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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > Life As a Fuzzle

Life As a Fuzzle

by mewz

"“WHERRRRRR” WAS THE the sound of the sewing machine stitching the last details on me. I was to be an ordinary Orange Fuzzle. On went my eyes and feet. The last touch, my mouth, was then put on. I was finally finished after all the sewing, stuffing, stitching, and dyeing. I could finally see around me though. I saw a big factory with many workers, sewing machines, cloth, and already made Fuzzles. A worker Bruce picked me up and threw me into a box with many other Orange Fuzzles. Next thing I knew all went black and we were moving. I could hear the truck as we were transported to the Toy Shop. A light blinded me and I saw a red Lupe pick me along with the others up and place us on the shelf with other toys. The red Lupe walked to the door and switched the close sign to open. Next thing I knew, a big rush of people came in.

     "After about five minutes, almost everything had sold. All the Fuzzles sold, except me. During the big rush I was thrown to the ground. No one would find me since it was in the back of the shelf. The door opened and a girl and here Lupe came in.

     “I’m sorry, but we are sold out,” Nobela the shop owner said.

     “Oh,” the girl started to walk out slowly when here Lupe started sniffing around. A big nose appeared in front of me and barked. The girl came and picked me up.

     “How much is this?” The girl asked.

     “I didn’t see that, 185 Neopoints!” declared Noblea.

     “I’ll take it!” she said.

     “OK, also, I need to see some ID, we don’t want scammers spending other people’s Neopoints!” Nobela told her as she picked up the Neopoints

     “Here you go! Thank you!” the girl said after handing the ID card to Nobela.

     "I saw that the girl’s name was Rose and here Lupe’s name was Genken. Her Lupe battled in the Battledome and had a Tyrannian metal for helping with the war. Rose had a poetry reading trophy and a gold cheat trophy.

     "Genken carried me all the way home. They lived on Mystery Island in a house made of Bamboo with Bamboo furniture. There was three rooms total, a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. There was a kitchen in the living room, too. It was a nice place for someone with only so many Neopoints Genken took me over to a small table and set me on it. Rose was in the kitchen preparing some soup and tea. Genekn got out a bowl, a spoon, and a cup and set them by Rose.

     “Hold on Genken, it is almost done,” Rose told him.

     "She then took his bowl a minute later and filled it with soup. The soup had a lot of meat in it, probably to help Genken for battling. She also poured him a cup of tea and put in some milk and sugar. Genken took the bowl of soup, put the spoon in it, and took that along with the tea over near me. He sat down at the table, which I guess is his, and ate his soup. He looked at me and gave me a spoonful along with sip of tea. It left a brown stain on my mouth that smelled like beef.

     "After dinner, Rose told Genken it was time for a bath and she had it ready for him. Genken took me into the bathtub along with a Super Toy Sail Boat. As his owner scrubbed him with a brush, he played ‘Captain Fajii’ with me. That was my name now, Fajii. Under water I went, under all the bubbles. Then I was above water covered with foam, which Genken washed off. As Rose poured Shampoo on Genken, he made sure I go shampoo on, too. Rose washed him, and he washed me.

     "After the bath, Genken dried me. I smelled spring fresh! I still had a little brown around my mouth though. Outside the window I saw it was dark already. Genken kissed Rose goodnight and went to the room. Rose looked like she wanted to read for awhile so she wasn‘t in the bedroom. Genken got into his small bed, hugging me and telling me goodnight.

     "Genken woke up early that morning and dragged me to the kitchen. This time I was fed some eggs and orange juice. At least the orange juice was orange and made the brown spot fade some, but there was still a dark spot there.

     "After breakfast, Genken took me to the Battledome. I was held by Rose watching Genken battle Kasuki Lu. Genken won the battle and they headed home. Since they lived right by the ocean, Genken took me for a swim. It was really nice and refreshing for me, but the water made some stitches come loose. None had come off though. That night, Genken had steak and feed some to me. It had sauce on it though, so a little red spot was left. Another bath time went by followed by the blow drying me. Another goodnight hug and it was time to sleep.

     "That morning, I got to sleep in. There was no battling so Genken slept late. We woke up and had some breakfast. After breakfast, Genken decided to play ‘Battledome’ with me. I was thrown at the wall, in the air, on the ground, onto the table, stepped on, squashed, pulled, and even thrown onto his empty plate. I was covered with food, but Genken didn’t care right then. The next thing I know, “Rip!” Genken looked down and saw the stitches came out and some where ripped. He then started to cry.

     “What’s wrong Genken?” Rose questioned.

     “Fajii ripped!” Genken cried.

     “Don’t worry honey, we can get a new one,” Rose told him softly.

     “But I don’t want a new one! I want this one!” Genken cried out.

     "I was thrown to the ground as Genken ran to the bedroom. Rose came over and picked up every part of me.

     “This doesn’t look that hard to fix,” Rose told herself.

     "Rose took me onto the porch along with a sewing kit. She sat there fixing every stitch, putting in new Neocotton, sewing my eyes back on, and putting on the finishing touches.

     “Hmm... what about this stain? I know!” Rose exclaimed.

     "Rose went to Genken’s room and told him she had to go do the laundry. Genken said OK and said he was going to take a nap. Rose brought me along with some clothes to the Laundromats. She did two washes, one with the coloured clothes and another with whites. I wasn’t sure why she put me with the whites though. Round and round I went, tumbling with the other clothes. When I came out, I was white! Rose saw, but seemed happy.

     "When we got home, Rose took some black fabric paint out of a drawer. She carefully painted may mouth black again. My eyes didn’t need paint, but my feet did. Rose went back into the drawer and found some orange fabric paint. She took me and dipped my feet into the orange paint. I was then set under a light to let the paint dry. After about an hour, Rose came to see if I was dry. She picked me up and headed to the bedroom. She knocked on the door and Genken opened it. Rose handed me to Genken. His eyes widened and hugged me tightly.

     “Now you have the only white fuzzle,” Rose smiled and winked at him.

     “Wait, were is Fajii?” Genken was kind of disappointed.

     “That is Fajii,” Rose smiled.

     “Yay! Thank you so much mom!” Genken hugged me along with his mom.

     "From then on, Rose fixed me up whenever I was ripped, and she bleached me and repainted me whenever I got a really bad stain on me. I was loved and I was glad I got such a great life.

The End

Everyone except Nobela was made up in this story. Nobela is my pet on my other account, KittenKat. Even though she doesn’t own the Toy Store, she is a red Lupe Also, Genken means ‘war dog’ in Japanese and Fajii means ‘fuzzy’ in Japanese. Thank you for reading this story! Sayonara!

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