably never will, so please don't ask me to direct you to it, because it doesn't exist.

Swimming the 7th; 10:25 AM; 22851 Aisha Avenue
"CAN I SEE?! Please! Please! Can I see?" panted egold, my yellow Gelert. His tail was wagging, his paws were on my shoulder just to sneak a peek at the latest article I was about to sent into the Neopian Times.

     I folded up the paper, inserted it into the envelope, and sealed it. "No... you cannot see the article egold. I've told a billion gazillion times, your not in it. Of course that's mainly because all of those capital-crazy freaks who Neomail me about writing your name without an uppercase."

     The Gelert looked disturbed. "But my name is lowercase." Then he stopped, as if to think. "At least, I think it is. You know, maybe it's not. Hmm... I wonder what it says on my Birth Certificate. Wait, do Gelerts get Birth Certificates or Pedigrees? It is all rather dumbfounding isn't it?"

     Apparently a certain someone was starting to irritate me. Before I could yell at him, I heard my Neopets call from the Central Room of my NeoHome. I went over with egold to see what all the crying was about. Once there, I saw a disaster before my own eyes: A brand-new Portable Kiln (How I got it I never shall tell) was laying there on the ground, broken into a billion different parts. The person who was about to use it in the Battledome, egold, started yelling, "NNNNNOOO!"

     I myself was trying to see if I could reassemble the parts to save the much needed NP, with the help of my other three Neopets, spacegold the Grundo, splashgold the Koi, and lizzagold the Krawk-who-was-supposed-to-be-female (lizzagold will be female for purposes of this story). I was digging through glass, while egold was still yelling. "Will ya shut up ya big cry-baby! We are trying to work here," spacegold yelled. I was told a little later it was spacegold who broke it.

     "HELP ME SOMEONE! FIX MY KILN! OH PLEASE!" egold continued to yell.

     About the same time I got the desire to go out and get another Kiln just to shut him up, lizzagold noticed a red gem, barely larger then a centimetre. It had been buried in the rubble. I picked it up, examined it, and put it in my pocket. The gem must of been a ingredient used to make the Portable Kiln.

     It was a few minutes later when I called up Neopian Repair Services. They came over right away and fixed the Portable Kiln right up. I asked about the red gem, and they said Portable Kilns don't have any red gems. I thought again for a second. How did I find the Red Gem in the rubble? Had it been there before? Did the Kiln Crafters drop a few gems in the oven? The Gem scared me, but I had a feeling it was very important, so I held onto it.

Swimming the 7th; 1:17 PM; The Battledome
     I had just called up into a QuickFight with egold, who was testing out the repaired Portable Kiln. Our opponent, Furdark a Yellow Kyrii. Her owner had a very familiar name. I was talking to him during the uneven fight, since Furdark had stats of a new-born.

     "So, what's it like having a Kyrii for a pet?" I asked the owner.

     He grumbled. "Blah... horrible. This one is rude, annoying, obnoxious, and demanding. She wants to find a legendary Tag-Team Battledome she supposes that exists. I only keep her because I'm forbidden from the Neopian Pound"

     I was dismayed. I mean, the Neopets Team has One-Player Battledome, Two-Player Battledome, but more then Two Neopets in a fight? Well, that just confused me horribly. I mean, it took them long enough just to get NeoGardens! I ended my conversation with the owner soon after egold beat up Furdark.

     Furdark left with a sour attitude. "You have beat the Kyrii of Darkness, but I shall return!"

     Egold and I stared at Furdark for a long time. When Furdark left, I said out loud, "Okay, that was weird."

Swimming the 7th; 4:56 PM; Neopian Bazaar
     Lizzagold was excited to be in the Neopian Bazaar, he... um... she... or whatever loved the Smoothie Shop and the Wishing Well. Lizzagold was licking the last bits of a Rasmelon-Large off her mouth when she decided to make a wish to the Wishing Well. She through in 13 Neopoints and the empty container of the smoothie in. "I wish for a Water Faerie!" We waited. And we waited. And we looked up at the sky. Then the well. Then we waited. Nothing happened.

     Lizzagold was a little depressed, but we didn't expect anything really. It was so hard to get anything anyway. All of a sudden, I felt electrical charge throughout my entire body. I paused and searched my pockets for a supercharged battery gone nuts, but found nothing except for some Pocket Lint, 25 Neopoints, and the Red Gem. But the Gem had started to glow a pale green colour. I dropped the gem and it magically floated into the air. Just as I had stared at the Creepy Kyrii, Furdark, I gazed as the little stone hovered over the Wishing Well and dropped itself in. Lizzagold and I ran like there was no tomorrow, scared of what paranormal activities had been going on. We ran so fast, we didn't notice our wish had been granted and a Water Faerie laid on the ground. To my luck, a Robot Lupe walked by, noticed the Faerie, picked it up, and ran off with our reward. Swimming the 7th; 5:02 PM; The Police Station

     "You have to believe me officer. A stone just floated in the air, and dropped itself in the Wishing Well!" I told the Red Kyrii on duty.

     The officer looked at me blankly. "I'm supposed to understand a stone did that? That's the stupidest thing I've heard since some Blumaroo called me saying he had a brochure advertising an ancient Battledome! And besides, is a floating stone police work? I don't think so mister. Go talk to Kauvara, she should know something."

Swimming the 7th; 5:04 PM; The Magic Shop
     "Magical Floating Gem, eh?" Kauvara smirked. She seemed quite entertained with my story. So entertained, she decided to stop brewing her current potion and actually listen.

     "I'm telling the truth Kauvara. It was creepy, and I want to know if you know what happened," I asked her. Lizzagold was browsing the shelf of magical potions as the two of us were speaking.

     "Well, let's see... where did you get this gem?" Kauvara asked me.

     I remembered the Portable Kiln spacegold broke. "My Grundo destroyed a Portable Kiln, and this gem reappeared in the rubble. I picked it up and held on to it."

     "Figures," said Kauvara, "the Muntox Gem." She noticed the confused expression on my face. "Oh... the Muntox Gem. To create Mutant Grundos, you need some Mutox Syrup. For every batch of Mutox Syrup made, a Muntox Gem is created out of an excess ingredient. When Dr. Sloth had about a million of these gems, he decided to get rid of them by throwing them in the Lost Desert's river. Well, anyway, Fyora makes Portable Kilns, one of the few modern Hidden Tower items. One of the ingredients is water. The Muntox gem must of made its way into a Kiln. It so happened that your Grundo was attracted to the Gem and tried to dig it out mindlessly."

     I was still confused. "Why did the gem float?"

     Kauvara finished, "The Muntox Gem must of been attracted to another genetic similarity. There must be something strange inside the Wishing Well." She stood up, and fetched a few potions and placed them in 4 backpacks. "Why are you packing?"

     Kauvara smiled. "Don't you want to find what's inside the well?"

To be continued...

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